August 19, 2018

Lumineers vs. Regular Porcelain Veneers: What’s the Difference?

If you are considering porcelain veneers to enhance your smile, you may be curious about Lumineers and other name-brand variations that are advertised as an alternative to traditional veneers. The main difference between regular porcelain veneers and brands like Lumineers (along with Vivaneers, Nano, Emax, and Durathin) is their relative thickness. These ultlra-thin varieties usually require no preparation of the teeth before they are applied, which is appealing for many patients. Additionally, they tend to require less reshaping than traditional veneers.

However, ultra-thin Lumineers may not provide the best aesthetic results for some patients. If they are placed on teeth that are already sufficiently thick, you may be left with a smile that looks and feels overly “bulky.” Most people require some preparation of the tooth to ensure the veneer fits and looks as natural as possible.

Another factor to consider with ultra-thin veneers is their transparency. The thickness of our Empress porcelain veneers at Huefner Sensational Smiles easily conceals any stains and discoloration on the supporting tooth. In contrast, Lumineers are so thin that the darker color of a tooth may still show through to a degree, making your smile less bright than it could have been. However, if significant discoloration isn’t a concern in your case, then Lumineers may be a good option to consider.

To find out which type of porcelain veneers is right for you, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. We serve patients in Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and surrounding areas of Orange County, California.

“I hate my ugly caps” – New Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers and crowns rescue Sarah’s smile

Sarah hated these two caps recently placed by another dentist. She said they looked awful and ruined her smile. Specifically she thought the two caps were too thick, too big, too white and didn’t match her other teeth or look real.

This is a true story on how Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers and crowns changed Sarah’s life.  Sarah, a beautiful mother of two children from Laguna Niguel, came to our cosmetic dental practice in distress, almost in tears.   “I hate my front caps,” she exclaimed! Sometimes as an Orange County cosmetic dentist the best thing I can do when meeting a new patient for the first time is just listen.  She went on to tell her story.

When she was a teenager Sarah chipped her front two teeth, so her dentist placed two porcelain veneers over them.  She was pretty happy with them.  But ten years later, as she changed from being a teenager to young woman, her gums changed a little and one of her porcelain veneers chipped.  She then went to a new dentist to redo the two porcelain veneers, but he said that there wasn’t enough tooth structure to do porcelain veneers, and that he had to do porcelain caps instead.  She consented to the treatment he recommended and he removed the two old porcelain veneers and made her two porcelain caps.  The results were devastating!  “I hate them!” she told us.  “They are too big, too thick, they look like chalk, they don’t even look like real teeth.  When I look at my smile in the mirror I cringe, all I see are two very ugly teeth sticking out!  Can you help me Dr. Huefner?”

Top: Sarah’s teeth before cosmetic dentistry. Middle: Sarah’s “trial smile” temporary crowns and veneers. This was her “test drive” to determine the shape, size, proportion, length and color of her new porcelain crowns and veneers. Bottom: The new porcelain crowns and veneers were tried in for Sarah to preview and approve. Sarah loved them and no changes or adjustments were made prior to cementing them into place.

When I examined her two caps it was easy to see what had happened.  Even though the two caps had recently been done, the dentist had not taken advantage of newer, more esthetic materials that are now being used by most cosmetic dentists.  Instead of using an all-porcelain material for the crowns, he used a combination of a white metal called zirconia that was layered over with porcelain.  The result was a restoration that was way too thick and didn’t transmit light naturally, like many of the newer all-porcelain crowns do today.  I explained to Sarah that if I replaced the two crowns that she had just had done with the newer material and technique, that her two front teeth would then match the rest of her teeth and they would be thinner and have a more natural shape.  She felt so much better knowing that there was a solution for her problem and she wouldn’t have to go around the rest of her life with to awful looking caps.

Then I brought up a very important point by asking Sarah if there was anything else she didn’t like about her teeth?  Because if there was anything else she wanted changed we should do it now.  It didn’t take Sarah very long to bring up two other things she didn’t like.  “Well, my other teeth are kind of small and lean in, and I have always wanted whiter teeth,” she told Dr. Huefner.

She was correct in her assessment, but what I learned is that Sarah didn’t just want her two front teeth to look better, Sarah wanted a beautiful smile.  With that in mind I suggested cosmetic dental treatment that would achieve her goals by redoing the two crowns she didn’t like with all-porcelain EMax crowns, and then placing six Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers (also utilizing EMax porcelain) on her other upper front teeth.  The color of all the eight teeth would therefore be the same, and the new crowns on the front two teeth would be made thinner than the other ones were, and the Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers would be made slightly larger but in proportion with her mouth.  Most importantly, she would end up with a beautiful smile.

Close up of Sarah’s new smile makeover with six Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers and two all-porcelain EMax crowns one week after final placement.

After discussing the recommended treatment with her husband Robert, Sarah called a few days later and scheduled her appointment.  Dr. Huefner gently and carefully, removed the two crowns that she hated and prepared her teeth.  He then made Sarah her “trial smile” with plastic crowns and veneers to “test drive” the new smile design.  This would enable her to make sure we made her new smile white enough and that she was hapy with the design of the shape and length of her teeth.  Sarah chose a BL2 shade for her final porcelain crowns and Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers, but asked for lateral incisors (the teeth next to the two front teeth) to be a little longer and slightly more squarish.  We communicated all of the design aspects to our ceramist Dave Stohlman at L.K.Dental Studio and he fabricated Sarah’s new smile.

Sarah continued to wear the “trial smile” for two more weeks.  Then she returned, the “trial smile” was removed and the new porcelain crowns and Laguna Niguel veneers were tried in for her final approval prior to cementing them into place with our Argon curing laser.

The final results for Sarah’s smile makeover was amazing! Perfectly proportioned teeth, beautiful natural color, a smile that she is extremely proud of! Clearly this is an example of cosmetic dentistry at its finest.

The end result?  An absolutely beautiful smile for Sarah and no more tears over the appearance of her teeth.

Dr. Norman Huefner, serving Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and Irvine

“I want a big smile” – Orange County ultra thin porcelain veneers

Lower photo: Jodi didn't like the way her teeth leaned in and wanted larger teeth and a bigger smile. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner placed eight ultra thin porcelain veneers for her. He made her new teeth slightly wider and longer and instead of angling in, he made them angle out slightly to give her a bigger smile.

Jodi, a forty year old sales lady from Irvine, didn’t like her teeth.  The first thing she said to us was “I want a big smile!”  This can mean a lot of different things, so before Dr. Huefner could recommend cosmetic dentistry treatment he needed to find out more.  Specifically, what did “big smile” mean to Jodi?

She explained that she felt her teeth were too small and that when she smiled she wanted to “show more teeth.”  She wanted teeth that were larger and a little longer.  She also told us that she had braces as a child and that before they would start her orthodontics they had to pull several of her teeth.  After looking at Jodi’s teeth we could see that the main problem wasn’t that her teeth were small, but the old orthodontic technique that was used to straighten her teeth twenty years ago was extracting teeth, and then using braces to unravel the crooked teeth and then close the remaining spaces. Unfortunately in Jodi’s case this technique constricted her dental arch, making her teeth angle inwards, giving a much smaller display of teeth.  This is most likely the main reason she didn’t have a big smile.

When Jodi smiled she felt her teeth were too small. This was partly due to having four teeth extracted and braces which angled her teeth inwards. Today most orthodontists strive to avoid this end result and instead of extracting teeth as much they use an improved technique called "expansion".

Over the past few decades orthodontic techniques have changed drastically, and orthodontists use techniques called “expansion of the dental arch” and teeth are extracted much less often.  Unfortunately the “constriction” of Jodi’s dental arch was something we had to deal with now.

After explaining this to Jodi she was a bit frustrated.  “But what can you do to give me a big smile now?” Jodi asked.

The answer to solve Jodi’s problem was to place porcelain veneers on eight of Jodi’s upper teeth.  That would angle her teeth back out to a normal position.  Also this would allow Dr. Huefner to make her teeth a little wider and longer, giving her slightly larger looking teeth.

Jodi was happy that we had a solution to her problem, but that raised another question.  “I really don’t want my teeth drilled on,” she stated most emphatically.  “Can’t you do Lumineers?”  Jodi had seen the ads in magazines many times which said that Lumineers are a type of porcelain veneers that can be used without any drilling on her teeth.  She had a good point which is shared by pretty much everybody.  After all, who likes having their teeth drilled on!  However in Jodi’s case placing Lumineers on her teeth without any tooth preparation whatsoever would result not only in larger teeth, but most likely unacceptable huge looking thick teeth!  Dr. Huefner explained that the technique he would use for her was minimal preparation veneers and that he assured her that he would do the least drilling possible and use the thinnest veneers to give her the result she was looking for….ultra thin veneers!

Jodi got the big smile with eight ultra thin porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. Her new teeth were slightly longer and wider and angled out slightly, which gave her a much more attractive smile.

After more discussion Jodi started to get excited.  Dr. Huefner explained that it only takes a couple weeks to do the whole ultra thin porcelain veneer process.  “Can I choose the color?”, she asked.  Dr. Huefner explained that he will give his recommendations, but in his practice the patients always make the final choice in the color of the ultra thin porcelain veneers.  “How about the length of the teeth, you will make them longer, won’t you?” she said.  Dr. Huefner explained that he will make her teeth wider and longer, and that before he bonds her ultra thin veneers onto her teeth she will have the opportunity to see the new veneers on her teeth and she will have to give him her written approval.  If she doesn’t approve of the shape, length or color, Dr. Huefner will make appropriate changes before he permanently bonds them into place.

With all of her questions answered, Jodi was ready to begin her ultra thin porcelain veneer treatment to get the big smile she asked for.  She chose shade BL2 for the color and Dr. Huefner made her eight ultra thin porcelain veneers in just a couple weeks as he had promised.  Jodi got the “bigger teeth” that she had always wanted and is now very happy with her beautiful smile!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist, ultra thin porcelain veneers Orange County

Orange County Lumineers Correct Tooth White Spots

tooth white spots

Lower photo: Courtney had white spots and blotches on her front teeth and very translucent tooth edges that showed as a grayish-black band. Needless to say, as a young lady in college she was very embarrassed and displeased with the appearance of her teeth. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner placed four ultra thin porcelain veneers to cover over her tooth discolorations, giving her even colored teeth with a very attractive natural color.

Courtney from Orange County is a beautiful young lady attending college in Northern California.  She went through braces as a youngster, so had straight teeth, but that wasn’t her dental problem.  She was very self conscious and unhappy because her teeth had some severe discoloration problems.  She came to our Orange County cosmetic dental practice in Laguna Niguel to see what recommendations Dr. Huefner had to get rid of her tooth white spots and gray tooth edges and make her front teeth beautiful.

At a glance one could see what Courtney was concerned with.  She had large tooth white sports in her teeth along with very grayish black edges.  Before making recommendations Dr. Huefner explained to Courtney exactly what those tooth white spots discolorations were.  She had two different types of tooth white spots, which were actually enamel hypocalcification marks.  One type of tooth white spots, the largest offender, occurred during the actual forming of the tooth way before her teeth erupted into her mouth around age 7-8.  Most likely it was due to some metabolic disruption, possibly due to a fever, trauma to her baby teeth or having too much fluoride.  The second type of tooth white spots occurred around the areas where she had her braces.  She didn’t brush her teeth well back then, plaque built up around her braces and started the first phase of cavities, acid from the plaque started dissolving the surface calcium out of her teeth.  Fortunately she got out of braces early enough before severe decay occurred, which would have turned the tooth white spots around the braces into brown spots.

Orange County Lumineers

Lower photo: Discolored teeth before cosmetic dentistry. Middle photo: Courtney with her four temporary veneers. Upper photo: Final smile makeover with four Lumineers on her four front teeth and buffing out the superficial tooth white spots on several of her other teeth.

The other type of discoloration that occurred in the edges of her front teeth was actually a variation of normal enamel translucency of the edges of the teeth.  In Courtney’s case she had much more translucency of the enamel than most people and that translucency shows up as a grayish black color.  Many children have this when their teeth first come in, but as they get older the edges wear down naturally and that enamel translucency around the tooth edges disappears.

After understanding what the tooth white spots and blackish-gray discolorations were Courtney asked what Dr. Huefner could do to solve her tooth-color problem and make her front teeth all one color, a natural white tooth color?  The solution for Courtney was to make four ultra thin porcelain veneers.   Lumineers, Durathin Veneers and Nano veneers and Emax ultra thin veneers are all variations of the ultra thin veneers used by cosmetic dentists when appropriate.  Courtney’s situation ultra thin veneers were definitely Dr. Huefner’s treatment of choice!

Since her severe discoloration problems were confined to just the front four teeth, Dr. Huefner only had to place Lumineers on those four teeth.  The smaller white spots on the side teeth were very shallow and superficial and to Courtney’s delight Dr. Huefner was able to remove those by just some gentle buffing out with his dental polishers.

In making Courtney’s Lumineers to hide her tooth white spots a two step process was utilized.  First Dr. Huefner prepared her four incisors for ultra thin Lumineers , impressions of her teeth were taken and sent to the lab and Dr. Huefner make Courtney four temporary veneers.  Two weeks later Courtney’s Lumineers were completed by the ceramist, she returned, Dr. Huefner gently removed her four temporary veneers, then tried on the four Lumineers to get Courtney’s approval, and then they were permanently cemented into place with the dental bonding laser.

The results Dr. Huefner achieved for Courtney was superb and she returned to college a very happy young lady with a beautiful smile!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist, Orange County, CA


Incisal Translucency and Surface Texture – essential components to perfectly matching a single porcelain veneer to an adjacent tooth

mission viejo porcelain veneer

Lower photo: Christopher had an old porcelain veneer that didn't match well and finally broke. Upper photo: A perfectly matched porcelain veneer was achieved by duplicating the color, shape, size and length of the adjacent tooth and most importantly matching the surface texture and incisal translucency.

Christopher, a young man from Mission Viejo, CA, in his early 20s broke his left front tooth when he was a teenager.  His family dentist placed a porcelain veneer on it, but according to Christopher, “It never looked right. It was too white, too thick and didn’t look like a real tooth”.  One day Christopher was out with his buddies and got bumped in the face and his old porcelain veneer broke.  He said he was actually glad that it broke because now he could get it replaced with a “real looking porcelain veneer.”

Essential Components to a Perfectly Matched Porcelain Veneer or Crown

At his cosmetic dentistry consultation we explained to Christopher that placing a single porcelain veneer and matching it to his other front tooth is one of the most difficult and challenging procedure in cosmetic dentistry.  For a single porcelain veneered tooth to match adjacent tooth exactly a number of things have to be done.  Any one of the following that isn’t the same as the natural tooth will make veneered tooth obviously different:

  • length and width
  • shape
  • thickness
  • color
  • translucency of the porcelain, especially at the edge (called incisal translucency), which is how much light is able to pass through the porcelain
  • surface texture, how smooth or rough the surface of the tooth is, which has a huge effect on how light reflects off of the teeth

We’ve all seen people with an obvious crown or veneer on one of their front teeth, and that obviousness is usually the result of one or more of the above not taken into consideration.

Younger Teeth have Incisal Translucency and Surface Texture

porcelain veneer surface texture

By perfectly matching Christopher's porcelain veneer to the adjacent tooth Christopher's smile looks great and his dentistry has a very natural appearance. Notice how the color match is identical and how light reflects the same off of the porcelain veneer as the natural tooth (called surface texture).

Being a young man, in Christophers case his teeth had two distinguishing features of young teeth that we had to match to give him a perfectly matched porcelain veneer.  First, since his teeth hadn’t worn down yet they showed the distinct clear enamel of the edge of the teeth, called incisal translucency.  Many times this appears to be a slightly clear or gray color that actually reflects the darkness of the mouth showing through the translucent enamel.  Second, since the surface of his teeth hadn’t worn down yet from brushing, eating and repeated exposure to food acids it had a slightly rough surface texture which could easily be seen by how light reflected off of the surface.  This was a characteristic of a young tooth.  Most people lose this by the time they are in their 30s or 40s, and shows as a very flat and shiny surface.  But since Christopher still had surface texture then it was essential that we duplicate that in his new porcelain veneer.

To Christophers delight we achieved the perfect match that we strived for with his porcelain veneer.  Obviously the length and shape and color of the two front teeth are identical, but look closely at the photos at the way the light reflects off the surface of the teeth and the subtle color change at the edges of the front two teeth that are a result of properly matched incisal translucency.  End result, one very happy young man from Mission Viejo now smiling away with confidence!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about Christophers porcelain veneer treatment.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza and Rancho Santa Margarita

Big Front Teeth with Spaces Changed to Attractive Smile with Well Proportioned Porcelain Veneers Mission Viejo

porcelain veneers mission viejo

Angelina had good teeth but didn't like the way her smile looked. Eight ultra thin porcelain veneers were utilized with her smile makeover.

Angelina is an attractive woman in her late 20s from Mission Viejo, CA.  She had good teeth, but felt they weren’t very pretty and definitely wanted a whiter, more attractive looking smile.  As a dentist I would be hard pressed to suggest that there was actually anything wrong with any of Angelina’s teeth, only that she didn’t like the way they looked and wanted a substantial improvement in the appearance of her smile.

When taking basically good teeth and an “OK looking smile” it is very important that the cosmetic dentist and patient communicate very specifically about the goals.  In Angelina’s case we looked at each tooth individually and her smile as a whole, and agreed that these were the issues that we wanted to solve:

  • two front teeth appear too big
  • whiter teeth
  • fill the space between the front two teeth
  • other than the front two teeth, the rest of her teeth looked too short
  • the canine (eye teeth) were too pointed
spaced teeth pointed cuspid teeth

Angelina didn't like the color or space between her two front teeth. She also thought her two front teeth were too big and the rest of her teeth too small. She also wanted the aggressive look of her pointed cuspids changed.

After realizing precisely what Angelina wanted, and examining her teeth to find they were healthy and actually in pretty good alignment, Angelina was learn that she was a perfect candidate for eight ultra thin porcelain veneers (e.g. Lumineers, Durathin Veneers, Nano Veneers).

ultrathin porcelain veneers

By carefully listening to her goals and expectations Angelina's porcelain veneer treatment was designed to give her the beautiful smile and teeth that she had always wanted.

To make her short teeth look a little more normal in size and shape we made them slightly longer by removing a slight amount of excess gum tissue and also increasing the length at the tips of the teeth with eight ultra thin porcelain veneers.  The porcelain veneers allowed us to close the space, as she requested.  Also, by doing this her two front teeth didn’t appear quite as large.  A color (or shade) BL1 from the tooth shade guide was used to give her the whiter color that she wanted.  Utilizing the LVI “softened” smile style from the tooth shape catalog, Angelina’s canine teeth were made rounded, which was a much softer look than the pointed canines she originally had.  Angelina’s porcelain veneer smile makeover went extremely smooth and was completed in four dental visits in less than a months time.  The end result was a beautiful smile that made her even more attractive

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

When the Two Front Teeth Don’t Match – Would Two Porcelain Veneers Be the Perfect Solution?

"two porcelain veneers"

By doing two porcelain veneers rather than one, we had extremely good control over achieving Mark's goal of having great looking and perfectly matching central incisor teeth.

Mark is a great  athlete.  In college he was a pitcher for the University of Arizona.  Now a businessman working and living in Newport Beach, he was quick to recognize the value of his appearance.  One of his two front teeth had been chipped and several times a bonded filling was placed to repair the chip, and each time he was dissatisfied with the way it looked.  He had seen several dentists, but he was confused because each dentist recommended a different solution.  According to Mark, one wanted to do a bonded composite filling again, another recommended braces, and a third wanted to place a single porcelain veneer.  He went on to say that a fourth Newport Beach dentist even recommended placing porcelain veneers on ten of his upper teeth!  He was outraged as all he wanted was to get his front two teeth to look the same.

At his cosmetic dentistry consultation with us we closely looked at Mark’s teeth to determine what was the best treatment option to achieve his goal.

chipped front tooth newport beach

Mark had chipped his right central incisor several times. Each time it was repaired with a plastic bonding filling. The end result was that his front two teeth did not match and he was dissatisfied with the way his smile looked.

Mark was happy with the color, length and shape of all his other teeth, therefore doing multiple porcelain veneers was not the treatment of choice for him.  Doing braces would straighten his teeth, but that would do nothing to make his front two teeth appear the same.  When we measured the width of his two front teeth, his right central incisor (the one that was chipped and had the unsightly bonded filling on the corner) was actually wider than the other front tooth.

Doing a single porcelain veneer usually requires that the cosmetic dentist match the adjacent tooth as closely as possible.  Unfortunately the adjacent tooth, which had some discoloration, was actually narrower than his right chipped tooth.  The end result on placing just one porcelain veneer would be either that the front two teeth would both be discolored and the veneered tooth would be wider, or if made the same size as the unveneered tooth, would leave a small space on one side.  It was clear that doing a single porcelain veneer would solve the chipped tooth issue, but still not give him two great looking and symmetrical front two teeth!

laguna niguel lumineers

Since the unchipped front tooth was discolored and because the width of the two front teeth were different, the best treatment for Mark was placing two porcelain veneers. A great color match along with the two front teeth being ideal in length, width and proportion gave mark the final look that he had been wanting.

The solution we suggested to Mark was to place two porcelain veneers on his two central incisors.  This way we would have the maximum control over creating two ideally symmetrical teeth, identical in shape, color and length.  And by doing two we wouldn’t end up with a space around one veneer or one veneer that was wider than the other.  Doing two porcelain veneers was the perfect solution to give Mark the great looking two front teeth that he wanted.

After listening very attentively, Mark really grasped the concept that we had recommended.  “That makes perfect sense to me,” he said and scheduled two appointments two weeks apart for us to make his two porcelain veneers.

He said he liked the length of his left central incisor (the unchipped one), so we made both porcelain veneers that same length.  We also matched the color to his other upper teeth and not to the discolored left central incisor.

The end result was superb and Mark was extremely happy with the way we improved his smile by just placing two porcelain veneers.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Cosmetic and General Dentistry, Laguna Niguel, CA

Octagenarian Gets Porcelain Veneers Irvine

orange county lumineers

Mildred, a lady in her 80s, had eight ultra thin porcelain veneers placed on her upper teeth. For many years she had been embarrassed by her dark teeth, and now that they were chipping and starting to break she decided it was time to fix her smile.

Mildred, a charming and vivacious lady from Irvine is in her eighties. At each of her dental visits we would ask her if she was having any tooth pain or was there anything any special that she wanted us to check?  She had an occasional broken filling or cavity that would have to be filled, but on one particular visit she was given a clean bill-of-health, except for her front teeth which had worn extremely thin and were starting to chip and crack on the edges.

“You know,” Mildred said to us, “I’ve never liked my front teeth.  They are so brown and the edges are sharp.  What can you do to make my front teeth look good again?”

irvine cosmetic dentistry

When Mildred's granddaughter asked her why her teeth were so dark and "didn't she brush her teeth?" Mildred decided to have the cosmetic dentistry Dr. Huefner recommended.

In Mildred’s case she was a classic example of one who could really benefit from ultra-thin porcelain veneers (Lumineers, Dura-Thin veneers, Nano Veneers, etc.)  We explained the process to Mildred, that we could smooth the surface a little and then bond a very thin and yet very strong veneer of porcelain over it. That she would look great and her teeth would be stronger.

“There is not much someone my age can do to look much younger,” she said.  “I’ve always been embarrassed about the color.  And the other day my granddaughter the asked me why my teeth were so dark, was it because I didn’t brush them? Well that did it.  Let’s do the porcelain veneers.”

Restoring the length and shape of Mildred’s teeth was pretty straight forward.  One of the things we had to spend some time discussing was what color she wanted her “new teeth” to be? “I don’t want ridiculously white teeth or for people to think I have caps or dentures.  I’d like the color to be lighter and not like the brown color they are,” she went on to tell us.

irvine lumineers

Mildred's new smile with eight ultra-thin porcelain veneers. She wanted them whiter, but not too white. Mildred chose a tooth shade A2, which she thought would make her smile look a bit younger and still be age-appropriate.

After comparing the color of her lower teeth to the tooth shade guide, Mildred chose a tooth shade A2, a very common color for natural teeth for an adult.  The existing color of her upper teeth was C4, a very dark color.

The end result for Mildred from Irvine was a younger looking smile, but still age-appropriate. “My new teeth just make me feel cleaner and better about my appearance,” she said when we asked her how she felt about her new look.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about Mildred’s ultra-thin porcelain veneer treatment.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita
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