August 19, 2018

Planning Your Smile Makeover

If you are embarrassed to show your teeth when you smile, it may be time to consider a smile makeover. Today’s cosmetic dentistry techniques, materials, and technology can address virtually any flaw that is compromising the look of your smile – including cracked teeth, stained teeth, uneven teeth, broken teeth, and gaps between teeth.

Our experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner has been helping patients throughout the Laguna Niguel area transform their smiles for decades. When planning your smile makeover, we will consider several different factors, including:

  • The specific cosmetic dental problems you want to correct
  • Your own goals for your smile
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your budget

There are usually many different ways to fix a certain smile flaw, which gives you flexibility when choosing the treatments and procedures you want to include with your smile. In some cases, only a single treatment (such as porcelain veneers) may be necessary for a full smile makeover. Other patients may need a combination of treatments – such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, and porcelain veneers – in order to achieve the results they are looking for.

Dr. Huefner will examine your teeth and make a personalized recommendation based on the factors discussed above. The most effective options will be presented to you through our advanced patient education software. If porcelain veneers will be part of your smile makeover, Dr. Huefner can fit you with a “trial smile” of temporary restorations so you can test out your new smile design before we make it permanent.

If you are ready to discuss your smile makeover options in more depth with an experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, and surrounding areas of Orange County, California.

Lumineers vs. Regular Porcelain Veneers: What’s the Difference?

If you are considering porcelain veneers to enhance your smile, you may be curious about Lumineers and other name-brand variations that are advertised as an alternative to traditional veneers. The main difference between regular porcelain veneers and brands like Lumineers (along with Vivaneers, Nano, Emax, and Durathin) is their relative thickness. These ultlra-thin varieties usually require no preparation of the teeth before they are applied, which is appealing for many patients. Additionally, they tend to require less reshaping than traditional veneers.

However, ultra-thin Lumineers may not provide the best aesthetic results for some patients. If they are placed on teeth that are already sufficiently thick, you may be left with a smile that looks and feels overly “bulky.” Most people require some preparation of the tooth to ensure the veneer fits and looks as natural as possible.

Another factor to consider with ultra-thin veneers is their transparency. The thickness of our Empress porcelain veneers at Huefner Sensational Smiles easily conceals any stains and discoloration on the supporting tooth. In contrast, Lumineers are so thin that the darker color of a tooth may still show through to a degree, making your smile less bright than it could have been. However, if significant discoloration isn’t a concern in your case, then Lumineers may be a good option to consider.

To find out which type of porcelain veneers is right for you, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. We serve patients in Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and surrounding areas of Orange County, California.

What is a Trial Smile?

At Huefner Sensational Smiles, making sure you are 100% satisfied with your new smile is our primary concern. In order to help you visualize how your new porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns will look, Dr. Huefner will fit you with a “trial smile” – a set of temporary veneers or crowns that you will wear for a short period of time before we create your permanent restorations.

Think of your trial smile as a sort of “test run.” If you are happy with the way your restorations look, we will have you approve them in writing and then move forward with creating your final set of porcelain veneers or crowns. If you have problems or concerns with the appearance of your new smile for any reason, you can easily discuss them with Dr. Huefner, including:

A trial smile gives you an opportunity to be directly involved in the process of refining your final smile design, and ensures there are no surprises when your final veneers or crowns are placed – you will have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, created to your exact specifications.

If you have further questions about porcelain veneers or crowns at our practice, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule an initial consultation. We serve patients throughout Orange County, California.

Teeth too Small? Reshape Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

If your teeth look overly small, you may feel frustrated or self-conscious about your smile. Thankfully, today’s cosmetic dentistry can completely transform the appearance of small and misshapen teeth in just a few office visits. During an initial consultation, Dr. Huefner can determine which cosmetic dentistry procedure(s) would best meet your needs.

For some patients, the problem is not that their teeth are actually small – it’s that excessive gum tissue is hanging too low over the front surface of their teeth, causing the teeth to appear small. If this is the case, Dr. Huefner can re-shape your gumline using gum recontouring or crown lengthening. Otherwise, porcelain veneers are the best solution for changing the shape of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers are custom-designed to fit your unique smile, and carefully crafted to ensure they create a seamless, natural-looking smile line. There are many different aesthetic profiles you can choose from: see our LVI Smile Catalog for an overview of the most common smile designs that can be achieved with porcelain veneers.

Dr. Normal Huefner has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Orange County since 1980. As an LVI-trained dentist with multiple honors, awards, and extensive training, you can trust Dr. Huefner to help you reveal a beautiful smile you can be proud of.

If you have further questions about fixing small teeth, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule your initial consultation at our Laguna Niguel office. We serve patients throughout Orange County, California.

Why Choose Porcelain Veneers?

If dull, crooked, or misshapen teeth are compromising the beauty of your smile, you may be weighing your cosmetic dentistry options. Many people hesitate at the thought of applying porcelain veneers, because they are afraid their smile will look noticeably artificial or unnatural. This is far from the case. When porcelain veneers are designed and placed by an experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist like Dr. Huefner, they look indistinguishable from natural teeth, masking your smile flaws so well that they look like a brand new set of teeth.

Porcelain veneers are capable of correcting several cosmetic dental problems at once, including:

  • Permanently stained teeth (that do not respond to teeth whitening) 
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Besides effectively hiding these problems, porcelain veneers are also stain-resistant. Their non-porous surface prevents stains from penetrating the veneer, making discoloration easy to polish away if it does occur. Veneers also provide you with a straight, seamless smile line that is balanced to fit your unique facial profile. When crafting your veneers, Dr. Huefner will take many different factors into account, such as tooth shape, tooth shade or color, and translucency, making sure your veneers perfectly match your surrounding teeth.

Best of all, veneers do not require any special care. As long as you brush and floss them with the same diligence as you do your natural teeth, you can enjoy your beautiful new smile for many years to come.

If you have further questions about the benefits of porcelain veneers, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule an initial consultation with our experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist. We serve patients throughout Orange County, California.

Orange County Porcelain Veneers for Mrs. Globe Tracy Kemble

Orange County porcelain veneers

Tracy Kemble, former Mrs. Globe Pageant winner and current director of the pageant and Women In Need Foundation had smile makeover with twenty porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner

Tracy Kemble is a former Mrs Globe pageant winner and current director of the Mrs. Globe Pageant.  She is an amazing woman, stunning and beautiful with many accomplishments including author, public speaker, model, nationally recognized authority on domestic abuse and director of the Women In Need Foundation.  One would think that she had everything she ever wanted, but she didn’t.  She didn’t have the beautiful smile that she had always wanted because her teeth were discolored, crooked and short.

Lower photo: Tracy’s teeth were crooked, short and discolored. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner placed ten Orange County porcelain veneers on Tracy’s upper teeth, giving her an incredibly beautiful new smile. Several months later Tracy returned to Dr. Huefner and had him place ten more Orange County porcelain veneers on her lower teeth to complete her smile makeover.

Orange County Porcelain Veneers fix Tracy’s crooked, discolored teeth

Tracy speaks from the heart and one of the principles dearest to her is self improvement.  Tracy was introduced to  Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner by Jill Frick, a previous Mrs. U.S.-Globe pageant winner whom we did a smile makeover for with Orange County porcelain veneers.  After seeing Jill’s beautiful smile, Tracy asked us to do cosmetic dental treatment for her as well.  Tracy was a perfect candidate for Orange County porcelain veneers.  Her teeth were great conditions with no cavities or fillings, they were just discolored and crooked, both things that are easily treatable with Orange County porcelain veneers.

Mrs. Globe Tracy Kemble cover model on AACD Journal

After completing Tracy’s Orange County porcelain veneer treatment she was featured as the cover model for the AACD Journal which included Dr. Huefner’s article describing her cosmetic dental treatment.

Before Dr. Huefner began her treatment he had a heart to heart conversation about her goals and what she expected of us.  First on her list was straight white teeth like Jill’s, but Tracy was very specific that she was also very concerned about having teeth that were “too white” that might look unnatural when she is on stage and has the spot light on her.  Dr. Huefner assured Tracy that he would do two things that made her feel very comfortable about proceeding with Orange County porcelain veneers. First, Dr. Huefner told Tracy he would be using a very natural “lifelike” porcelain that has enamel-like translucency, definitely not fake or artificial looking like some opaque veneers or crowns.  Second, that he would let Tracy choose the actual color of her new veneers.  That being said, Tracy had Dr. Huefner makeover her smile with ten Orange County porcelain veneers on her upper teeth.  With much discussion and pondering over the color of her new porcelain veneers, Tracy chose a BL3 shade from the tooth shade guide.  Along with Dr. Huefner’s recommendation, an “enhanced” smile style for the tooth shape library was used.  The “enhanced” smile style is one of Dr. Huefner’s favorite designs for women who want a feminine and youthful look.

Tracy’s new smile with Orange County porcelain veneers was spectacular!  She was so thrilled that several months later she came back to Dr. Huefner to have him treat her lower teeth also with ten more Orange County porcelain veneers.

After Tracy’s smile makeover was completed she became the cover model for the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Journal which also featured Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner’s article about Tracy’s Orange County porcelain veneers.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County cosmetic dentist, Laguna Niguel, CA


Ladera Ranch Porcelain Veneers for Casey

Casey's beautiful new smile with eight Ladera Ranch porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. She chose a BL2 tooth color and a "softened" smile style for the tooth shape catalog.

Casey is a single mom from Ladera Ranch.  She has a good job and works hard to raise her daughter.  She is also ready to pursue a new relationship.  But she told us that getting back into the dating mode has been a struggle for her.  Casey is somewhat shy and feels that she is oftentimes competing with younger and more attractive women.  She came to our Orange County cosmetic dental practice to consult with Dr. Huefner about getting porcelain veneers for her upper teeth.  “My teeth are what I’m most self conscious about,” she told us.  “I don’t smile as much as I should, so I figure that having a pretty smile will really help build my self confidence.”

When we evaluated Casey’s smile we could clearly see why she was so self conscious.  Her teeth were not very white.  They were also crooked, had old discolored fillings and some white marks where cavities has once started years ago.  But Casey also had very beautiful lips and skin and she didn’t show much of her gums when she smiled.  If we could give her nice teeth her smile would be a knock out!

Casey had crooked, discolored, unattractive teeth and she was very self conscious when she smiles. She came to Dr. Huefner hoping that she would be a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers.

The great news for Casey was that she was a perfect candidate for Ladera Ranch porcelain veneers.  Since she clearly showed eight of her upper front teeth when she smiled Dr. Huefner recommended doing eight porcelain veneers.  Casey wanted whiter teeth, but because she had an olive complexion which tanned more in the summertime, Dr. Huefner recommended a BL2 porcelain veneer color from the tooth shade guide.  He knew she wanted “white teeth”, but was also worried that if she chose a color that was too white that her veneers would contrast with her skin color and look artificial and “fake”.  However Dr. Huefner told Casey that the ultimate choice of the tooth color for her veneers would be hers. Casey appreciated Dr. Huefner’s thoughts and concerns and ultimately chose the BL2 shade that Dr. Huefner had recommended.

With regards to the shape of her Ladera Ranch porcelain veneers, Dr. Huefner and Casey looked through numerous tooth shape designs from the tooth shape library.  She said that she definitely didn’t want cuspids that were too pointy, and Dr. Huefner recommended that she also not get cuspids that are too flat, as flat cuspids often project an older, worn smile.  Casey wanted to look younger and more attractive, so she chose a slighty rounded cuspid shape.  With regards to her incisors, she didn’t like shapes that looked to square, nor did she like the ones that were too round.  Knowing all that, the shape from the tooth smile library that Casey chose for her new veneers was the “softened” smile style from the LVI Smile Library.

After working through the design of her new veneers Dr. Huefner was ready to start.  He prepared her teeth for the eight porcelain veneers, then placed temporary veneers based on the “softened” smile style.  Casey wore the temporary veneers a few days and then came back to discuss the color, length and tooth shape style.  Because her bite was a little asymmetric, Dr. Huefner recommended adding a little more length to the teeth on her left so that they would follow the curve of her lower lip, as did her right teeth.  Having the edges of the front teeth follow the lower lip when the patient smiles is a concept utilized by many cosmetic dentists, it is often called “following the smile line.”  Casey confirmed the elements of the final smile design, color, length, symmetry and tooth shape and the prescription for her new porcelain veneers was sent to Dr. Huefner’s ceramist.

Two weeks later Casey returned to Dr. Huefner. He removed Casey’s temporary veneers and tried in her new porcelain veneers to get her approval.  Dr. Huefner stressed that if there was anything about the new veneers that she wanted changed that this was the time to do that.  After they were bonded in place he couldn’t make any changes to the color or add any length.  However he could shorten and/or round the veneers after they were bonded.  Casey gave her full written approval and Dr. Huefner permanently bonded her eight new Ladera Ranch porcelain veneers in place.  The results…..A VERY BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Ladera Ranch cosmetic dentist, Orange County and Laguna Niguel, CA

Perfect Porcelain Crown and Porcelain Veneer Tooth Shapes Personalized for Your New Smile

Personalized Porcelain Veneer Tooth Shapes Major Factor in How Your New Smile Will Look

Enhanced Smile design for porcelain veneers or crowns

This is one of our most popular smile designs, the Enhanced Smile Style. The original design came from the LVI Smile Catalog by Dr. William Dickerson which was utilized as a template and then customized by Dr. Huefner and his ceramist Dave Stohlman from LK Dental Studio.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and smile and are considering porcelain veneers or crowns beware!  If you want your smile to look real and natural, and fit your face and personality, then “cookie cutter” or “one type fits all” porcelain veneers or crowns very likely won’t do that for you.  Make sure to discuss your goals with your cosmetic dentist, to make sure that he can and will customize your smile in a manner that will give you the best results and meet your expectations.

natural length central incisors

This young lady in her mid twenties did not have any dentistry done on her central incisors. Note the length and shape of the central incisors, that they are longer than they are wide and that the corners are slightly rounded. Her central incisors are unworn and beautiful. Dr. Huefner did two porcelain veneers on her lateral incisors though. This is a very youthful feminine smile design.

When designing a smile there are three approaches your cosmetic dentist might utilize by themselves or in combination with each other in their goal for the perfect porcelain crown and porcelain veneer tooth shapes for your new smile.  This all depends on the training, experience, and of course very important, the artistic ability of the dentist.  But most important is how the dentist actively listens to YOU and then his effort striving to create an individual smile that achieves your goals.  This process is called smile design.  But understand that cosmetic dentistry is a true art form, and rarely would two different cosmetic dentists create identical smile designs for the same patient.

worn teeth restored with porcelain veneers

Lower photo: This lady in her 60s had severely worn and darkly discolored teeth. She wanted a bright, white, more youthful and feminine smile. Upper photo: This is the same lady after having porcelain veneers. The shape and length of her teeth were restored to the way they were when she was much younger. Specifically note that the veneered incisors are longer than they are wide, compared to the lower photo where they are shorter than they are wide. Also notice the veneered teeth have slightly rounded corners, where as her worn teeth has square corners. The color she chose for her veneers was a bleaching shade BL1, much whiter light natural colored teeth.

Several important things that the experienced cosmetic dentist should be specifically concerned with are obviously the tooth color and length of the teeth.  Also important are the types of restorations, all porcelain dental veneers, partial coverage crowns or all porcelain full crowns.  Things like specific type of porcelain material used, amount of translucency and surface texture are also of concern that effect the naturalness and end results.  However one of the very most important things that you and your dentist need to discuss and consider is the porcelain crown or porcelain veneer tooth shapes. Let’s discuss this very important aspect of individualizing porcelain veneers and crowns and the creation of an individualized “personality” by varying tooth shapes.

soft femine incisors

This lady in her early 60s has not had any cosmetic dentistry. Her teeth have discolored a little over the years but have hardly shown any signs of wear. Note that there aren't any sharp corners on her incisors and they are all slightly rounded. Her lateral incisors are shorter and much smaller than her central incisors and have a very feminine appearance. Cosmetic dentists try to keep these concepts in mind when designing porcelain veneers or crowns for women.

You probably haven’t ever thought about it, but the shape of each of the upper front six teeth play a different role in smile design. The front two teeth, called the central incisors, have the role of the perception of tooth age. The teeth next to the central incisors, the second tooth on each side from the front teeth are called the lateral incisors. They are the teeth that impart gender to the smile design. The next tooth back from the lateral incisors, the “eye teeth” or canine teeth, impart personality. I will explain how each of these teeth perform their respective roles.

masculine porcelain veneers

Three men with masculine smile designs. Note that the lateral incisors are almost the same length as the central incisors. Also that all four incisors have more square corners compared to the feminine smiles. Interesting footnote is that we have generally found that most women prefer to have whiter porcelain veneers than most men.

Rectangular central incisors with rounded corners appear more youthful than shorter teeth with square corners

First, the central incisors, which are the most obvious teeth to be seen.  Or if they are very short teeth and/or if the patient has a long upper lip sometimes these teeth are not even seen. In a young person the central incisors appear rectangular, longer than they are wide, with rounded corners, and are usually 10.5 mm to 11.5 mm in length. However, with age and wear these teeth shorten over the years, sometimes as much as 1-5 mm by the time one gets to middle or late age. Along with shortening, the central incisors oftentimes become more square in shape, so the tooth width and tooth length are almost the same.  If severe wear, the length will be less than the width.  Usually these short teeth have worn down to the point that they have square corners rather than the normal round corners of younger teeth. Thus, for someone who is concerned with their appearance and the perception of their age we need to specifically be concerned with how we make the length and shape of the front two teeth.  Personally, I tend to always try to make my patients look at least a little younger. That’s a good idea, isn’t it? I have yet to have a patient tell me they want to look older, however I don’t discount the fact that somewhere in this country there are a couple patients who might think that way.

pointy cuspids made less aggressive looking with porcelain veneers

Lower photo: This patient not only had very crooked incisors but his long pointed cuspids gave him a very aggressive smile. Upper photo: We placed porcelain veneers to straighten his crooked teeth, but also toned down his cuspids making them shorter and less pointed, giving him a more passive looking smile.

The important concept here is that by changing the length and shape of worn central incisors with porcelain veneers or crowns cosmetic dentists can give their patient a much younger looking smile. Also, teeth in general usually darken with age, so to compliment this goal when doing multiple porcelain veneers or crowns we almost always make the new porcelain veneers or crowns lighter in color than the teeth were before treatment.  How much we do to change the color and lengthen and change the shape of the teeth depends a lot on the wishes of the patient.

orange county porcelain veneers

Lower photo: This young lady had two main concerns. She hated her pointy cuspids and felt her lateral incisors were way too short and rounded. Upper photo: Note how we improved her smile with porcelain veneers. The shape of the cuspids veneers was less pointy and the shape of the lateral incisor veneers was longer and less round. She also wanted whiter teeth, so obviously we did that with the porcelain veneers too.

Shape of lateral incisors make smile appear more masculine or feminine

Next, varying the shape of the lateral incisors porcelain veneers can make a smile look more feminine or more masculine, imparting some gender characteristics. Thus for women, we shape the lateral incisors porcelain veneers to be more rounded at the end, and also slightly shorter than the central incisors. We call this a “gull wing” silhouette.

For men, we usually lengthen the lateral incisors porcelain veneers to be almost the same length as the central incisors and make them more square in shape, which makes their teeth look more masculine.

This genderizing of the teeth is very important for someone who wants a personalized smile.  Think how horrid it would look if the cosmetic dentist made feminine lateral incisors for a very masculine guy.  Or if the dentist made masculine incisors for a very feminine lady?  What is sad is that too many dentists do cookie cutter dentistry, making every smile the same and don’t personalize or genderize the smile design.  This whole process starts with the dentist and patient working to a common goal, and then their decision has to be communicated to the ceramist who actually makes the porcelain veneers and crowns.

porcelain veneers orange county shapes

These are a number of patients that Dr. Huefner has treated in his practice with porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. Notice the variations in size, shape, length, color and proportions of each tooth. Which smiles are your favorites and why? Customizing and personalizing each smile design to the individual patient is extremely important.

Shape of the cuspid teeth influence the perception of personality – generally avoid aggressive or passive extremes

Considerations for porcelain crown and porcelain veneer tooth shapes do not end with the central and lateral incisors.  Probably the most interesting is the choice in shape of the canine teeth, as these are the teeth that most imparts “personality” to the smile design. Cuspids that are pointy, more prominent, and longer than their adjacent teeth impart a more “aggressive” smile. This is used most often when a patient wants to appear “more powerful” with their new smile. The opposite can be created by flattening or rounding the tip of the cuspids and making them less prominent, giving the patient a more “passive” appearance. This design would be used most often with a large person or one with many strong, dominant facial and body features who wants to soften their appearance with their porcelain veneers or crowns. Most patients prefer that we create for them a more normal cuspid, not leaning to either the “aggressive” or “passive” cuspids in our smile design.

I should point out again that this is all “dental art form” and much depends on the training, skill, experience, and most importantly the artistic ability of the cosmetic dentist.  There is no one “right” or “wrong” smile design, but what is most important that the cosmetic dentist discusses smile design options with the patient and that the patient have their input as to their preferences. Sometimes these are subtle differences with regard to shape, length and color of their new porcelain veneers and other times the changes can make a dramatic difference.

 Tooth shapes from LVI Smile Catalog by Dr. William Dickerson

This is the LVI Smile Catalog by Dr. William Dickerson, founder of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in Summerland, NV. It is advisable to just look at the general shapes and disregard the names and tooth colors.

But if you truly want natural looking teeth and smiles, one that goes with your face, personality and age you want to project, then definitely avoid cosmetic dentists with a cookie cutter one size fits all approach.  Interview your cosmetic dentist and take special note on whether or not the dentist listens to your concerns.  What recommendation does he have and what approach will he use.  Ask to see photos of his work.  In your discussions note any recommendations your dentist has as to smile and tooth design and any specific concerns about the length or shape of the porcelain veneer or porcelain crown teeth.

Choosing crown and porcelain veneer tooth shapes from a smile library

The Loren Library

This is Loren Library, another very popular tooth shapes library for porcelain veneer or crown shapes.

There are many cosmetic dentists who don’t prefer to personally design the smiles themselves and utilize another very popular and acceptable technique, choosing a smile design from one of the recognized smile libraries.  In our experience the two most popular libraries are the LVI Smile Catalog and the Loren Library.  From these libraries either the dentist, patient or both together can choose the desired tooth shape designs.  The upside of utilizing these catalogs are that virtually every combination of tooth shapes can be seen.  The downside is that with so many it can really be confusing.  Also, the names of the smile styles can often influence the decision.  For example the “Hollywood smile style”.  Many people with either hate or love that style just because of the name.  I caution against looking at the extreme styles.  In general either pointed or flat cuspids aren’t as popular, where slightly rounded cuspids are.  Also very flat incisors with very square corners or very rounded incisors aren’t as popular either. Slightly square or slightly rounded incisors tend to be better accepted by patient.  The most important function for these smile libraries are that they are a starting point, a place to begin the discussion with your cosmetic dentist.  Tell your cosmetic dentist your preferences and what you like about each individual style.  But also take heed and listen to your cosmetic dentist if he or she think that a particular style won’t look good or be appropriate for you and your type of face.  However the bottom line is that the final decision on the tooth shape should be yours.

As a cosmetic dentist there is nothing more exciting to me than creating the perfect smile for one of my patients who has old, worn out, crooked or otherwise unattractive looking teeth.  The right smile can give one more confidence and enhance business and personal relationships.  We have had many patients who got a smile makeover with porcelain veneers or crown that actually changed their life! The selection of the best porcelain crown or porcelain veneer tooth shapes is a huge part of this success.

Dr. Norm Huefner, Orange County cosmetic dentist

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