July 17, 2018

The “Trial Smile” Best Enables Bill to Preview and Approve of his New Porcelain Veneers

trial smile before porcelain veneers

Bill especially like the “trial smile” part of his porcelain veneer treatment. It enabled him to “test drive”or preview his new smile before the porcelain veneers were made. Modifications to the teeth shape and final color determination was made. After Bill’s written approval of the design and color Dr. Huefner’s ceramist fabricated Bill’s porcelain veneers according to detailed directions.

Bill, a successful CEO of a business in Orange County, realized that it was finally time to do something about the appearance of his smile. He had researched cosmetic dentists in Orange County, but came to our practice in Laguna Niguel because of a referral from one of our patients.

Having specific goals, Bill carefully discussed them with us.  He wanted his teeth whiter, but not too white. He wanted his teeth straight and the chipping corrected.  His canine teeth were pointed, and that had always bothered him.  Also, not having had much dentistry for years, Bill was very concerned that he would like the final results.  Could we guarantee that? Also, what type of treatment would he need?  He definitely would not consider orthodontics (braces) as an option, he wasn’t

too keen on the thought of “capping”, but had heard much over the years about porcelain veneers.  He asked if porcelain veneers would be something that could be done for him?

discolored crooked chipped teeth in need of cosmetic dentistry

Bill’s teeth were discolored, chipped and crooked. He realized it was finally time that he do something to improve the appearance of his teeth.

After carefully listening to Bill and repeating back to him the expectations that he had expressed, Bill started to become more comfortable and trusting.  After examining Bill’s teeth, Bill was pleased to learn that what he had hoped for (i.e that he could have his teeth cosmetically restored with porcelain veneers) was Dr. Huefner’s recommendation treatment of choice! But what he especially liked was when he learned about the “trial smile” process!  Dr. Huefner explained that he would first construct a prototype smile for Bill. That smile would have the size, shape and color teeth that Dr. Huefner thought would work best to satisfy Bill’s expectations.  Then, if Bill wanted any changes to the design or color, Dr.Huefner would either make those changes or specifically note those

changes be made in the permanent, final porcelain veneers.  And, Dr. Huefner said that he definitely would not have the final porcelain veneers fabricated until he achieved Bill’s written approval.  Again, Bill started getting much more comfortable with the concept of cosmetic dentistry, especially since he was going to be totally involved in the design process.

Bill’s treatment began and his “trial smile” was constructed.  After making some minor modifications to the shape of his teeth and finalizing the color veneers he wanted, Bill’s porcelain veneers were constructed using the “trial smile” as the template for the final veneers.  The treatment was a success, giving Bill an attractive and professional looking smile of someone his stature in the professional business world.

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Long Overdue for a Great Smile, Kirk from Irvine Now Looks Like a Million with New Porcelain Veneers

irvine porcelain veneers

After over twenty years Kirk was sick and tired of the yellow, unnatural look of his plastic veneers (lower photo). We replaced them with eight porcelain veneers utilizing a BL2 tooth shade and an masculine smile design (upper photo).

Kirk from Irvine was long overdue

An ambitious dynamo might rightly describe Kirk.  A very competitive, hard working businessman, Kirk always appears enthusiastic, energetic and positive in his attitude.  He quickly worked his way up the ladder and now is the head of his department.

As a youngster Kirk always had very discolored unattractive teeth and he was always very embarrassed and self conscious about what others were thinking about him.  When bonding first came out in the early 1980s Kirk had his family dentist cover over all the defects in his teeth with composite (plastic) veneers.  Looking much better, he was happy with the results for a while.  Then, several decades past and Kirk started comparing his smile with his peers.  “You know,” said Kirk, “I realized that my smile still needed a lot of help and I am really overdue for an upgrade.  It’s time for me to get serious about my appearance and replace my old veneers with new ones and give me the nice smile that I didn’t get the first time around.”

Listening careful to Kirk’s concerns, he pointed out that he thought his teeth looked “fake” and unnatural.  He wanted them to be whiter, not so thick and look like real teeth. And most importantly, he hated the way his teeth were discolored near his gums.

discolored composite veneers

Kirk was dissatisfied with the color, shape and thickness of his old plastic veneers. He also hated the way the plastic veneers were discolored around his gums.

After examining Kirk’s teeth and smile at his cosmetic dentistry consultation, we explained to him that although he most likely had a huge improvement with his old style plastic (composite) veneers, that today he could really benefit with porcelain veneers instead.  They could certainly be made whiter and more natural looking, and over time porcelain veneers wouldn’t darken and discolor over the years like his old plastic veneers did.   Another point was that he had only had six plastic veneers, and that if we were going to whiten his smile and truly give him more natural looking teeth that we would really need to make him eight porcelain veneers this time around.

Kirk agreed, he was really ready for a smile upgrade.  So, to give him the smile he really wanted we first whitened his lower teeth with Zoom in-office teeth bleaching, followed up by a supplement of one week of home tray bleaching.  Then we placed eight porcelain veneers for Kirk.  He chose a BL2 tooth color from the tooth shade guide and a masculine smile style from the tooth shape catalog.

beautiful porcelain veneers irvine

A major improvement in Kirk's facial appearance was achieved with his new porcelain veneers. The color, shape, natural color and translucency were all a major upgrade compared to his old, discolored fake looking plastic veneers.

The results were a killer smile for Kirk from Irvine with eight porcelain veneers

What were the results?  A killer smile!  Kirk got the great looking smile that he wanted his entire life. “Wow,” he said after viewing his porcelain veneers for the first time on his teeth.  “I love them!  The color, shape and realness of them are a hundred times better than my first set.”

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