July 17, 2018

Q: Post and Core Crown and tongue thrusting…Am I in danger of fracturing root?

I had a root canal on my left front tooth 9 years ago with no crown. Last week my tooth broke and my dentist put in temp crown which lasted a week when the rest of tooth broke off at the gum line. I then first realized that I push my tongue into that one tooth when I swallow and sleep. The dentist then did a post and core and I’ve noticed that I’ve already pushed the crown forward by about a mm and I’m terrified that this will cause a fractured root. What can be done and is my fear justified?

Dr. Huefner’s answer:
Although your tongue habit may continue to push your tooth outward, the forces on your teeth by your tongue are less likely to fracture your teeth than biting into hard food, or in people without “tongue trust behaviors” who grind or clench their teeth frequently and very hard.
Tongue trust therapy is not very successful, thus it is doubtful that this habit of yours will ever discontinue even if your saw a speech therapist to address it.
My advice is not to dwell or worry about it.  Give things time to settle down.
If you did loose your teeth due to fracture you should consider a dental implant.  The great thing about dental implants with crowns is that they won’t move with your tongue thrust habit, as they are solidly joined to bone.

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