August 15, 2018

Goofy Teeth – Porcelain Veneers for Aliso Viejo Financial Executive Who was Afraid of the Dentist Dramatically Changes His Appearance and Self Esteem

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Below: Allen was very self conscious and embarrassed about his crooked, yellow teeth and the discoloration of the filling on his right lateral incisor. But most of all he had bad childhood memories of when his classmates would call him "Goofy teeth." Above: Allen could have had orthodontics, teeth whitening and new fillings to improve his smile, but he wanted really great looking teeth and he would not even consider braces. Thus, Dr. Huefner created a beautiful smile with straight, white teeth by making Allen eight porcelain veneers. His entire treatment was completed in less than three weeks time.

Allen is a workaholic!  Being in the financial industry in these difficult times is very trying and requires an exorbitant amount of his time and energy.  Being great at his job and taking extremely great care of his clients has paid off for him.  Now getting ahead, Allen decided it was finally time to play catch up, and take care of something he has neglected and wanted to do something about for over two decades – the appearance of his teeth!

When Allen came in to our office to discuss cosmetic dentistry he was embarrassed and shy about discussing his dental problems.  It was obvious that he was afraid of the dentist and what kind of treatment he would need to have.  When patients are scarred, nervous and distrusting we find it is essential to build rapport and establish trust and confidence before recommending any dentistry.  So, to truly find out where Allen was coming from we started by asking him questions.  What brought him to our office? Did he have any pain or something specific that he wanted treated?  When was his last dental visit?  Has he ever had a bad dental experience? Did he have any dental fears?  Was there anything about the appearance of his teeth and smile that he wanted to change?

crooked splayed teeth before "instant orthodontics" with porcelain veneers

Allen's crooked, splayed front teeth were a huge source of embarrassment and hypersensitivity about the appearance of his teeth. His goal was straight, white teeth and to never have to be self conscious about his teeth and smile again.

What we discovered was that Allen hadn’t seen a dentist in twenty years and at his last dental appointment he had had a tooth ache and the dentist pulled his tooth.  It was a horrible experience for Allen that left him afraid of dentists and dentistry.  Also, we discovered that Allen desperately wanted to improve the appearance of his teeth and smile.  When he was in high school they would call him “Goofy teeth“, and that humiliating nick name had very detrimental effects on his self esteem.  What Allen wanted was dentistry done in a comfortable, painless way and he was very interested in cosmetic dentistry!

It was obvious that Allen would best served by treating him with oral conscious sedation dentistry.  This is a very safe and effective way of dramatically reducing the anxiety of dentistry with patients who are very nervous and apprehensive about their dentistry.  The conscious sedation patient isn’t put to sleep but just sedated to a very comfortable level with a combination of several pills taken orally and often combined with nitrous oxide.  In addition to making the patients very relaxed, they often have little or no memory of the dental visit. It is also a very useful adjunct to use for patients who are difficult to get numb or who have a hyperactive gag response.

porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry aliso viejo

Allen got the great looking smile that he had always dreamed of having with eight porcelain veneers. Allen chose a BL2 shade for the color and a masculine smile design from the tooth shape library.

After discussing oral conscious sedation with Allen he said “I definitely want that,” and looked much more relaxed and less anxious about discussing his dentistry.

Next, we started discussing what he had in mind with regard to making his teeth look better.  What didn’t he like about his teeth?  What did he want changed?  “I hate the way my teeth are crooked and my front two teeth are spaced,” he said, referring also to his childhood nickname, “Goofy teeth.” He also said he wanted white teeth and if he was finally going to fix his teeth he wanted his teeth to be beautiful.  “I don’t want anyone ever to look at my teeth and judge me negatively again,” he exclaimed!

Allen had basically two choices.  He could bleach his very dark teeth, getting them considerably whiter, then replace some of his old fillings and finishing up by getting braces to make his teeth straight.  He would have a much better looking smile, but it would take a total of 6-9 months of treatment.  “That is out of the question,” Allen stated.  “I’m much too busy and there is no way in the world would I consider braces.”

We told Allen that we understood completely, but in cases like his where his crooked teeth could be treated with braces we always want to give our patients that option.  Actually in Allen’s case, we were recommending porcelain veneers as the treatment of choice.  That would make his teeth straight in a very short period of time and would actually make Allen’s teeth look much nicer than braces and teeth whitening.

“So how do porcelain veneers work, what’s involved and how long will it take?” Allen then asked?

“Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded over the crooked, chipped or discolored teeth to make them look like beautiful, straight teeth,” we told Allen.  “You can actually choose the color your new teeth will be and your entire treatment is just a couple of dental visits, which we can do with the oral conscious sedation that we mentioned, and your new smile will be completed well within a couple weeks time!”  We also explained to Allen that we would need do some slight reshaping of his teeth in order to accommodate the porcelain veneers or they would end up looking too thick, which is one of the major complaints from patients who have had “prep-less” Lumineers.

After further discussing advantages and disadvantages, and risks and potential complications of his treatment options Allen decided to have Dr. Huefner place eight porcelain veneers on his upper teeth and bleach his lower teeth.  He loved knowing that he could actually choose the color of his porcelain veneers and that they would never change color over time, as his natural teeth had done.

Allen’s porcelain veneer treatment visits were done with oral conscious sedation and his entire treatment was completed within three weeks.  His new smile was absolutely beautiful!  Allen chose a BL2 porcelain shade from the tooth shade guide and a masculine smile style from the tooth shape library. Dr. Huefner had his ceramist place some slight surface texture and slight incisal translucency to make the new porcelain veneers look natural, like real teeth.

Allen completed his smile makeover with porcelain veneers having much more confidence and self esteem, from both having the treatment done that he had always been fearing, and also from finally getting an extremely attractive smile with beautiful teeth.  And one thing for sure for this Aliso Viejo executive, nobody would ever call him “Goofy teeth” again!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about Allen’s porcelain veneer treatment and/or dentistry with oral conscious sedation.

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I Want Younger Looking Teeth – Porcelain Veneers Solve the Problem

old looking teeth orange county

Rosemarie realized that she had "old looking teeth" after her grandchildren made comments. She decided to have cosmetic dentistry to get a more youthful and attractive smile.

Rosemarie, a congenial lady in her late 60s from Laguna Hills Orange County came to our office obviously very disheartened with this story: “My great grandchildren were visiting me the other day and the younger one asked what was wrong with my teeth? Why were they so dark?  Then the older boy answered that they were just old teeth!”

“Then, I went into the other room to see what they were talking about and he was right, I did have old looking teeth,” Rosemarie went on to say.  “You know I’ve worked really hard to always look my best and stay healthy.  I’ve always gone to the dentist, I floss every day, get my teeth cleaned twice a year and whenever my dentist told me that I had a cavity I had him fix it.  But now I want to do something so that I have younger looking teeth!”

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After Rosemarie defined that she wanted brighter, whiter teeth that all matched in color and gave her a younger looking smile Dr. Huefner discussed dental options that would enable her to get those results. Rosemarie had Dr. Huefner replace an old bridge and crown and also place several porcelain veneers. The results were a much more youthful and attractive smile for Rosemarie.

After looking closely her teeth it was apparent that Rosemarie was doing all she could to keep her teeth and did have a healthy mouth.  But, she had had several things going on that made her teeth look old and worn.  First, her teeth had discolored over the years.  If the color was the only problem, then sometimes teeth whitening (bleaching) will be all that a patient needs.  However in Rosemarie’s case she had numerous tooth colored fillings, and those were done to match the color of her teeth and wouldn’t changed to a lighter color with the teeth whitening procedure.  Also, Rosemarie had a number of chips in her teeth, along with a small gap between her front two teeth.  She had lost one of her bicuspid teeth on her left side and her previous dentist made a porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge and crown for her, but he made them an unattractive yellow color that didn’t make her smile look very clean and white.  So Rosemarie’s teeth did show the many effects of tooth aging that many people experience.

“What can you do for me?,” she politely asked.

Before I could answer that I needed to know more information.  Most importantly, what kind of smile and teeth did Rosemarie want?

She answered that she wanted her teeth to be whiter.  Also, she didn’t like the gap between her front teeth.  But most of all she wanted a younger looking smile.

Well, for Rosemarie the answer was simple.  We would replace the old bridge and crown she had with all-ceramic restorations that didn’t have any metal underneath.  For her other teeth we would place porcelain veneers. And most importantly, the final smile would have all her teeth the same color and give her the whiter, more youthful looking smile that she wanted.

Rosemarie accepted our recommendations, but was a little concerned about doing so much dentistry in such a couple visits.  She was used to going to the dentist for one tooth at a time.  But she also didn’t like the idea of coming back time and again and wanted to just get it over.  We did suggest that she was an excellent candidate for oral sedation dentistry, where we sedate and relax the patient with pills.  There were many advantages to this technique.  Much more treatment could be comfortably accomplished in fewer appointments.  It is extremely safe, as the patient is sedated and not actually put to sleep.  Afterwards the patients have little memory of what happened at the appointment other than they were comfortable, felt like they were napping the entire time and several hours passed by like minutes!

However Rosemarie said she wasn’t afraid and was fine doing her dentistry the normal way with “Novocain” and did not feel she needed to be sedated at all.

Her treatment was done in just three visits over a three week period.  She was an excellent patient, her treatment it went very smooth and she got a terrific result.  And most importantly, she got the younger looking whiter teeth she wanted and never heard negative comments again about her teeth from her grandchildren!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

Chipped, Discolored, Spaced Teeth treated with Porcelain Veneers and Oral Sedation Dentistry

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Gloria wanted her chipped, spaced, discolored teeth restored. She was also very terrified because of her childhood dental experiences. Gloria successfully had five porcelain veneers and one porcelain bridge all done comfortably at the same time with oral sedation dentistry.

Gloria retired and moved to Laguna Hills from the East Coast.  As a new resident she quickly became involved with the senior center and made many friends. What she enjoyed most about Southern California was getting away from the cold winters and hot, humid summers.  What she dislike the most was that all of her new Laguna Hills friends had nicer looking teeth than her.  “Everybody here in California seems to have nice teeth, much nicer than all my friends back on the East Coast and I’m a bit ashamed of my teeth,” she said.  “I’m retired now and deserve to have as nice a smile as everybody else.  What would it take to do that?,” she asked.

“That depends,” we answered.  “What is it you don’t like about your teeth and want changed?

Gloria said that her teeth were way too dark and yellow.  Also that she had a space between her two front teeth that had always annoyed her.  The edges of her front teeth were chipping and wearing away too.

chipped, discolored, spaced teeth before porcelain veneers

Gloria was embarrassed by the appearance of her teeth. They were chipped, discolored and spaced. She wanted a slightly whiter smile with good looking teeth.

After looking carefully at all her teeth we suggested that Gloria get five porcelain veneers on her front teeth and replace the old, ill-fitting bridge on her upper left with a new porcelain bridge.  Then she would have a nicer smile, all the teeth would match and have normal shapes and be the same color.

After thinking about it for a while Gloria was ready to begin her treatment, except….she was terrified!  “Can’t you just knock me out, put me to sleep while you do the drilling?” she asked.  “When I was a kid the dentist hurt me and since then I’ve always been afraid of dentistry.”

The answer for Gloria was for us to utilize an extremely safe and proven technique called oral sedation dentistry.  We would give Gloria a pill to take the night before her appointment.  That would begin to relax her and allow a good night’s sleep.  Then in the morning, an hour before her appointment, she would take a different kind of pill which would not put her to sleep, but make her very comfortable and relaxed.  She would have to have a friend drive her to our dental office, and also drive her home afterwards.  When she arrived at our office we would evaluate her level of comfort and anxiety, and if necessary give her some more medication (pills).  We would wait until she was completely relaxed and comfortable before starting any dentistry.  Oral sedation dentistry is one of the safest ways of having dentistry done.  It does not put the patient completely to sleep, it just relaxes them.  Hours pass like minutes.  Probably the thing the patient likes most is that afterwards they have very little memory of when they were in the office actually having the dental procedure.

Gloria loved the idea of oral sedation dentistry and scheduled her appointment for the following week.  She took her medications as we directed, had her neighbor drive her to and from our office.  Her dentistry went very comfortably and great looking teeth were created for her.  Afterwards, when we asked her how everything went, she said “Wonderful.  After my appointment I just slept the rest of the day.  It was the best nap I ever took.”

The end result was that Gloria got her smile restored the way she had always wanted it, and had her dentistry done in a very comfortable way with oral sedation dentistry.

You Don’t Need to be Afraid of Going to the Dentist Anymore!

For many Americans going to the dentist is a frightful event, even though dentistry has changed so much in the past years.  A visit to the dentist can now be relaxing and fun!  Understandably, if you’re one of the approximately 145 million people who avoid the dentist due to fear you probably can’t fathom that this could be true.  Read this…..this information about dentistry IS FOR YOU….. it could change your life.

Dr. Norman Huefner in Laguna Niguel, CA, and his caring team offer oral sedation dentistry, the ultimate in the most comfortable and safe way to have dentistry done today.  NOT general anesthesia and requiring a shot in the arm, Dr. Huefner uses special training he has received through the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.  What is this exciting new technique?  Dr. Huefner offers oral sedation dentistry which utilizes a combination of one or more small pills along with Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) that the dental patient uses to have their dental care accomplished while they are totally relaxed and absolutely comfortable.

Dr. Huefner says, “I have always been very sensitive to my patients with high fear and apprehension, and now I can offer them a safe and even more comfortable experience.  I feel so many good people are avoiding needed dental care due to fear.  I am looking forward to helping these people visit the dentist with this safe and wonderful technique of anxiety-free dentistry.”

Dr. Huefner is a member of the fastest growing organization of its kind in dentistry, the Dental Organization for Conscious SedationDOCS.  The purpose of DOCS is to provide the education necessary for dentists to be able to give needed dental care to the large population of people who are avoiding the dentist, and to improve their lives with better dental health.

“Dentistry is very high tech today with all sorts of gadgets that job done better and quicker, but now with anxiety-free dentistry I can bridge the gap between technology and comfort,” said Dr. Huefner.

He added, “You should see the look on the faces of my patients when they complete their care and they have a healthy mouth for the first time in decades – there aren’t words to describe it!  That look is why I love dentistry and providing this type of life changing treatment.”

“Let me tell you about a special patient I just treated on Monday,” Dr. Huefner went on to say.  “Tim was extremely fearful and avoided going to the dentist for almost twenty years.  His teeth were hurting and he was afraid that his dental visit would hurt him even more.  We utilized one of the latest oral sedation protocols taught at our advanced training from DOCS.  On Sunday night, the night before his appointment, Tim took a pill at night before going to bed which helped him sleep and be more relaxed the next day.  Then on Monday morning when he woke up, he took another different kind of pill.  Starting to become more and more relaxed, he had a friend drive him to his appointment with us.  When he arrived Tim felt a little relaxed, but not enough to overcome his high anxiety.  After evaluating Tim I gave him two other medications, one he swallowed with water and a second that was given to him under his tongue.  Not surprisingly, a half hour Tim started snoring a little in the dental chair, indicating he was very relaxed and comfortable.  One of the things we promised Tim is that we would not start any treatment until he was absolutely relaxed and comfortable.  We asked Tim if his was comfortable and ready to start, and he said he was starting to ‘get there’.  I gave him some nitrous oxide for a while which took him into a very safe and relaxed state.  Then unknowingly to Tim, I  numbed his teeth and did the equivalent of four dental visits in one visit.  The next day when Tim came back for me to check him he told us ‘it was wonderful, I was relaxed and when I went home I slept the rest of the day.’  The reason this technique is so successful with fearful patients is that not only does it relax them, but it also makes time pass very quickly (hours seem like minutes) and the patient leaves the appointment with very little memory of the appointment.  It is also a very effective technique for patients who have a hyperactive gag reflex or those who are difficult to get numb.”

Dr. Huefner and his team are proud of their commitment to our community here in Orange County.  They can be reached at 949-495-6322 with any questions regarding anxiety-free dentistry.

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