June 20, 2018

Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist fixes brown teeth with porcelain veneers

As a youth Lynn fell, chipping off part of her front tooth. After a root canal and composite filling the tooth was no longer chipped, but was dark brown in color. After thirty years of not having a nice smile Lynn finally decided to get great looking teeth with cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Huefner.

Lynn from Mission Viejo had a dental problem.  No, her teeth didn’t hurt, nor were they infected.  It was the way her teeth looked, especially the brown front tooth.  That really bothered her! Since she lived in Mission Viejo she first went to another Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist, but she said “that didn’t work out” and came to see Dr. Huefner.

It seems like every patient who comes in to see us has “a story”, and Lynn certainly had hers.  When she was a youngster she was playing with her friends and tripped, falling down on her face and chipping her front tooth.  “It really hurt”, she said.  A few days later the tooth started turning dark so her mother finally took her to the family dentist who did a root canal treatment and then a bonded filling.  The bonded filling and root canal relieved her pain and fixed the chipped tooth, but her tooth “never looked right after that”, she said.  Her front tooth was still dark and she went through the rest of her youth and early adult life with an ugly front tooth and without a pretty smile.

It was obvious that this had bothered her for so many years that before Dr. Huefner would treat Lynn he needed to know if she just wanted him to fix the one front tooth or to fix several of her teeth and make her a much nicer smile?  What end result was she really seeking?

Lynn said that she has waited for over thirty years to finally get her tooth fixed, but now that she was ready to finally get cosmetic dentistry she wanted to know what else Dr. Huefner could do for her to really get nice looking teeth and a great smile?

porcelain veneers mission viejo

Lower photo: Lynn hated her brown front tooth that had been fixed with composite bonding when she was a child. She wanted all her teeth to be the same color and to have straight, white teeth. Upper photo: Lynn got the beautiful smile with straight, white teeth that she had always wanted. Dr. Huefner bleached her lower teeth and placed ten porcelain dental veneers on her upper teeth.

Dr. Huefner asked her what exactly she meant by a great smile?  Lynn told him the following:

  • she wanted the brown tooth to match all her other teeth
  • she really wanted all her teeth whiter
  • her teeth were crooked because she never got braces as a kid, she would like her teeth to be straight

Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist offers Lynn solution to solve her dental problems

After attentively listening to Lynn and then examining her teeth and smile Dr. Huefner suggested that he do two things for her, and by doing both of these things she would have beautiful teeth and a great looking smile.  First, he would bleach Lynn’s lower teeth with Zoom teeth whitening.  Second, he would place ten porcelain veneers on Lynn’s upper teeth.   The porcelain veneers would correct all the problems that she listed, making her teeth much whiter, all matching in color and straight without needing to do any braces.  Furthermore, Lynn’s entire treatment with teeth bleaching and porcelain veneers could be completed in less than a month’s time!

Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist

Lynn's new smile with porcelain veneers on her upper teeth and Zoom teeth whitening on her lower teeth. Her entire treatment was completed in under a month's time.

After discussing the whole process with Dr. Huefner Lynn said that it all sounded really good but she would first have to discuss it with her husband.  A few days later Lynn called back and she was very excited.  “My husband wasn’t too keen on the idea of cosmetic dentistry for me at first, but when he finally realized how much it meant to me he said OK, it would be my birthday gift!  What a great guy.”

Lynn returned the following week to begin her teeth bleaching and porcelain veneer treatment.  Everything went smooth and kept on schedule.  She got her new smile with straight, white teeth in under a month, just as Dr. Huefner had promised her.

Dr. Norm Huefner, Orange County and Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist

Brenda’s Broken Down, Gummy Smile Restored with Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns Mission Viejo

gummy smile laser treatment

Brenda had a myriad of dental problems. She showed too much of her gums (i.e. had a "gummy smile"), was missing one tooth, her teeth were discolored and she wanted white teeth, her front teeth were short and chipped and her back side teeth leaned inwards.

Brenda from Mission Viejo had a myriad of dental problems.  “I don’t know where to start,” exclaimed Brenda.  “I don’t like the color of my teeth, my front ones are chipping away and I’m missing my side tooth.  I don’t know what to do.  Can you help me?” It was obvious from her tone that she was very fed up and frustrated with the appearance of her teeth and smile.

gummy smile porcelain veneers mission viejo

Brenda got her beautiful new smile with laser gum reshaping and porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and a porcelain bridge. Her entire treatment was completed in less than a month's time.

We acknowledged that she had a number of dental issues to address.  It was also important for Brenda to realize that if she went to ten different cosmetic dentists, she would no doubt get ten different opinions on how to fix her smile.  We explained that before we would recommend anything we first needed to know what she didn’t like about her teeth and smile, and if we could give her the smile she always wanted, what would that look like?

With our permission to tell us “her story” and reveal her inner feelings about her teeth, Brenda was not shy expressing her concerns.  “I’ve always wanted a nice smile,” she said.  “I’d like to have longer teeth, for them to all be the same color…white of course!  I know my side teeth lean in a lot, but I don’t want to get braces to change my bite.  And then my gums….when I smile my lip goes up so high that too much of my gums show.”

Brenda was showing a lot of emotion, and it was very apparent that getting a great looking smile was very important to her.  She was very relieved when we told her that yes, we could give her a beautiful smile!

In Brenda’s case, she had excess gum tissue around her front teeth.  We could reduce much of her gummy smile by using our dental gum laser to reshape her excess gums.  She was pleased to hear that laser gum reshaping is a minor procedure with no bleeding or stitches, very little post treatment discomfort (usually only Advil is necessary the first night) and complete healing occurs in just a few days.  If Brenda wanted us to do any of her gummy smile correction, that needed to be done first, prior to fixing her teeth.

She said that she definitely wanted to do that!

With regards to her teeth, we could give her the incredible smile she wanted with porcelain veneers, a couple porcelain crowns and an all porcelain bridge.

“Porcelain bridge?”, Brenda asked.  “I thought when you had a missing tooth that we would have to do a dental implant?”

We then went on to explain to her that of course we could do a dental implant, but because the teeth on either side of the missing tooth needed porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns, it would make her treatment much simpler and give us more control by placing an all porcelain bridge instead of doing a dental implant.  Also with dental implants, we would need to wait several months for healing before replacing the missing tooth.  With a porcelain bridge all her treatment could be completed in less than a month’s time.

Happily, Brends was starting to understand the proposed treatment.

“What about the tooth color,” asked Brenda?

“You will be choosing the color of your teeth,” we answered.  “We will give you our recommendations as to what color we think will look best for you, but the final color choice will be yours.  As a matter of fact, in concert with our ceramist, when you do choose the color we will ask that you sign the treatment form indicating that we have discussed tooth color with you on several occasions, and that you made the final decision on the tooth color you wanted us to make for you.

“Well how will I know if I will like the tooth color I choose,” Brenda asked?

We went on to explain to Brenda that the first thing we will do after reshaping her gums with the dental gum laser is place her in temporary veneers, crowns and bridges.  We call that stage the “trial smile” stage and since she wants whiter teeth, we will make her “trial smile” in the BL4 color range (BL is for “BLeaching”).  She’ll get to wear the “trial smile” for several days, then come back to our office to discuss the color.  In addition, we will be evaluating her “trial smile” for the length, shape and position of her teeth.  If she wanted or needed any changes, we could make those changes in the “trial smile” or note the changes we wanted to make.  Then off of her “approved trial smile” (i.e. approved in writing) our ceramist will make her permanent porcelain veneers, crowns and bridge.

After discussing her treatment with her husband, Brenda returned and we did her cosmetic dental treatment, a total of ten teeth.  It required several office visits, but her entire treatment was completed in less than a months’ time.

Happily, Brenda no longer has a broken down gummy smile.  Now she a beautiful smile with white teeth (she finally chose BL2 tooth color from the tooth shade guide for her porcelain veneers, crowns and bridge).

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

Correcting Gummy Smile and Fang Teeth Without Braces by Using Porcelain Veneers and Laser Gum Reshaping

gummy smile crooked teeth treatment

Monica was embarrassed and very self conscious about her smile. Her teeth were crowded, but what she disliked the most was that she had "fang teeth" and a "gummy smile". She refused orthodontic treatment, but accepted an alternative treatment utilizing laser gum reshaping and porcelain veneers. Compare this photo to the end results and see why she was to pleased with her cosmetic dentistry!

Monica, a young lady from Mission Viejo, was really embarrassed by the way her teeth looked. She came to our Orange County cosmetic dental practice to discuss what options she had to give her a nice smile.

Before making any suggestions we always want to know “the patient’s story”, what is prompting them to finally get cosmetic dental treatment, what they don’t like about their smile and what kind of teeth and smile they want us to create for them?

When Monica was asked these things she was very quick to tell her story.  “I just hate my teeth, especially my fang teeth!”, she told us.  “My teeth are crooked, my front teeth are way too small and it also really bothers me that I have a really gummy smile.”

porcelain veneers and laser gum reshaping

Laser gum reshaping was utilized to remove much of Monica's excessive gum tissue which covered over a lot of her front teeth. Then porcelain veneers were utilized to overcome the crowding and overlapping of her teeth, a cosmetic dentistry technique oftentimes referred to as "instant orthodontics" (although NOT actually orthodontics). The end result, along with the fact that her entire treatment was completed in less than six weeks time was amazing.

After looking carefully at her smile, her teeth and gums it was obvious that Monica would best served by having braces (orthodontic treatment). After making that suggestion Monica immediately responded with, “That has already been recommended by another dentist I saw.  So, I went to the orthodontist and he told me it would take at least two years of treatment and that my teeth were so crowded that I would have to have several teeth pulled! There is no way that I would do that. Dr. Huefner, is there any way you can fix my smile with cosmetic dentistry?”

Monica is typical of many of the adult cosmetic dentistry patients we see in many respects.  She would best benefit by having braces, but absolutely refuses that type of treatment.  Thus, we offered her an alternative cosmetic dentistry, usually involving porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns.

“If you’re not willing to have braces, then yes, we can give you an amazing improvement in your smile with cosmetic dentistry,” Dr. Huefner explained to Monica.  Delighted, she then asked us just exactly that would involve?

We told Monica that we would first reshape her gum to reduce much of her gummy smile with our dental gum laser.  This is a very conservative, minimally invasive technique that has very little discomfort and heals up very rapidly.  Monica thought her teeth were small, but in fact they were normal but just covered up by a lot of gum tissue.  Laser gum reshaping could be employed to dramatically remove much of that excess gum tissue that had covering up her teeth and bothered her for so many years.

Then, we went on to explain to her, we could place eight porcelain veneers on her teeth to make them “appear” straight.  Many cosmetic dentists call the procedure “instant orthodontics“.  Although not actually orthodontics, it gives the illusion that her teeth are straight, as if she had braces treatment.  Rather than two plus years of braces, her “instant orthodontic” treatment could be completed in under three weeks time!

Excited, Monica was ready to move ahead with the cosmetic dental treatment we recommended.  However she had one challenge, she was on a limited budget. “I can’t afford to do eight porcelain veneers,” Monica told us.  “How about only doing six?”  We explained that we would get a much better looking result for her by doing eight, but we certainly could do six if that is all she was able to do at this time.  If at a later time she decided to do the additional two porcelain veneers, that could be easily done then.

Monica started her cosmetic dental treatment the following week.  The laser gum reshaping was done first.  It was amazing how much excessive gum tissue she had, and the results were fantastic!  No more gummy smile.  After allowing about two weeks for her gums to totally heal up Monica’s teeth were prepared for six porcelain veneers and six temporary veneers were placed to give her a nice smile while her permanent porcelain veneers were being made.  Three weeks later her temporary veneers were removed and her permanent porcelain veneers bonded onto her teeth.  Beginning to end, Monica’s treatment was completed in about six weeks time.

After her treatment this young lady from Mission Viejo was thrilled!  No more gummy smile.  No more crooked teeth.  And best of all, no more “fang teeth.”  Monica had great looking teeth and was no longer embarrassed to smile.

He said “You’re Worth It”, Go Ahead and Get the Great Looking Smile You’ve Always Wanted”

youthful smile design

Jeanette's husband said she was worth it and to go ahead and get the smile makeover with porcelain veneers that she had wanted for so many years.

Jeanette, mother of three from Mission Viejo, had always admired people who had great looking teeth and wished she could have cosmetic dentistry.  She had always put her kids and her husband first, and they never seemed to have enough “extra money” to get the smile she had always wanted.  Finally the kids were grown up and out of the house.  She came to our cosmetic dental practice in Laguna Niguel to see about what it would take to get a smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry.

Her main concerns were that her “teeth look old” because they were worn, discolored and crooked.  When asked what kind of smile she wanted, Jeanette said “I’d like a younger looking smile, definitely one that looks a lot prettier than I have now!”  After examining her teeth Dr. Huefner determined that they were pretty strong, without large fillings or decay and that Jeanette was a perfect candidate for porcelain veneers

worn aged teeth laguna niguel cosmetic dentist

Jeanette felt her worn, discolored teeth were aging her smile. She had always wished she had a terrific smile and wished she could get cosmetic dentistry. Finally her children were grown up and it was the right time to do something nice for herself.

She asked Dr. Huefner how her teeth would look with porcelain veneers?  Dr. Huefner answered that she was really asking about the specifics of smile design specifically to suit her face, mouth, personality and be in harmony with her lips and gums.  Then outlined the smile design for her:

  • Porcelain veneers that gave her “slightly” longer front teeth.  Since teeth wear and shorten with age, making her “new teeth” the same tooth length as they were before they wore down would give her a more youthful smile
  • A whiter color, probably in the BL2 or BL3 color range.  Again, over the years her natural teeth had discolored.  Whiter teeth would look cleaner and more youthful.
  • Teeth that followed her “smile line“, meaning the edges of her porcelain veneers on her upper teeth to follow the curve of her lower lip when she smiled.  This is one of the major tenets taught at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and institutes like the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies that teach advanced smile design.

“How many porcelain veneers do I need?,” Jeanette asked Dr. Huefner.
“That’s your decision Jeanette.  Look at the photos of your teeth and smile and tell me how many teeth you want to change to looking great with porcelain veneers.”

Jeanette said she wanted to do ten porcelain veneers, but that of course depended on how much it would cost.  After getting an estimate she said, “Boy, that’s a lot of money.  I need to talk to my husband but I don’t really feel good about spending that much money on myself.”

A few days later Janette called our office.  “I’m so excited,” she said.  “My husband asked me if this was something I really wanted.  When I said yes he said that I was worth it and go ahead and get the nice smile I’ve always wanted.  He is such a sweetheart!”

Jeanette’s cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers went fine.  This mother of three from Mission Viejo had her new smile completed over four dental appointments within a three weeks time period.  She did get the terrific smile she had always wanted and was so grateful that her husband was so supportive of her and said she was “worth it.”

Peg Teeth and Misshaped Incisors Transformed Into Sensational Smile with Porcelain Veneers

peggy's beautiful new smile with empress porcelain veneers

Peggy's beautiful new smile with eight empress porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner

Peggy, a mother of two in her 40s from Mission Viejo, had been coming to our practice since she was a teenager.  As a youngster she had braces, but still was never happy with the way her smile looked.  The problem was her front four teeth were malformed and the shape didn’t look like normal teeth.  She was ready to go back to her professional job, but felt that now was the time that she finally do something to get the smile she had always wanted.  Peggy had talked to Dr. Huefner for the past ten years about having him place porcelain veneers for her and now she was ready to proceed with cosmetic dentistry.

Before creating porcelain veneers for Peggy, Dr. Huefner took photos of her teeth and smile.  Using those photos Peggy and he sat down together, evaluated her teeth and discussed what type of smile she wanted from her porcelain veneer treatment.  Doctor asked her to tell him everything she saw in her smile that she didn’t like, and how she wanted those things changed.  First, Peggy said she definitely wanted whiter teeth.  But they had to “look real”, definitely not super white fake looking veneers that she had seen on some people. Next, she wanted normally shaped teeth.

eight empress porcelain veneers placed to correct peg teeth

The eight porcelain veneers placed by Dr. Huefner accomplished the many things Peggy had for her new smile.

peg laterals and malformed incisors before porcelain veneers

Peggy didn't like the appearance of her abnormally shaped incisors. The lateral incisors were peg shaped and the central incisors didn't have the normal round-rectangular shape.

Her peg lateral incisors needed to be larger, normal size.  And her central incisors needed to have normal shapes too.  She thought her canine teeth were too pointed and too “fang-like”.  Could those be softened a little?  Another thing was that her front six teeth seemed too

pronounced compared to the side teeth, which leaned in.  Could those side teeth be brought out to give her a fuller, well balanced smile? It was obvious to Dr. Huefner that Peggy had been giving much thought to her smile for a long time and now knowing what she wanted he could design her teeth and smile.

Dr.Huefner designed and placed eight porcelain veneers for Peggy, and the entire treatment was completed in just three office visits over a three week period.  Empress porcelain was used, as it is one of the strongest dental porcelains used for porcelain veneers, and also because it allowed a whiter color and at the same time had very natural translucency.

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