August 15, 2018

No more crooked, unslightly teeth for Mark with Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers!

Mark was quite a bit embarrassed by his teeth and smile.  His teeth were crooked, shipped and a dingy dark color.  He knew that just “straightening” his teeth with orthodontics (braces of Invisalign) would just give him straight, unsightly teeth.  Mark wanted more, he wanted a great looking smile.  After doing considerable research he came to Dr. Huefner to see if he was a candidate for cosmetic dentistry.

Mark's teeth were crooked, shipped and discolored

Mark’s teeth were crooked, shipped and discolored

Mark had another problem.  He was extremely busy.  He asked Dr. Huefner that if he could give him a great smile, how long would it take and how many visits to the dental office?

Well, Mark was pleased because all he heard was good news.  Dr. Huefner told him that he was “the perfect candidate” for porcelain veneers…..AND….his entire treatment could be completed in just a couple weeks, two short appointments and two medium appointments.  When he heard that, Mark was excited to start his porcelain veneer treatment.

In Mark’s case he decided to have Dr. Huefner make him ten porcelain veneers, most all of his upper teeth that could be seen when he smiled.  His treatment was completed on schedule and he was thrilled with the results.

porcelain veneers to correct crooked teeth

Beautiful, straight white teeth for Mark.

Better lip support and smile with Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers

A smile that didn’t match the person
porcelain veneers laguna niguel

Kara got a terrific smile enhancement with eight porcelain veneers. Her teeth were lengthened, the gummy smile was reduced with the dental gum laser, and porcelain veneers gave her a brighter, whiter smile that she had always wanted.

Kara, very meticulous about her appearance, is in the fashion industry.  She always dresses well and is in great shape, however her smile wasn’t.

She had braces as a child and because her teeth were crowded they removed four teeth.  Unfortunately the orthodontic technique weren’t as advanced as they are today and the braces tipped all her teeth inward.  It actually caused her to have less lip support, which is something that fashion conscious people don’t want to have happen. Also, Kara really felt her teeth were too small and that she showed too much of her gums.

Complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation

Knowing that cosmetic dentistry would greatly improve her smile, Kara came to our practice for a complimentary consultation.  We sat down and discussed her goals and expectations.  “I want white teeth, I want them longer, I want them to lean out more, I don’t like the bonding that is on two of my front teeth, and I don’t like my gums.  What do I need done?  Will Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers take care of my problems?”, asked Kara.  Obviously, Kara knew what she wanted accomplished.

gummy smile before porcelain veneers

Kara didn’t like her short teeth and gummy smile. She wanted her teeth longer, to lean out slightly to give her more lip support and compensate for the way her braces treatment left her teeth tipped inward.

Being someone who pays a lot of attention to appearance, especially her own, Kara was right.  Doing cosmetic dentistry with Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers for her would greatly improve her smile.  Dr. Huefner suggested the following:

  • do teeth-whitening (teeth bleaching) on her lower teeth
  • place porcelain veneers on her upper eight teeth
  • the teeth bleaching on her lower teeth would allow Kara to have Dr. Huefner make the upper veneers a whiter shade without contrasting with yellow lower teeth
  • make her teeth longer
  • remove some of her gums by reshaping them with the dental gum laser
  • make the porcelain veneers wider on the side teeth to compensate for the inward tipping that her braces had caused

Kara was excited, especially when she learned that her Laguna Niguel porcelain veneer treatment, including the teeth whitening and laser gum reshaping, could all be accomplished in less than a months time.
She proceeded with recommended cosmetic dental treatment and an outstanding result was achieved (see top photo above). When her treatment was completed and she was asked what she like best Kara answered that she like the fact that the teeth were whiter and bigger, and especially that it gave her more lip support.  (Her teeth before porcelain veneer treatment leaned inward, allowing her upper lip to drop down more and thereby show less of her teeth.)

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County cosmetic dentist serving Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach and Rancho Santa Margarita.

“I hate my ugly caps” – New Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers and crowns rescue Sarah’s smile

Sarah hated these two caps recently placed by another dentist. She said they looked awful and ruined her smile. Specifically she thought the two caps were too thick, too big, too white and didn’t match her other teeth or look real.

This is a true story on how Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers and crowns changed Sarah’s life.  Sarah, a beautiful mother of two children from Laguna Niguel, came to our cosmetic dental practice in distress, almost in tears.   “I hate my front caps,” she exclaimed! Sometimes as an Orange County cosmetic dentist the best thing I can do when meeting a new patient for the first time is just listen.  She went on to tell her story.

When she was a teenager Sarah chipped her front two teeth, so her dentist placed two porcelain veneers over them.  She was pretty happy with them.  But ten years later, as she changed from being a teenager to young woman, her gums changed a little and one of her porcelain veneers chipped.  She then went to a new dentist to redo the two porcelain veneers, but he said that there wasn’t enough tooth structure to do porcelain veneers, and that he had to do porcelain caps instead.  She consented to the treatment he recommended and he removed the two old porcelain veneers and made her two porcelain caps.  The results were devastating!  “I hate them!” she told us.  “They are too big, too thick, they look like chalk, they don’t even look like real teeth.  When I look at my smile in the mirror I cringe, all I see are two very ugly teeth sticking out!  Can you help me Dr. Huefner?”

Top: Sarah’s teeth before cosmetic dentistry. Middle: Sarah’s “trial smile” temporary crowns and veneers. This was her “test drive” to determine the shape, size, proportion, length and color of her new porcelain crowns and veneers. Bottom: The new porcelain crowns and veneers were tried in for Sarah to preview and approve. Sarah loved them and no changes or adjustments were made prior to cementing them into place.

When I examined her two caps it was easy to see what had happened.  Even though the two caps had recently been done, the dentist had not taken advantage of newer, more esthetic materials that are now being used by most cosmetic dentists.  Instead of using an all-porcelain material for the crowns, he used a combination of a white metal called zirconia that was layered over with porcelain.  The result was a restoration that was way too thick and didn’t transmit light naturally, like many of the newer all-porcelain crowns do today.  I explained to Sarah that if I replaced the two crowns that she had just had done with the newer material and technique, that her two front teeth would then match the rest of her teeth and they would be thinner and have a more natural shape.  She felt so much better knowing that there was a solution for her problem and she wouldn’t have to go around the rest of her life with to awful looking caps.

Then I brought up a very important point by asking Sarah if there was anything else she didn’t like about her teeth?  Because if there was anything else she wanted changed we should do it now.  It didn’t take Sarah very long to bring up two other things she didn’t like.  “Well, my other teeth are kind of small and lean in, and I have always wanted whiter teeth,” she told Dr. Huefner.

She was correct in her assessment, but what I learned is that Sarah didn’t just want her two front teeth to look better, Sarah wanted a beautiful smile.  With that in mind I suggested cosmetic dental treatment that would achieve her goals by redoing the two crowns she didn’t like with all-porcelain EMax crowns, and then placing six Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers (also utilizing EMax porcelain) on her other upper front teeth.  The color of all the eight teeth would therefore be the same, and the new crowns on the front two teeth would be made thinner than the other ones were, and the Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers would be made slightly larger but in proportion with her mouth.  Most importantly, she would end up with a beautiful smile.

Close up of Sarah’s new smile makeover with six Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers and two all-porcelain EMax crowns one week after final placement.

After discussing the recommended treatment with her husband Robert, Sarah called a few days later and scheduled her appointment.  Dr. Huefner gently and carefully, removed the two crowns that she hated and prepared her teeth.  He then made Sarah her “trial smile” with plastic crowns and veneers to “test drive” the new smile design.  This would enable her to make sure we made her new smile white enough and that she was hapy with the design of the shape and length of her teeth.  Sarah chose a BL2 shade for her final porcelain crowns and Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers, but asked for lateral incisors (the teeth next to the two front teeth) to be a little longer and slightly more squarish.  We communicated all of the design aspects to our ceramist Dave Stohlman at L.K.Dental Studio and he fabricated Sarah’s new smile.

Sarah continued to wear the “trial smile” for two more weeks.  Then she returned, the “trial smile” was removed and the new porcelain crowns and Laguna Niguel veneers were tried in for her final approval prior to cementing them into place with our Argon curing laser.

The final results for Sarah’s smile makeover was amazing! Perfectly proportioned teeth, beautiful natural color, a smile that she is extremely proud of! Clearly this is an example of cosmetic dentistry at its finest.

The end result?  An absolutely beautiful smile for Sarah and no more tears over the appearance of her teeth.

Dr. Norman Huefner, serving Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and Irvine

Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry Orange County that Creates Beautiful Looking Teeth, Changes Abnormal Lip Shape, Improves Face Proportions and Reduces Over Bite

orange county porcelain veneers

Diane didn't like the appearance of her teeth. She had an "over closed bite" that also effected her lips, cheeks and the appearance of the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of her face. By increasing her vertical dimension with porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers, Diane got a terrific looking smile and better looking face.

Diane didn’t like her teeth and smile.  She had old discolored crowns that were in obvious need of replacement.  She came to our cosmetic dental practice in Orange County to find out what we could do for her?

It would have been easy to just look at Diane’s teeth and recommend replacing the old dentistry, but when looking at Diane’s face, smile and teeth it was very obvious to us that there were some other issues involved. Before advising Diane of her treatment options it was very important that Diane understood all her issues as well.

What’s wrong with her teeth?

We took photos of Diane’s teeth, smile and face and displayed them on our computer monitor.  Then we asked her to describe the things about her teeth that she didn’t like.  She was quick to point out that she didn’t like:

  • the color of her teeth
  • that her side teeth angled inwards
  • that she had a huge overbite
  • that she had many different kinds of dentistry, fillings and crowns, and none of them matched
Her lips?

Next we asked Diane to specifically look at her lips.  Did she like the appearance of her lips?  How would she describe the shape of her lower lip? Diane answered, “Well, my lips are OK, just not very pretty.  I guess I need to go to the plastic surgeon to fix that, right?”  After looking carefully at the shape of her lower lip she said that it wasn’t curved like most normal lips, that she could see that it pushes up in the front.

The lower third of her face
facial improvement with cosmetic dentistry

By "opening her bite" and making porcelain veneers on Diane's front teeth and porcelain crowns on Diane's back teeth, a huge improvement in her facial appearance was achieved.

Then we asked Diane to look a the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of her face.  She said that she didn’t like the wrinkles in her face, but really didn’t understand how that had anything to do with dentistry.

Now it was time to help Diane understand what really was going on with her teeth that effected her lips and lower part of her face and that there were two ways to treat her teeth.  One that would only address her concerns about the appearance of her teeth, and the other would address not only her teeth, but also the shape of both her upper and lower lips and the appearance of the lower  1/3 of her face.

We explained to Diane that she had what in dentistry is commonly referred to as “over closure” or “reduced vertical dimension”.  Over simplifying it, that her back teeth and/or jaw bones were too short so that when she closed her mouth and put her teeth together that the distance between her chin and nose was much smaller than normal.  This “over closure” created a huge over bite, caused her upper lip to cave in on the sides, her lower lip to bunch up in the front, some facial collapse and increased wrinkles or skin folds.  Much of this could be corrected by reconstructing her bite, making her back teeth longer, in balance with her jaw joint and facial muscles.

“You mean dentistry can not only make my teeth look pretty, but also make my face look better as well?”, she asked. Our answer was a resounding “yes.”

We further clarified to Diane what the differences in treatment were.  One treatment would be to treat only her upper teeth with ten porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns.  This would give her pretty teeth and a little better support of her upper lip only.  The other more comprehensive treatment would be to  place porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers on both her back teeth and front teeth.  This would “open her bite”, making the bottom 1/3 of her face longer.  It would give her prettier teeth as well as better face and lips better jaw support.  The end result for the more comprehensive treatment  would obviously give her a much better looking appearance.

After much deliberation, Diane chose the comprehensive approach, treating most all of her teeth with new porcelain crowns or veneers.  How did it look?  Well, you be the judge.  Look at the huge difference between her teeth, lips and lower third of Diane’s face.

Later Diane said that she couldn’t believe how much younger she looked with her cosmetic dentistry.  “I always thought that the only way to make my face look better and younger was plastic surgery.  I never would have guessed that by just making my teeth longer and changing my bite that it would have such a huge effect on my appearance!”

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

Replacing Old Cosmetic Dentistry to Enhance and Soften a Feminine Smile

non-metal bridge and porcelain veneers

We replaced Roxanne's old porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge (she had a bridge because she was missing one front tooth) with this non-metal bridge and porcelain veneers. "Gull wing" lateral incisors (i.e. shorter than the adjacent teeth) and more rounded shaped teeth gave her a much softer and more feminine smile.

As a young lady Roxanne from Irvine lost one of her front tooth in an auto accident. Her family dentist placed a 4-unit porcelain fused to metal bridge to solve her missing tooth problem.  She was happy because he gave her back a front tooth and saved her smile.  Based on the technology at that time her family dentist did an incredible job.

However over the years Roxanne became increasingly more observant concerning teeth and smiles, both hers and others.  A decade went by and as cosmetic dentistry got better she realized that her smile didn’t look as good as it could.  One day Roxanne came to our office for a cosmetic dentistry consultation and specifically wanting to know what we could do better today to improve her smile by replacing her old 4-unit porcelain fused to metal bridge.

orange county cosmetic dentistry

When Roxanne was young she lost one of her front teeth and her family dentist made her a porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge. Over the years she became dissatisfied with its appearance and wanted her old dentistry replaced with newer materials and techniques it that would give her a better result.

In answering her question there were two areas that we had to address. The first was difference in materials and the other was advances in design, artistry and cosmetic dental techniques.  With regard to the former, we explained to Roxanne that today we didn’t have to limit our material to a porcelain fused to metal bridge, which oftentimes is very opaque and appears “lifeless” and unnatural.  This is because the underlying metal prevents natural light transmission through the bridge.  However with natural teeth, which is semi-translucent, some degree of light is able to pass through.  To replicate that property we could make her more natural looking  dentistry by utilizing some newer materials that allow light to pass through in the same way that it would with natural teeth.  Two materials many cosmetic dentists use today are Porcelain on Zirconia or IPS E-Max.   We suggesting one of those two techniques for her new dentistry.

metal bridge

As you can see the back surface of Roxanne's old bridge was an unsightly silver metal. The metal was obvious and showed when she opened her mouth wide. Also because of the opaqueness of porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges the color did not look very natural.

With regards to the techniques and artistry, cosmetic dentists do considerable training in smile design, which incorporates  the many characteristics of a natural smile such as length of the teeth, shape of each tooth and proportions of each of the teeth to the rest.  In Roxanne’s case her family dentist made her four front teeth all exactly the same length at the edges.  But today many cosmetic dentists trained in smile design would consider that a more masculine smile.  By meeting Roxanne you would realize quickly that in no way was she masculine and this is the last thing we would want to do, either intentionally or unintentionally.  Thus, to soften and feminize her smile we recommended making her lateral incisors (the lateral incisor is the tooth next to the front tooth) a little shorter than her central incisors (front two teeth) or her canines (eye teeth).  That is a concept called “gull wing incisal edge effect“, which in our opinion would greatly enhance her smile.

old pfm bridge

The edges (margins) of her old bridge did not fit well around the gum line. Also the edges of all four front teeth were even and squarish, both characteristics of a more masculine smile. Roxanne wanted a softer, more feminine smile design.

We asked Roxanne about the color she wanted and she said that she really would like her teeth to be whiter, but they had to look “real”.  A solution to that was in addition to replacing the 4-unit bridge to place porcelain veneers on four of Roxanne’s other teeth, her canines and first bicuspids.  Thus when Roxanne smiled she would show eight beautiful teeth, all of the same color.  By softening the edges of her teeth by rounding them slightly, and incorporating the “gull wing” effect, Roxanne would have an amazing smile, youthful and feminine.

Roxanne accepted our treatment recommendations and proceeded with her treatment, we placed a new non-metal porcelain bridge and four porcelain veneers.  She chose a BL1 shade from the tooth shade guide and an “enhanced” smile style from the LVI Smile Catalog. For this great lady from Irvine the difference in new materials, techniques and following smile design concepts took her from having just an “OK” smile to having an amazing smile!

Stunning Smile Makeover with Gum Reshaping, Teeth Bleaching and Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers laguna niguel

Connie got a stunning smile makeover with laser gum reshaping, teeth bleaching and porcelain veneers.

Connie from Mission Viejo came to our cosmetic dental practice because she wanted “a nicer smile.”  When we photos of her smile and looked at them together her critique was that she had a gummy smile and her teeth were discolored.  She said that if we could correct those two things for her that she would be happy.  We also discussed with her doing “ideal cosmetic dentistry” with porcelain veneers, which would enable us to get a much whiter shade and improve the shape and position of her teeth. However, Connie said that she really didn’t want to do porcelain veneers.

So for Connie we had very conservative recommendations:

  • We would reshape her gums with the dental gum laser
  • Then we would whiten her teeth with teeth bleaching
gummy smile treatment dental laser

At first Connie's main concerns were that she had a gummy smile and discolored teeth. Initially she wasn't interested in porcelain veneers, but ultimately she changed her mind and had porcelain veneers to give her much whiter teeth and as well change the length and shape of her teeth.

The gum reshaping procedure with did for Connie with the dental gum laser went great!  It was a minor cosmetic procedure that required a minimal amount of local anesthetic (Novocaine), but did not require any stitches and had almost no pain or bleeding.

Immediately after Connie’s gums were healed,which was in less than a week’s time, we started Connie on with her teeth bleaching.  Within two weeks she was done and was back saying how happy she liked “her new smile.” However, we were very surprised to hear what she said next!

“You know Dr. Huefner,” said Connie, “I love the improvement you did for me but now I’ve been rethinking what you were suggesting about porcelain veneers.  I really appreciate how what you’ve done so far has improved my appearance, and now I think I’m mentally ready to go to the next step an do porcelain veneers.”

Before beginning Connie’s porcelain veneer treatment we discussed three other elements in smile design:

  • the length of the teeth
  • the shape of the teeth
  • the color
orange county gum reshaping and tooth bleaching

The first phase of Connie's treatment was to just reshape her gums and bleach her teeth. She was pleased with the huge improvement but decided she wanted even more enhancement of her smile and had Dr. Huefner place ten porcelain veneers for her.

Connie said that she liked how much whiter teeth bleaching made her teeth look, but that with her new porcelain veneers she wanted them to be whiter still.  She chose a BL2 color from the teeth shade guide.  With regard to the tooth length, she said she felt that her teeth were a bit too short and would like them just a little longer.  Also, she felt the shape of her teeth was too round with too much space between her teeth.  Thus we looked at smile styles from two different tooth shape libraries and Connie chose the “enhanced” smile design from the LVI Smile Catalog.

Shortly thereafter Connie returned and we placed ten porcelain veneers following the design that she had approved.  For this Laguna Niguel lady it took us a little longer than usual to get to the final result, but we achieved a terrific smile for her and she was extremely appreciative of all our patience and efforts.

My Teeth Make Me Look Like I’m Getting Old – How Porcelain Veneers and a More Youthful Smile Helped Randy and His Dating

laguna niguel porcelain veneers

Randy's new smile with porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. We learned that his main motivation for getting cosmetic dentistry is that he wanted to look younger and be more attractive to the women he wanted to date.

Randy from Laguna Niguel had pretty healthy teeth, but he didn’t like the way they looked.  He had been coming to our dental practice for years and one day after having his teeth cleaned he said, “You know Doc, I just don’t like the way my teeth look any more.  What can you do to make my teeth look better?”

Before recommending any cosmetic treatment it is always best to first determine what the patient means when they said they “don’t like their teeth?”  Three important questions that cosmetic dentists usually asked their patients are:

  • What is it you don’t like about their teeth and smile?
  • What is it you want changed?
  • If you could have an ideal smile, what would that look like?
laguna niguel cosmetic dentistry

Randy thought that the appearance of his teeth made him look older. He said his teeth had discolored and chipped over the years. He was also concerned about the cavities around the gum line of his side teeth and that they appeared so dark because of the old amalgam fillings he had as a youngster.

In Randy’s case, he said the two things he disliked the most were the color of his teeth, which had darkened over the years, and his front two teeth that had chipped.  But he could also see some problems with his side teeth.  He had some gum line cavities that were quite yellow and a couple old amalgam fillings that had discolored his teeth a grayish-black color.

On the surface, from above information one might think the cosmetic dentist would have enough information to make the recommendations Randy was asking for.  However sometimes the motivation for cosmetic dentistry is as important as what the patients wants changed.

It took a little while but Randy finally felt comfortable enough to share with us his real motivation.  He felt he was starting to look older.  Also, he was single and dating and felt a nicer, younger looking smile would make him more attractive to the women he was interested in.  Now knowing this, we could make  recommendations to Randy about the most appropriate treatment to achieve his goals.

Dr. Huefner recommended that he place ten porcelain veneers on Randy’s upper teeth, the teeth he showed when he smiled.  He would make Randy’s new teeth whiter, a shade BL2 or BL3 from the tooth shade guide.  Also he would make the teeth longer, the length they most likely were before they wore down and shortened over the years (see tooth length).  In addition, Dr. Huefner would give him a smile design that was younger, which recall was one of his major motivating factors in getting cosmetic dentistry.  A younger smile design pertains to the individual shapes of each teeth and how they relate to each other.  Dr. Huefner showed Randy numerous smile styles from the smile libraries he has for his patients and together Randy and Dr. Huefner chose the LVI “softened” smile style.

Randy’s treatment went very smoothly and was successfully completed in less than three weeks time.  One might argue that success is dependent on the results, and shortly after his smile makeover Randy from Laguna Niguel seemed to be very happy and by the smile on his face we guess is doing quite well with the ladies.

Laguna Niguel Porcelain Veneers and Instant Teeth Straightening for Kandes

From Scottsdale, AZ, to Laguna Niguel, CA, for a smile makeover
mrs. southwest-globe with porcelain veneers

Kandes, Mrs. Southwest States, came to Dr. Huefner for a smile makeover. Dr. Huefner gave her a new smile with porcelain veneers using the "enhanced" smile style for the LVI smile library.

Kandes from Scottsdale, AZ, came to Dr. Huefner’s Orange County cosmetic dentistry practice for a beautiful smile.  Her family dentist back home said she needed braces to fix her crooked teeth.  Kandes said, “I don’t want braces, I just want a beautiful smile. Can you give me a beauty pageant smile with veneers?”  She was Mrs. Southwest States and competed in the Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant, and came to us because Dr. Huefner had done much cosmetic dentistry for other beauty pageant contestants.

It is always very important for the cosmetic dentist to listen to the patient before recommending cosmetic dental treatment.  Kandes said, “I just want straight teeth and I want them to be whiter.” She went on to say that most of all she didn’t like her canine teeth which stuck out so far!  Also, one of her back teen on her left was pushed in so far it looked like it was missing.

Enhanced smile style for a more youthful appearance
enhanced smile design with porcelain veneers

Kandes wanted a more youthful, feminine smile. Dr. Huefner recommended the "enhanced" smile style, the most popular smile style utilized in his cosmetic dental practice for women.

So for Kandes the recommendation was simple, Dr. Huefner recommended doing ten porcelain veneers in a lighter color (BL2 from the dental shade guide), which would give the straight white teeth she wanted.  Dr. Huefner discussed the different combinations of tooth shapes from the smile style libraries.  Kandes said to Dr. Huefner, “I’ll leave it up to you, but I just want a smile that makes me look a little younger.  Can you do that?”

mrs. southwest states had crooked teeth and didn't want orthodontics

Kandes, Mrs. Southwest States, was competing in the Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant. She had crooked teeth and wanted a beautiful smile with straight teeth.

Dr. Huefner explained that the most popular smile style he does for women is the Dr. Bill Dickerson LVI “enhanced” smile style.  Most people having smile makeovers want their smile to help them make look a little younger, especially women.  Upon showing Kandes the “enhanced” smile design, she agreed.  She said that she liked it because the cuspids weren’t too pointy, which is what she didn’t like about her own teeth.  A slight surface texture and slight incisal translucency were both added to the design of the porcelain veneers to help impart a more natural and youthful appearance.

Kandes made two trips from Scottsdale to Laguna Niguel to get her new smile, which was completed in just under three weeks time. “The results are amazing,” said Kandes.  “My teeth were crooked and now they look so beautiful!”

Laguna Niguel Porcelain Veneers Transform Snaggle Tooth Smile

Laguna Niguel Lady Has Porcelain Veneers to Correct Her Snaggle Tooth Smile
snaggle tooth needed porcelain veneers laguna niguel

Even as a child Candice hated her teeth. In school they teased her with the name "snaggle-tooth". She wanted to know if porcelain veneers would give her a nice smile?

Candice from Laguna Niguel had always hated her teeth.  As a kid in school they had teased her, calling her snaggle-tooth.  That embarrassment never left her.  And, over the years the appearance of her teeth continued to worsen.  She had finally had it and came to our office for a cosmetic dentistry consult to see if porcelain veneers would correct her smile.

At her cosmetic dental appointment she discussed the things she hated.  First her upper left lateral incisor was really turned and pointed way out.  She said “it looks like a fang!”. On the side of that tooth was a big orange spot.  Also, she didn’t like the unevenness of the rest of her teeth, especially the way her right front teeth were shorter than her left.  The spaces between her teeth, near her gum line, were also irritating to her.  But most of all, what she really wanted was a whiter, younger, more feminine looking smile.  She said by no means was she trying to look like she was twenty, but it would sure be nice to look ten years younger.

Designing Candice’s Porcelain Veneers
porcelain veneers laguna niguel

Candice loved her new smile with porcelain veneers. Nobody would ever call her snaggle-tooth again.

After hearing all of Candice’s concerns, she was assured her that she was an excellent candidate for porcelain veneers!  Dr. Huefner discussed how he would design her teeth and smile.  A whiter color teeth was important, but she wanted them to look natural.  Shade BL3 (formerly known as 030) would be used and Empress porcelain.  Dr. Huefner said he likes Empress porcelain with his porcelain veneers because it has been used in dentistry for over 15 years, and has proven to be one of the strongest and yet because of its tooth-like translucency, is one of the most natural looking porcelains.  Dr. Huefner suggested some slight surface texture and incisal translucency that would mimic that of someone a little younger, which was something she really liked to hear.  The new veneers would all be even and proportional, and “follow the smile line“, a term cosmetic dentists use to describe that the edges would follow the contour of her lower lip when she smiled.  The actually smile design formula Dr. Huefner recommended was the “LVI softened” smile style.  But most of all Dr. Huefner assured Candice that nobody would ever look at the her teeth again and call her “snaggle-tooth”.

Beginning to end, Candice’s porcelain treatment was completed in three weeks. She got the smile she always wanted and was the first to admit it took ten years off of her appearance.

Dr. Norman Huefner, 30131 Town Center Drive, Suite 160, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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