August 15, 2018

Q. Can my two front teeth made bigger with bonding or do I have to get veneers to lengthen them?

I have bonding on my two front teeth, they look dull and darker. I’m happy with the rest of my teeth, except for the two front ones because of the color change and the teeth are also shorter now because I clinch my jaws sometimes. What’s my best option? Should I get veneers or should I redo the bonding on there? Since I would like the two front teeth to be a little longer, can the two teeth be extended to look longer with bonding? How frequently would I redo bonding? I want a natural look.
Dr. Huefner’s answer:
You mention that your teeth have gotten shorter from clenching.  In general, teeth don’t get shorter from clenching, but rather from grinding, which mostly occurs at night.
Your teeth can be made longer with either approach, however porcelain veneers are much stronger when it comes to lengthening teeth, and as such, should last you many times over what direct composite bonding will do, especially if you are “grinder.”
Also, the shape of the teeth tend to be much better with veneers than bonding, and likewise the color of the teeth is much better and more stable over time.
Thus, I would advise porcelain veneers over direct composite bonding.
You might be interested in seeing some examples of patients who have had their teeth lengthened with porcelain veneers.  See the web reference below.
Web reference:

Planning Your Smile Makeover

If you are embarrassed to show your teeth when you smile, it may be time to consider a smile makeover. Today’s cosmetic dentistry techniques, materials, and technology can address virtually any flaw that is compromising the look of your smile – including cracked teeth, stained teeth, uneven teeth, broken teeth, and gaps between teeth.

Our experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner has been helping patients throughout the Laguna Niguel area transform their smiles for decades. When planning your smile makeover, we will consider several different factors, including:

  • The specific cosmetic dental problems you want to correct
  • Your own goals for your smile
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your budget

There are usually many different ways to fix a certain smile flaw, which gives you flexibility when choosing the treatments and procedures you want to include with your smile. In some cases, only a single treatment (such as porcelain veneers) may be necessary for a full smile makeover. Other patients may need a combination of treatments – such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, and porcelain veneers – in order to achieve the results they are looking for.

Dr. Huefner will examine your teeth and make a personalized recommendation based on the factors discussed above. The most effective options will be presented to you through our advanced patient education software. If porcelain veneers will be part of your smile makeover, Dr. Huefner can fit you with a “trial smile” of temporary restorations so you can test out your new smile design before we make it permanent.

If you are ready to discuss your smile makeover options in more depth with an experienced Orange County cosmetic dentist, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, and surrounding areas of Orange County, California.

Irvine Porcelain Veneers for a Sensational Smile Makeover

Irvine porcelain veneers

After Laynie’s smile makeover with porcelain veneers Dr. Huefner took these portraits of Laynie and her beautiful new smile.

Laynie, a beautiful young lady, had just graduated from college.  She was very concerned about the appearance of her teeth and just about to start a new career, this was the time for her to finally do something about it.  When she came to see Dr. Huefner for her cosmetic dentistry consultation, Laynie and Dr. Huefner discussed her teeth and smile in detail and Laynie narrowed it down to correcting four things:

  • Laynie didn't like either the way her teeth or gums looked.  She came to Dr. Huefner to discuss all her options with cosmetic dentistry.

    Laynie didn’t like either the way her teeth or gums looked. She came to Dr. Huefner to discuss all her options with cosmetic dentistry.

    she wanted whiter color teeth

  • her teeth looked short, and she wanted longer teeth
  • she had gingivitis, thus her gums were red and swollen
  • her left central incisor tooth was much darker than all the rest

Dr. Huefner recommended a plan of treatment that would solve all the problems that Laynie wanted corrected.  First, she would see Dr. Huefner’s dental hygienist and have her teeth cleaned and her gums treated.  By doing that and improving her oral hygiene, the redness of her gums would disappear and instead have a healthy, pink color.

irvine porcelain veneers and laser gum reshaping with dental gum laser

By treating her gingivitis and then doing some minor gum reshaping with the dental gum laser Laynie got healthy looking pink gums and teeth that weren’t too short. By bleaching Laynie’s lower teeth and then placing porcelain veneers on eight of her upper teeth. Laynie got the beautiful smile with white, even teeth that she wanted.

Second, since Laynie wanted longer teeth Dr. Huefner would do some minor laser gum reshaping with his dental gum laser.  This would eliminate some of the “gummy smile” that she had and give her more normal length front teeth.

Third, Laynie would have her lower teeth bleached.

Finally, Dr. Huefner would place porcelain veneers on eight of Laynie’s upper front teeth.  By doing the last two things Laynie would have the whiter, more attractive teeth that she wanted and they would all be the same color.  There were no major problems with Laynie’s lower teeth, so the bleaching the lower teeth by themselves would suffice to overcome the problem she had with yellow lower teeth.

BL2 shade porcelain veneers

Laynie’s smile makeover looked terrific! A beautiful, healthy and natural looking smile for a stunning young lady. Laynie’s total treatment time took just about a month.

Laynie accepted Dr. Huefner’s treatment plan and her treatment went as planned.  It took just over a month’s time to accomplish all treatment and the result of Laynie’s Irvine porcelain veneers treatment was amazing.  An absolutely beautiful smile for a very attractive young lady was achieved!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentist, Irvine Porcelain Veneers

Male athlete’s tiny teeth transformed to masculine handsome smile with porcelain veneers

Luke’s short, tiny teeth really bothered him. His soccer teammates used to make fun of his teeth and over the years it was starting to affect his self esteem. About to graduate from college, Luke and his parents thought that a handsome masculine smile would help in a competitive job market. Luke came to Dr. Huefner to discuss his options with cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth size and body size are not always proportionate and when there is a huge disparity between the two, an abnormal looking smile often results.  Unfortunately, this was the case with Luke.  Strong and athletic, Luke played a lot of soccer.  In high school his teammates would tease him about his “tiny teeth.”  At first this didn’t bother him, but by the time he got to be a senior in college it has taken its toll on his self confidence.  Luke and his parents talked about this a lot, as he would soon be graduating and job hunting.  A handsome athletic looking man who also has an handsome smile can often mean the difference in who gets hired, especially in these competitive and tough economic times.

Luke scheduled a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Huefner and discussed his concerns.  “My tiny teeth really bothers me,” he said.  “They are so short and I don’t like the spaces between them.  On top of that, I hate the color.  The color isn’t very attractive and there are all these white spots.”  It was clear the Luke had been studying his teeth and fretting over they way his smile looked for some time.

Dr. Huefner placed eight porcelain veneers over Luke’s tiny teeth. He made the new teeth look longer and wider, filling the spaces in between. Luke chose a light, natural color, BL4 and Dr. Huefner specifically made the shape of his teeth look more squarish, which results in more masculine looking teeth.

Fortunately, there is a cosmetic dental treatment that is just perfect for solving Luke’s  tiny teeth problem.  Dr. Huefner recommended placing eight porcelain veneers over Luke’s tiny teeth.  By utilizing porcelain veneers, he could make Luke’s teeth longer, wider, which would fill the spaces, and make them all one consistent color.  And even better, Dr. Huefner would create the teeth to have a very masculine size and shape, which would be very congruent with Luke’s athletic looks.  Regarding color, Dr. Huefner would let Luke choose the color for his new porcelain veneers.

After discussing the recommended treatment with his parents, Luke was back in Dr. Huefner’s office the following week to begin his porcelain veneer treatment.  Two weeks later the eight porcelain veneers were bonded onto the front of Luke’s teeth and his treatment was complete!  His tiny teeth were gone forever and handsome Luke had a great looking masculine smile!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County cosmetic dentist serving Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo and Newport Beach

Worn old looking smile rejuvenated with porcelain veneers by DrHuefner

younger looking smile with porcelain veneers

Photo below: Roselyn’s teeth were very worn. She is only forty, but her teeth looked twice that age. Also, she wanted whiter teeth and for her teeth to be straight, with no gaps inbetween them.
Photo above: Dr. Huefner made ten porcelain veneers for Roselyn. He made her veneers longer than her worn teeth were, about the length they were when she was a teenager. Roselyn chose the color she wanted for her new teeth, a BL1 tooth shade, which is one of the whitest natural looking shades available for porcelain veneers and crowns. Also, Dr. Huefner made her teeth straight with the porcelain veneers. She was very happy to loose the crooked, old looking smile and loved the more attractive and youthful looking smile that Dr. Huefner made for her.

Roselyn, a very active and young-at-heart lady who just turned forty was feeling that her appearance was getting away from her.  “When I smile my teeth are so short and worn that I feel it makes me look really old,” she told Dr. Huefner.  Upon looking at Roselyn’s teeth it was quite obvious what she was referring to.  Her teeth were quite worn, something we might normally expect from someone twice her age.

“I see exactly what you are telling me,” Dr. Huefner told her.  “Yes, your teeth are extremely worn.  You know, if you keep this up you are going to wear your teeth down to little stubs.”  Dr. Huefner went on to ask Roselyn if there were any other things that concerned her?

“Well, the color of my teeth are really dark and discolored.  I’ve always wanted clean, white teeth.  Is that something that you can fix for me?” She asked Dr. Huefner.

Dr. Huefner answered Roselyn that before he started recommending any treatment he needed to know if there was anything else with her teeth that she wanted him to address?  Roselyn said, “One more thing.  My teeth are crooked and spaced.  I feel like maybe the best way for me to go is just pull ’em all out and give me dentures.”

Roselyn’s last statement really shocked Dr. Huefner!  “No Roselyn, we certainly don’t have to do that.  We can fix the three things that concern you with porcelain veneers, a very common cosmetic dental treatment that we do today.  It will make your teeth longer, and I can make them the same length they were for you when you were a teenager.  Also, we can make your veneers white and in fact, you can choose the color we make your teeth.  And lastly, we can make your teeth straight and even, as if your had braces. But we can do all this in just under a month’s time,” Dr. Huefner told Roselyn.

She was amazed.  She couldn’t believe that she could go from an old looking smile to a beautiful, younger looking smile with porcelain veneers and that her entire treatment could be done so quickly.  After discussing some other options and Dr. Huefner answering some more questions about porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry, Roselyn agreed to Dr. Huefner’s treatment recommendations.  And as Dr. Huefner had promised, Roselyn had her new, younger looking smile with porcelain veneers in less than a month’s time.

After her treatment was completed Dr. Huefner asked Roselyn how she felt about her new smile?  “I just love my new teeth, the veneers make me look so much younger than I looked before,” she told Dr. Huefner.

Dr. Norman Huefner, cosmetic dentist serving Orange County, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Porcelain Veneers Overhaul Mary’s Smile – AMAZING RESULTS

Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers

Mary’s smile makeover with eight new porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. She chose a BL2 tooth shade and asked Dr. Huefner to make her new veneers a little longer than her natural teeth were. Not only was her smile stunning, but it looked so real and natural that it looked like “real teeth”, not cosmetic dentistry.

Mary had two porcelain veneers placed on her lateral incisors several years ago.  Mary said, “They are thick and gray.  They don’t look like real teeth.  What I want is my smile to show brighter, whiter teeth, and I want them to be real looking and straight.  Can you do this for me with porcelain veneers?”

Mary’s discolored, crooked, short teeth before Dr. Huefner made her eight new porcelain veneers.

Having seen several other cosmetic dentists before coming to see us, and doing some research, it was pleasing to treat Mary because she knew exactly what kind of cosmetic dental treatment she wanted to have done, porcelain veneers.  She knew to make all the teeth straight and the same color (white and bright) that at least eight upper teeth would need to get porcelain veneers because she showed eight teeth when she smiled.  So, since we knew the treatment and how many teeth needed to get porcelain veneers the next decisions to make was exactly what color did Mary want her new porcelain veneers to be, and how long to make them.  She looked carefully at the color of her teeth, which were pretty discolored, and chose the BL2 tooth shade from the tooth shade guide for her new veneers.  With regard to the length of her teeth, Mary said she wanted a “bigger smile” and thought that her teeth were a little to small.  Thus we chose to make her new porcelain veneers a little longer in length.

Orange County porcelain veneers for Mary

Above: Mary’s new smile with eight porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. Below: Mary’s teeth before cosmetic dental treatment. Note how discolored and crooked her teeth were. Also that her lateral incisors, which had previous porcelain veneers by her old dentist, didn’t match and were very thick and natural looking. The end result is that Mary was very pleased, getting the truly beautiful smile that she had always wanted.

Mary’s porcelain veneer treatment went smoothly and she got her new smile makeover completed within three weeks.

Dr. Norman Huefner,  Orange County Cosmetic Dentist in Laguna Niguel, CA

“I want a big smile” – Orange County ultra thin porcelain veneers

Lower photo: Jodi didn't like the way her teeth leaned in and wanted larger teeth and a bigger smile. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner placed eight ultra thin porcelain veneers for her. He made her new teeth slightly wider and longer and instead of angling in, he made them angle out slightly to give her a bigger smile.

Jodi, a forty year old sales lady from Irvine, didn’t like her teeth.  The first thing she said to us was “I want a big smile!”  This can mean a lot of different things, so before Dr. Huefner could recommend cosmetic dentistry treatment he needed to find out more.  Specifically, what did “big smile” mean to Jodi?

She explained that she felt her teeth were too small and that when she smiled she wanted to “show more teeth.”  She wanted teeth that were larger and a little longer.  She also told us that she had braces as a child and that before they would start her orthodontics they had to pull several of her teeth.  After looking at Jodi’s teeth we could see that the main problem wasn’t that her teeth were small, but the old orthodontic technique that was used to straighten her teeth twenty years ago was extracting teeth, and then using braces to unravel the crooked teeth and then close the remaining spaces. Unfortunately in Jodi’s case this technique constricted her dental arch, making her teeth angle inwards, giving a much smaller display of teeth.  This is most likely the main reason she didn’t have a big smile.

When Jodi smiled she felt her teeth were too small. This was partly due to having four teeth extracted and braces which angled her teeth inwards. Today most orthodontists strive to avoid this end result and instead of extracting teeth as much they use an improved technique called "expansion".

Over the past few decades orthodontic techniques have changed drastically, and orthodontists use techniques called “expansion of the dental arch” and teeth are extracted much less often.  Unfortunately the “constriction” of Jodi’s dental arch was something we had to deal with now.

After explaining this to Jodi she was a bit frustrated.  “But what can you do to give me a big smile now?” Jodi asked.

The answer to solve Jodi’s problem was to place porcelain veneers on eight of Jodi’s upper teeth.  That would angle her teeth back out to a normal position.  Also this would allow Dr. Huefner to make her teeth a little wider and longer, giving her slightly larger looking teeth.

Jodi was happy that we had a solution to her problem, but that raised another question.  “I really don’t want my teeth drilled on,” she stated most emphatically.  “Can’t you do Lumineers?”  Jodi had seen the ads in magazines many times which said that Lumineers are a type of porcelain veneers that can be used without any drilling on her teeth.  She had a good point which is shared by pretty much everybody.  After all, who likes having their teeth drilled on!  However in Jodi’s case placing Lumineers on her teeth without any tooth preparation whatsoever would result not only in larger teeth, but most likely unacceptable huge looking thick teeth!  Dr. Huefner explained that the technique he would use for her was minimal preparation veneers and that he assured her that he would do the least drilling possible and use the thinnest veneers to give her the result she was looking for….ultra thin veneers!

Jodi got the big smile with eight ultra thin porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. Her new teeth were slightly longer and wider and angled out slightly, which gave her a much more attractive smile.

After more discussion Jodi started to get excited.  Dr. Huefner explained that it only takes a couple weeks to do the whole ultra thin porcelain veneer process.  “Can I choose the color?”, she asked.  Dr. Huefner explained that he will give his recommendations, but in his practice the patients always make the final choice in the color of the ultra thin porcelain veneers.  “How about the length of the teeth, you will make them longer, won’t you?” she said.  Dr. Huefner explained that he will make her teeth wider and longer, and that before he bonds her ultra thin veneers onto her teeth she will have the opportunity to see the new veneers on her teeth and she will have to give him her written approval.  If she doesn’t approve of the shape, length or color, Dr. Huefner will make appropriate changes before he permanently bonds them into place.

With all of her questions answered, Jodi was ready to begin her ultra thin porcelain veneer treatment to get the big smile she asked for.  She chose shade BL2 for the color and Dr. Huefner made her eight ultra thin porcelain veneers in just a couple weeks as he had promised.  Jodi got the “bigger teeth” that she had always wanted and is now very happy with her beautiful smile!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist, ultra thin porcelain veneers Orange County

White Porcelain Veneers for Newport Beach lady by Dr. Huefner

white porcelain veneers BL1 shade

Lower photo: Julianne had very brown and short teeth. She wanted a more attractive smile and had always wished she had white teeth. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner gave Julianne a more youthful and attractive smile with white porcelain veneers. Julianne wanted the whitest shade that Dr. Huefner could make for her. She chose the BL1 tooth shade.

Julianne from Newport Beach is a very attractive lady in her 60s.  She has always made a commitment to look her best.  She works out regularly, is fit and trim.  Julianne also dresses well, and has much pride in her appearance.  As a baby boomer, she certainly has achieved the envy of most of her peers.  Many would say that she has it all, charm, personality and looks.  There was just one thing that Julianne was missing, and it really bothered her.  Julianne had short, brown unattractive teeth!

When Julianne came to Dr. Huefner she knew precisely what she wanted.  “I want white, younger looking teeth,” she told Dr. Huefner.  She also told Dr. Huefner that she was hoping that he could do white porcelain veneers for her.  Her last dentist told her that “veneers wouldn’t work for her” and that he would have to do porcelain caps.  When he told her that she started doing some research herself on cosmetic dentistry options.  She learned that white porcelain veneers were a more conservative cosmetic dental procedure and would be healthier dental treatment for her teeth and gums than porcelain crowns, and was really hoping that Dr. Huefner could do white porcelain veneers for her.

Because of Julianne's tan, olive complexion Dr. Huefner recommended BL2 or BL3 tooth shades, which wouldn't contrast much with her skin color and would have a more natural appearance.

When Dr. Huefner examined Julianne’s teeth he found them to be very healthy.  Yes her front teeth were really worn down from her teeth grinding habit (bruxism), but they didn’t have any previous cavities or fillings.  This was good!  Julianne was very excited when Dr. Huefner explained to her that he thought she would be an excellent candidate for white porcelain veneers.  He could make her new smile look absolutely beautiful with whiter, longer, more youthful looking front teeth.  “The only real question,” Dr. Huefner asked Julianne, “is how white do you want your white porcelain veneers to be?”  Dr. Huefner explained some very important points about the color of porcelain veneers.  First, that she could choose the color of her new white porcelain veneers.  He would make recommendations as to the most natural color that would work with her face and the color of her skin, but the ultimate choice would be hers.  He pointed out that she had a pretty nice tan, and that since she wasn’t sixteen any more really white teeth might look a little too over the top for her.  Dr. Huefner brought out the dental shade guide and began showing Julianne the different colors that she might want to consider.  Dr. Huefner’s preference for her was either a BL3 or BL2 shade.  Both of those were lighter than the color most natural teeth, but still looked “real and very nice.”

dental shade guide

Julianne chose the BL1 tooth shade, the whitest color that appears at the far left on the tooth shade guide.

But Julianne knew what she wanted.  She wanted white porcelain veneers.  She asked Dr. Huefner, “What is the most white porcelain veneer tooth color that you can make for me?”  Dr. Huefner went to the tooth shade guide, pulled out the tooth shade farthest on the left, the BL1 tooth color.  When he put that color up to Julianne’s very dark brown teeth she knew instantly that BL1 was the shade of white porcelain veneers that she wanted him to make for her.  “My whole life I’ve always wanted really white teeth, I definitely want BL1!” she told Dr. Huefner.

Julianne got the more attractive and youthful smile that she had wanted. She chose the BL1 color for her white porcelain veneers. She did bleach her lower teeth, but they did not get as white as the BL1 shade. But her lower teeth doesn't show that much. She said that she eventually plans on getting white porcelain veneers for her lower teeth in the future.

Then Julianne had two other important questions.  “Will my white porcelain veneers get darker over the years like my natural teeth did?”  She was very pleased with Dr. Huefner’s answer.  White porcelain veneers are very color stable and should not change color at all provided she has good oral hygiene, brushes every day and get’s her teeth cleaned every six months.  The second questions was what about her lower teeth?  If she got white porcelain veneers for her upper teeth and didn’t get white porcelain veneers on her lower teeth, how would that look?  Dr. Huefner explained to Julianne that about two thirds of the patients he treats with white porcelain veneers just bleach their lower teeth.  The other one third get white porcelain veneers and their lower teeth as well.  If she was committed and persistent, the teeth bleaching would whiten her lower teeth considerably, but most probably not as white as BL1.  However most people won’t notice that much and it may not be a problem.  Julianne thought and said that she would start with white porcelain veneers on her upper teeth, teeth bleaching on her lower teeth, and if the teeth bleaching of her lower teeth wasn’t white enough for her that later on she would come back to Dr. Huefner and get white porcelain veneers on her lower teeth.

Julianne’s white porcelain veneer treatment was completed a few weeks later.  She was ecstatic with the results!  “I couldn’t be happier with the color,” she told Dr. Huefner.  He teeth bleaching got her lower teeth whiter, but as Dr. Huefner had predicted, they did not get as white as the BL1 color of her white porcelain veneers on her upper teeth.  Julianne said that she would return to him next year to get white porcelain veneers on her lower teeth.  Dr. Huefner also made Julianne a night guard, a dental appliance worn at night by people who grind their teeth.  The night guard would help prevent her lower teeth from wearing down any more and also help protect her upper white porcelain veneers from breaking if she continued to brux her teeth at night while she was sleeping.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County porcelain veneers, Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel, CA


More Attractive Smile and Better Lip Support for Vicki from Laguna with Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers laguna

Vicki's porcelain veneers gave her a younger smile and more lip support.

Vicki, from Laguna, CA, had several problems with her teeth and smile that had bothered her for many years.  Finally, after being encouraged by her friends and family she consulted with Dr. Huefner, Orange County cosmetic dentist, to discuss the options that cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers might have for her.

First, Dr. Huefner asked Vicki to prioritize the problems that “she saw” with her teeth.  She answered, “I just hate the way they look!  They are too dark, too short, and the shape isn’t pretty or youthful either.  I was told that my teeth are so dark because they gave me tetracycline as a child.” Dr. Huefner also pointed out that because she had a malocclusion, her front teeth didn’t have a normal overbite which if corrected would give her upper lips more lip support.  Vicki answered, “I like the idea of making my lips look better but there is absolutely no way would I ever get braces at my age!  Can’t you fix my teeth and give me a nice smile without braces?”
Dr. Huefner said “Yes”, and Vicki was ready to hear how he would solve her problems with cosmetic dentistry.

Tetracycline discoloration before porcelain veneers

Vicki's had tetracycline discoloration of her teeth and an under-bite. She wanted a whiter, more attractive smile and wasn't willing to include braces in her dental treatment.

Dr. Huefner said he could place eight porcelain veneers on her upper teeth, and he would bleach her lower discolored teeth.  The veneers would be made longer and positioned slightly outwards to give her lips more lip support.  Also, since her teeth were worn and square, Dr. Huefner wanted to shape her teeth with more rounded edges, which would give Vicki a more youthful and feminine appearance.

Vicki agreed to Dr. Huefner’s treatment recommendations, but said she would be very particular about color teeth she gets.  “I’ve seen so many people who have had porcelain veneers or porcelain caps, and sometimes they look way too white and fake,” Vicki explained to Dr. Huefner.  “I want my new teeth white, but not too white.  It’s important to me that they look like I have real teeth.”  Vicki was relieved when we explained that she would be very involved in choosing the color of her new porcelain veneers.  We would make suggestions as to what we think would look best for her, but the final choice will be hers.”

Several weeks later Vicki began her porcelain veneer treatment, which was completed 2 1/2 weeks later.  By making her porcelain veneers slightly longer than her real teeth were, and bringing them out she had a much nicer and fuller smile, and much better support of her upper lips.  Regarding the color of her new porcelain veneers, Vicki chose a BL2 color from the tooth shade guide and an “enhanced”s smile style from the tooth shape library.  Dr. Huefner used Empress porcelain because of it high strength, natural tooth-like translucency and long track record among cosmetic dentists.

Laguna porcelain veneers

Vicki's beautiful new smile after porcelain veneers were placed.

Vicki was very pleased saying she got nothing but compliments from her family and friends.  “The best thing was,” she said, is that I feel great with my new smile and my veneers even make my face look younger.”

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about Vicki’s smile makeover with porcelain veneers.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Orange County, Laguna, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Model and Mrs. Nevada Beauty Pageant Winner Comes to Dr. Huefner for Orange County Porcelain Veneers Before the Mrs. U.S.-Globe Beauty Pageant

orange county porcelain veneers

Tierra got her beautiful new smile with eight porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. She placed in the top fifteen at the Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant and is now pursuing her modeling career.

Tierra, a dancer and model and mother of two, had short, worn teeth.  After becoming Mrs. Nevada, which entitled her to compete in the Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant, Tierra realized that she was in desperate need of cosmetic dentistry to enhance her smile.  Knowing that longer, whiter, prettier teeth would enhance her chances in the Mrs. U.S.-Globe pageant and her modeling career in general, Tierra flew out to Dr. Huefner’s cosmetic dentistry practice for a smile makeover with porcelain veneers.

short worn teeth due to bruxism habit

Tierra's short, worn teeth made her smile look 20-30 years older than she was. She knew that by making her teeth the same length as they were before her grinding shortened them she would have a much prettier smile.

When Tierra arrived for her initial consultation we took photos of her teeth and smile.  Tierra was a nighttime bruxer (one who grinds their teeth at night when sleeping) and had worn her teeth down considerably.  Her teeth were short and square and a slight yellowish color.  Dr. Huefner pointed out that her teeth actually looked twenty to thirty years older than she was!  Also, the edges of her teeth were flat.  To give Tierra a more attractive, feminine and youthful looking smile Dr. Huefner recommended placing eight porcelain veneers.  The new porcelain veneers would be longer, rounder and whiter in color.  The edges of her upper teeth (i.e. edges of her new porcelain veneers) would follow the curved contour of her lower lip, called “following the smile line,” rather than being flat and straight. The end result would be a much more attractive smile and would help her in the beauty pageant competition and also her modeling career.

eight porcelain veneers laguna niguel

Tierra, with her new smile is now a successful model.

Tierra began her cosmetic dentistry almost immediately, as the Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant was right around the corner.  Her eight porcelain veneers were fabricated in two weeks time and the resulting new smile created by Dr. Huefner was stunning.  Since Tierra is still a nighttime bruxer, Dr. Huefner also fabricated a night guard bruxism appliance to keep her from wearing her lower teeth down.

Mrs. Nevada and Dr. Huefner at Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant

Tierra as Mrs. Nevada with Dr. Huefner at Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant

Dr. Huefner, being a pageant judge and sponsor naturally attended the Mrs. Globe pageant and was there to watch Tierra. She competed extremely well, was a crowd and judge favorite, and easily made it into the top fifteen.

If you’d like to see a recent commercial video Tierra was featured in, please go to and turn on your speaker.

beauty pageant porcelain veneers

Tierra's new porcelain veneers were longer, whiter and more naturally shaped than her short, worn teeth. The edges of her upper veneers followed the curve of her lower lip when she smiled, called "following the smile line." All and all, Dr. Huefner created a much more attractive and youthful smile for Tierra.

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