August 15, 2018

Planning Your Smile Makeover

If you are embarrassed to show your teeth when you smile, it may be time to consider a smile makeover. Today’s cosmetic dentistry techniques, materials, and technology can address virtually any flaw that is compromising the look of your smile – including cracked teeth, stained teeth, uneven teeth, broken teeth, and gaps between teeth.

Our experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner has been helping patients throughout the Laguna Niguel area transform their smiles for decades. When planning your smile makeover, we will consider several different factors, including:

  • The specific cosmetic dental problems you want to correct
  • Your own goals for your smile
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your budget

There are usually many different ways to fix a certain smile flaw, which gives you flexibility when choosing the treatments and procedures you want to include with your smile. In some cases, only a single treatment (such as porcelain veneers) may be necessary for a full smile makeover. Other patients may need a combination of treatments – such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, and porcelain veneers – in order to achieve the results they are looking for.

Dr. Huefner will examine your teeth and make a personalized recommendation based on the factors discussed above. The most effective options will be presented to you through our advanced patient education software. If porcelain veneers will be part of your smile makeover, Dr. Huefner can fit you with a “trial smile” of temporary restorations so you can test out your new smile design before we make it permanent.

If you are ready to discuss your smile makeover options in more depth with an experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, and surrounding areas of Orange County, California.

Combining Teeth Whitening with Porcelain Veneers

Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are two of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures we perform. Alone, each procedure can dramatically transform the appearance of your smile. However, for certain candidates, they are most effective when used together.

Porcelain veneers are generally used on the teeth that show when you smile (called your “smile line”). Different people will show a different number of teeth when they smile; for example, some only show six or eight, while others with wider smiles – such as Julia Roberts – show twelve.

Choosing the right number of porcelain veneers is important to ensure a uniform smile line; if you place too few veneers, there may be a significant contrast between the color of your natural teeth and the color of your veneers, unless you deliberately tint your veneers a duller shade.

Since most people want the brightest smile possible, using teeth whitening first – before veneers are placed – is often an excellent option. Teeth whitening can improve the shade of your natural teeth, allowing you to tint your veneers a brighter shade of white while ensuring your smile line is seamless.

However, it’s important to note that some teeth contain deep intrinsic stains that cannot be removed by teeth whitening. If this is the case, you may need to place more porcelain veneers to mask these stains. Our experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner will discuss all of your options with you in detail after carefully examining the condition of your teeth.

If you have further questions about teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. We serve patients in Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and surrounding areas of Orange County.

Agnes’ Smile Looks 25 Years Younger with Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

New dentistry makes Agnes look 25 years younger

After replacing Anges’ old dentistry with new porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns, she felt that her smile now looked 25 years younger.

Agnes was sick and tired of the appearance of her teeth!  She’s a happy lady in her 50s who loves to smile, but also was very self conscious regarding how old and dingy her teeth look.  She has gone to the dentist her entire life, always doing whatever her dentist recommended.  However now most of her dentistry was so old, discolored and unattractive that she knew it was finally time to redo much of her old dentistry.

When Agnes spoke to Dr. Huefner about her goals she made it clear that her smile made her feel old and she didn’t want that.  Rather, she wanted much whiter teeth, and seeing how so many of her teeth differed in color, she definitely wanted all her teeth to be a uniform color!

Agnes’ whole life she had gone to the dentist and done what was recommended. However the old dentistry was failing her esthetically. A happy lady who loved to smile, she became very self conscious about her dingy and old looking teeth. It was time for a little rejuvenation, and replacing her old dentistry with new all ceramic dentistry was just what was needed to give her a younger, healthy looking smile that she would be proud of.

After carefully examining Agnes’ teeth and dental work it was amazing that much of it, albeit 25-30 years old, still fit and had actually served her very well.  It is just that the ugly appearance of the old dentistry had finally failed her.

Restoring Agnes’ old dentistry with new all ceramic dentistry, with natural color and appearance, would be very straight forward, Dr. Huefner told her.  The two main things Dr. Huefner needed to know from Anges was what color she wanted her new porcelain veneers and crowns, and how many teeth she wanted to have retreated?  Agnes decided on a relatively white color that was significantly whiter than her old dentistry, shade BL2 from the tooth shade guide.  And Agnes had a broad smile, that showed at least ten of her upper teeth.  Thus, so that all of her visible teeth would appear the same color, Anges asked Dr. Huefner to change out the dentistry on her ten upper teeth.

From this point on Agnes’ treatment progressed quickly and easily, and her entire treatment was completed in under three weeks time.

Upon looking at her new smile, Agnes couldn’t help by grin ear to ear.  “I can’t believe it,” she said.  “My smile looks so clean now, it makes me look 25 years younger!”

Dr. Norman Huefner, cosmetic dentist serving Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and Irvine


Joyce gets straight beautiful teeth without braces

Joyce got straight beautiful teeth without braces with dental veneers by Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner.

Joyce came to our Laguna Niguel cosmetic dental practice referred by a mutual colleague, Dr. Juris Bunkis, a very prominent plastic surgeon in Rancho Santa Margarita.  Her children were grown and out on their own and so it was finally time that she could start doing some things she had always wanted to improve her appearance and make herself look a little younger.

When she came to our office for her consultation the first thing she said was “I don’t like the way my teeth look and I understand you can give me straight beautiful teeth without braces.”  She went on to explain that when she told her family dentist that she wanted better looking teeth he immediately sent her over to an orthodontist.  Hesitantly, she went and when the orthodontist told her she would have to be in braces for 18 months and then wear a retainer for decades after, Joyce declined his treatment.  Then she went to a “cosmetic dentist”, who said that he could make her dental veneers to fix the color and chipping, but again, she should have her teeth straightened with Invisalign first.  After the dental veneers were made for her the “cosmetic dentist” also recommended decades of wearing retainers so that her teeth and dental veneers wouldn’t go crooked again.  Defiant that under no circumstances would she consider any orthodontics, and a bit confused, she came to our office for “one more opinion.”

Joyce didn't like her crooked, chipped, discolored teeth. She was adamant that she would not go through orthodontic treatment. She came to Dr. Huefner after being referred by plastic surgeon Dr. Juris Bunkis, who told her that Dr. Huefner could make her straight beautiful teeth without braces.

Before jumping to any conclusions about the best treatment for Joyce, Dr. Huefner asked her a number of questions.  “What do you dislike most about your teeth?”  She answered that her teeth were crooked.  “What else bothers you?”  Her front teeth were chipped along the edges and the side teeth were too pointy was her response.  “Anything else?”  She said that she really wanted whiter teeth, but had already tried bleaching.  Her teeth were too sensitive afterwards and they didn’t get as white as she wanted them.  “So, essentially you want straight, white, pretty teeth and you aren’t willing to have braces, is that right?” asked Dr. Huefner asked Joyce.  She confirmed that was precisely what she wanted.

Then Dr. Huefner carefully examined her teeth, which he found to be healthy with only a few fillings.  And they were yellow, crooked, chipped and pointy, as she had said in the beginning.  Then he told her exactly what she wanted to hear, that he could give her beautiful, straight, white teeth and her entire treatment would be completed in less than three weeks and that she would not have to have braces or any retainer.  Joyce was ecstatic…..straight beautiful teeth without braces!  Dr. Huefner went on to explain that the “cosmetic dentist” she had seen wasn’t off base at all, that orthodontics would make the dental veneering process a little easier.  However her teeth weren’t that crooked and that Dr. Huefner had successfully treated numerous patients with teeth more crooked than hers without needing to do any orthodontics at all.  He felt very confidant that he could create a beautiful smile with straight, white teeth for Joyce without any braces.

Joyce the asked how many teeth Dr. Huefner thought should get dental veneers.  In looking at Joyce’s smile, she clearly showed 10-12 teeth, thus he recommended dental veneers for her ten upper front teeth.  “What about my lower teeth?” asked Joyce.  Dr. Huefner answered that her lower teeth were pretty straight and that he thought she could use a milder bleaching treatment that wouldn’t make her teeth so sensitive.  Although they might not get as white as her upper dental veneers, he thought that they would get white enough to satisfy her.  Joyce was getting very excited about the techniques that Dr. Huefner would be using and very anxious to get started with her cosmetic dental treatment with dental veneers and teeth bleaching as soon as possible.

Lower photo: Joyce had crooked, chipped, discolored teeth. Upper photo: After dental veneers by Dr. Huefner her upper teeth were beautiful, white and straight. Her lower teeth were whiter after mild bleaching treatments.

After doing a dental exam with x-rays and taking models of Joyce’s teeth to plan her treatment, Dr. Huefner scheduled her appointments.  Joyce’s treatment went smoothly and just as Dr. Huefner had promised, she got her straight beautiful teeth without braces a couple weeks later.

As can be seen in the photos, Joyce got a great result.  The interesting thing is that she is not unlike many if not most of our cosmetic dental patients.   Almost any adult has some slightly crooked teeth, but even if orthodontics are done it doesn’t solve problems related to the color and shape of the teeth, or take the place of unnatural fillings or crowns.  So depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth and some other factors, most cosmetic dentists today can achieve the desired results with porcelain veneers and/or porcelain crowns.  And the great news about both of these treatments is that nowadays the color of porcelain veneers and crowns is very stable…THEY WON’T DISCOLOR OR DARKEN over the years like natural teeth do.  The extremely smooth surface is very resistant to stain insuring a beautiful smile with white teeth for years and years!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel dentist, dental veneers Orange County cosmetic dentist

Making Your Face Look Younger with “Anti-Aging” Cosmetic Dentistry Mission Viejo

cosmetic dentistry mission viejo

Judy wanted a younger, more attractive smile. We accomplished her goals by bleaching her lower teeth and replacing her old yellow colored porcelain fused to metal crowns with whiter colored all-ceramic Empress crowns. We also made her teeth slightly longer and gave them the shape of younger, more feminine teeth.

It’s a pretty certain fact that in this country most aging adults, who care about their appearance and try to look their best, would like to look years younger then they actually are.  The majority of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s don’t want to try to look like a teenager again, but most certainly wouldn’t mind taking 5,10 or 15 years off of the way their face looks!

Judy from Mission Viejo was one of those people.  She is a medical professional, takes her career very seriously and knows the value of looking her best to the public she serves.  However, approaching her 60s, Judy’s teeth and smile just weren’t helping her.  She had had a lot of dentistry over the years and numerous “caps” (actually porcelain fused to metal crowns) on her upper front teeth.  The problem was that she had very yellow lower teeth, so her dentist made all of her upper teeth match them…..YELLOW TEETH again!  Sure her dentist took care of her cavities and made her teeth look better than they were.  But Judy wanted a nicer, better looking smile.

After having those crowns done ten years ago Judy finally broke down and came to us to see what we thought about it.  Could we give her a beautiful smile, that complimented her professional image, and at the same time “maybe” take 5 or 10 years off of her face?

Actually what Judy was asking of us was very straight forward, something we incorporate into our cosmetic dentistry on a regular basis.  Making teeth look younger and improving the appearance of the smile is what most of our cosmetic dental patients want, and something we told Judy we could do for her as well.

We explained to Judy that there were three main things that we do to restore teeth than make the teeth and smile look younger:

  • Teeth yellow and discolor with age, so we make them whiter to make them look younger
  • Front teeth shorten with wear over the years, so if they are worn we making them slightly longer, or as long as they originally were
  • The actual shape of the teeth change with years as well.  They usually get thinner, smoother and most importantly, front teeth appear more squarish or chipped over the years.  To make the actually shape of the front teeth non-squarish, without sharp corners, rounding the corners like younger, unworn teeth, is usually our goal.
before teeth whitening and replacing old dentistry mission viejo

A health care professional, Judy knew the importance of looking her best with the public served and in dealing with other professionals. Her dentistry was done ten years ago and she felt it was finally time to upgrade the appearance of her teeth and smile.

We took photos of Judy’s teeth and smile and showed her how we would treat her smile.  First, we suggested bleaching her lower teeth to make them whiter.  After than, we advised replacing her old, yellow colored porcelain fused to crowns on her upper front teeth.  We would make them much whiter than they were, probably a bit whiter than her lower teeth would bleach out to.  Also, we would increase the length of her front teeth and make the shapes of her teeth a much more youthful and feminine shape.

Judy followed our recommendations, started bleaching her lower teeth almost immediately.  After doing the Day White home tray bleaching for one hour a day for ten days, Judy had gotten a pretty good result.  Then we replaced her old upper porcelain fused to metal crowns with all-ceramic Empress crowns.  We made her upper teeth whiter as we had planned, and also changed the length and shape of her teeth as well.

The end result? Did we make Judy’s teeth and smile look years younger?  You  be the judge.  How much did we accomplish?  Five, ten or fifteen years?  Judy was happy, we exceeded her expectations about what could be done for her with cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry Orange County that Creates Beautiful Looking Teeth, Changes Abnormal Lip Shape, Improves Face Proportions and Reduces Over Bite

orange county porcelain veneers

Diane didn't like the appearance of her teeth. She had an "over closed bite" that also effected her lips, cheeks and the appearance of the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of her face. By increasing her vertical dimension with porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers, Diane got a terrific looking smile and better looking face.

Diane didn’t like her teeth and smile.  She had old discolored crowns that were in obvious need of replacement.  She came to our cosmetic dental practice in Orange County to find out what we could do for her?

It would have been easy to just look at Diane’s teeth and recommend replacing the old dentistry, but when looking at Diane’s face, smile and teeth it was very obvious to us that there were some other issues involved. Before advising Diane of her treatment options it was very important that Diane understood all her issues as well.

What’s wrong with her teeth?

We took photos of Diane’s teeth, smile and face and displayed them on our computer monitor.  Then we asked her to describe the things about her teeth that she didn’t like.  She was quick to point out that she didn’t like:

  • the color of her teeth
  • that her side teeth angled inwards
  • that she had a huge overbite
  • that she had many different kinds of dentistry, fillings and crowns, and none of them matched
Her lips?

Next we asked Diane to specifically look at her lips.  Did she like the appearance of her lips?  How would she describe the shape of her lower lip? Diane answered, “Well, my lips are OK, just not very pretty.  I guess I need to go to the plastic surgeon to fix that, right?”  After looking carefully at the shape of her lower lip she said that it wasn’t curved like most normal lips, that she could see that it pushes up in the front.

The lower third of her face
facial improvement with cosmetic dentistry

By "opening her bite" and making porcelain veneers on Diane's front teeth and porcelain crowns on Diane's back teeth, a huge improvement in her facial appearance was achieved.

Then we asked Diane to look a the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of her face.  She said that she didn’t like the wrinkles in her face, but really didn’t understand how that had anything to do with dentistry.

Now it was time to help Diane understand what really was going on with her teeth that effected her lips and lower part of her face and that there were two ways to treat her teeth.  One that would only address her concerns about the appearance of her teeth, and the other would address not only her teeth, but also the shape of both her upper and lower lips and the appearance of the lower  1/3 of her face.

We explained to Diane that she had what in dentistry is commonly referred to as “over closure” or “reduced vertical dimension”.  Over simplifying it, that her back teeth and/or jaw bones were too short so that when she closed her mouth and put her teeth together that the distance between her chin and nose was much smaller than normal.  This “over closure” created a huge over bite, caused her upper lip to cave in on the sides, her lower lip to bunch up in the front, some facial collapse and increased wrinkles or skin folds.  Much of this could be corrected by reconstructing her bite, making her back teeth longer, in balance with her jaw joint and facial muscles.

“You mean dentistry can not only make my teeth look pretty, but also make my face look better as well?”, she asked. Our answer was a resounding “yes.”

We further clarified to Diane what the differences in treatment were.  One treatment would be to treat only her upper teeth with ten porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns.  This would give her pretty teeth and a little better support of her upper lip only.  The other more comprehensive treatment would be to  place porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers on both her back teeth and front teeth.  This would “open her bite”, making the bottom 1/3 of her face longer.  It would give her prettier teeth as well as better face and lips better jaw support.  The end result for the more comprehensive treatment  would obviously give her a much better looking appearance.

After much deliberation, Diane chose the comprehensive approach, treating most all of her teeth with new porcelain crowns or veneers.  How did it look?  Well, you be the judge.  Look at the huge difference between her teeth, lips and lower third of Diane’s face.

Later Diane said that she couldn’t believe how much younger she looked with her cosmetic dentistry.  “I always thought that the only way to make my face look better and younger was plastic surgery.  I never would have guessed that by just making my teeth longer and changing my bite that it would have such a huge effect on my appearance!”

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

Porcelain Veneers Orange County Transform Ann’s Ugly, Worn, Discolored, Spaced Teeth and Dramatically Enhance Her Overall Facial Appearance

ugly short discolored teeth

For obvious reasons, Ann was extremely self conscious of her teeth. She wouldn't smile and it really effected her self esteem. She was seeking cosmetic dentistry to make her teeth whiter, longer, fill the spaces, fix her decay and old fillings and wanted a beautiful smile.

Ann from Orange County had a serious problem with her teeth that had a very negative effect on her self esteem.  “I hate the way my teeth look,” she said.  “I’m always afraid to smile, knowing that other people are thinking the same thing when they see my teeth, that they’re ugly!”  Ann went on to say, “And of course, I will never smile in photos.”

orange county porcelain veneers

Ann got an amazing smile transformation with ten porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. He followed her instructions making her teeth whiter, longer and utilized an "enhanced" smile design from the tooth shape catalog. Ann chose a BL2 shade from the tooth shade guide.

After speaking with Ann for a while it was obvious that the appearance of her teeth had negatively effected her whole life.  She was teased as a child, which haunted her even into adulthood.  Studies have shown that a person’s smile, appearance and self esteem all have a huge impact on a person’s success in their chosen profession and relationships, both social and romantic.

It’s obvious that not everyone is born to have a great smile, and fortunately few people develop teeth that are as bad looking as Ann had.  “Had” is the key word here, as Ann was smart enough to realize that without too much time and effort that she could have a great smile with cosmetic dentistry.  She came to our Orange County Cosmetic Dental practice to see what options she might have to transformation her ugly teeth to beautiful teeth.

When evaluating her teeth Ann listed several things that she specifically did not like about her teeth and wanted changed:

  • teeth too dark, wanted white teeth
  • multiple cavities around her gums
  • space between her front two teeth
  • teeth were too short and worn, wanted longer teeth

The great news for Ann was that we could give her an amazing new smile by placing ten porcelain veneers on her upper teeth and just teeth bleaching for her lower teeth.  If later on she wanted to do porcelain veneers on her lower teeth, that could be done as a second phase of her treatment.

Ann was ecstatic!  She couldn’t believe that her entire porcelain veneer treatment could be completed in less than a months time in just a few dental appointments!

She began treatment almost immediately.  We followed her instructions and lengthened her teeth with the porcelain veneers.  She chose a BL2 shade from the tooth shade guide, which gave her “smile teeth” (the ten teeth she showed when she smiled) all a whiter, consistent color.  The space between her front two teeth was closed and all the decay and old fillings were removed and covered with the porcelain veneers. She chose an “enhanced” smile design from the tooth shape catalog.

Almost in tears when she saw her new smile, Ann said she couldn’t believe how easy the entire process was and wished that she would have gotten her porcelain veneers years ago!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

More Youthful Smile Makeover for Deb with Porcelain Veneers – Orange County

laguna hills porcelain veneers

Deb with her beautiful new smile with ten porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner.

Deb from Laguna Hills is an interior decorator in Orange County, CA.  She is an artist who appreciates beauty and when someone comes to her to remodel their home or business she does an incredible job! Deb said, “My appearance and image are important to me. When new clients interview me I know they’re not only evaluating my work, but how I look.  Several times when I was speaking with them I could tell they were looking at my teeth!”

Feeling that her natural teeth were wearing down and showing the effects of age she came to Dr. Huefner to seek his opinion on if cosmetic dentistry might be able to help her. “I don’t like the way my teeth look anymore.  I’d like to have teeth that made my smile look more attractive, more youthful and more professional,” she said.

worn discolored teeth

Deb didn't like her smile primarily because her teeth had worn and were discolored. As a professional interior designer she felt that she should look her best and improving the appearance of her teeth and smile were important to her.

When we looked up closely at Deb’s teeth we were able to specifically determine several issues as to why she was dissatisfied with her teeth and smile:

  • her teeth were worn and had shortened over the years, giving a more aged appearance
  • the color of her teeth were no longer white
  • her gums had receded a little resulting in the “necks” of her teeth appearing V-shaped so that her front teeth didn’t have the “normal rounded rectangular” appearance
  • there was spacing between her front two teeth
  • her cuspids (eye teeth) were protruded out more than the rest of her teeth
  • her bicuspids (back side teeth) leaned in
  • she had crowns and fillings that didn’t match in color and “looked artificial”

Deb really wanted to know what it would take to give her a sensational smile?

After carefully listening to Deb, giving careful consideration to everything she said, Dr. Huefner recommended cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneersPorcelain veneers would allow him the most control in creating the attractive, more youthful and professional smile that she was asking for.  This would also allow him to create the best color, length, shape and position of her teeth.

laguna hills porcelain veneers

Deb got a terrific result with her new porcelain veneers. The color, shape, length and position of her teeth were all designed specifically to give her the best smile possible.

Excited about achieving the end result that Dr. Huefner spoke about, Deb started her porcelain veneer treatment, which was completed in three dental appointments in a three week period.  She chose an “enhanced” smile style from the tooth shape catalog.  Regarding the new color or shade of her porcelain veneers, Deb chose BL2 from the tooth shade guide.

The results?  Deb from Laguna Hills said she loved her new smile with porcelain veneers and that now she could smile with confidence in her business and social life!

Dr. Norman Huefner

My Teeth Make Me Look Like I’m Getting Old – How Porcelain Veneers and a More Youthful Smile Helped Randy and His Dating

laguna niguel porcelain veneers

Randy's new smile with porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. We learned that his main motivation for getting cosmetic dentistry is that he wanted to look younger and be more attractive to the women he wanted to date.

Randy from Laguna Niguel had pretty healthy teeth, but he didn’t like the way they looked.  He had been coming to our dental practice for years and one day after having his teeth cleaned he said, “You know Doc, I just don’t like the way my teeth look any more.  What can you do to make my teeth look better?”

Before recommending any cosmetic treatment it is always best to first determine what the patient means when they said they “don’t like their teeth?”  Three important questions that cosmetic dentists usually asked their patients are:

  • What is it you don’t like about their teeth and smile?
  • What is it you want changed?
  • If you could have an ideal smile, what would that look like?
laguna niguel cosmetic dentistry

Randy thought that the appearance of his teeth made him look older. He said his teeth had discolored and chipped over the years. He was also concerned about the cavities around the gum line of his side teeth and that they appeared so dark because of the old amalgam fillings he had as a youngster.

In Randy’s case, he said the two things he disliked the most were the color of his teeth, which had darkened over the years, and his front two teeth that had chipped.  But he could also see some problems with his side teeth.  He had some gum line cavities that were quite yellow and a couple old amalgam fillings that had discolored his teeth a grayish-black color.

On the surface, from above information one might think the cosmetic dentist would have enough information to make the recommendations Randy was asking for.  However sometimes the motivation for cosmetic dentistry is as important as what the patients wants changed.

It took a little while but Randy finally felt comfortable enough to share with us his real motivation.  He felt he was starting to look older.  Also, he was single and dating and felt a nicer, younger looking smile would make him more attractive to the women he was interested in.  Now knowing this, we could make  recommendations to Randy about the most appropriate treatment to achieve his goals.

Dr. Huefner recommended that he place ten porcelain veneers on Randy’s upper teeth, the teeth he showed when he smiled.  He would make Randy’s new teeth whiter, a shade BL2 or BL3 from the tooth shade guide.  Also he would make the teeth longer, the length they most likely were before they wore down and shortened over the years (see tooth length).  In addition, Dr. Huefner would give him a smile design that was younger, which recall was one of his major motivating factors in getting cosmetic dentistry.  A younger smile design pertains to the individual shapes of each teeth and how they relate to each other.  Dr. Huefner showed Randy numerous smile styles from the smile libraries he has for his patients and together Randy and Dr. Huefner chose the LVI “softened” smile style.

Randy’s treatment went very smoothly and was successfully completed in less than three weeks time.  One might argue that success is dependent on the results, and shortly after his smile makeover Randy from Laguna Niguel seemed to be very happy and by the smile on his face we guess is doing quite well with the ladies.

He said “You’re Worth It”, Go Ahead and Get the Great Looking Smile You’ve Always Wanted”

youthful smile design

Jeanette's husband said she was worth it and to go ahead and get the smile makeover with porcelain veneers that she had wanted for so many years.

Jeanette, mother of three from Mission Viejo, had always admired people who had great looking teeth and wished she could have cosmetic dentistry.  She had always put her kids and her husband first, and they never seemed to have enough “extra money” to get the smile she had always wanted.  Finally the kids were grown up and out of the house.  She came to our cosmetic dental practice in Laguna Niguel to see about what it would take to get a smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry.

Her main concerns were that her “teeth look old” because they were worn, discolored and crooked.  When asked what kind of smile she wanted, Jeanette said “I’d like a younger looking smile, definitely one that looks a lot prettier than I have now!”  After examining her teeth Dr. Huefner determined that they were pretty strong, without large fillings or decay and that Jeanette was a perfect candidate for porcelain veneers

worn aged teeth laguna niguel cosmetic dentist

Jeanette felt her worn, discolored teeth were aging her smile. She had always wished she had a terrific smile and wished she could get cosmetic dentistry. Finally her children were grown up and it was the right time to do something nice for herself.

She asked Dr. Huefner how her teeth would look with porcelain veneers?  Dr. Huefner answered that she was really asking about the specifics of smile design specifically to suit her face, mouth, personality and be in harmony with her lips and gums.  Then outlined the smile design for her:

  • Porcelain veneers that gave her “slightly” longer front teeth.  Since teeth wear and shorten with age, making her “new teeth” the same tooth length as they were before they wore down would give her a more youthful smile
  • A whiter color, probably in the BL2 or BL3 color range.  Again, over the years her natural teeth had discolored.  Whiter teeth would look cleaner and more youthful.
  • Teeth that followed her “smile line“, meaning the edges of her porcelain veneers on her upper teeth to follow the curve of her lower lip when she smiled.  This is one of the major tenets taught at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and institutes like the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies that teach advanced smile design.

“How many porcelain veneers do I need?,” Jeanette asked Dr. Huefner.
“That’s your decision Jeanette.  Look at the photos of your teeth and smile and tell me how many teeth you want to change to looking great with porcelain veneers.”

Jeanette said she wanted to do ten porcelain veneers, but that of course depended on how much it would cost.  After getting an estimate she said, “Boy, that’s a lot of money.  I need to talk to my husband but I don’t really feel good about spending that much money on myself.”

A few days later Janette called our office.  “I’m so excited,” she said.  “My husband asked me if this was something I really wanted.  When I said yes he said that I was worth it and go ahead and get the nice smile I’ve always wanted.  He is such a sweetheart!”

Jeanette’s cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers went fine.  This mother of three from Mission Viejo had her new smile completed over four dental appointments within a three weeks time period.  She did get the terrific smile she had always wanted and was so grateful that her husband was so supportive of her and said she was “worth it.”

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