August 15, 2018

Irvine Porcelain Veneers for a Sensational Smile Makeover

Irvine porcelain veneers

After Laynie’s smile makeover with porcelain veneers Dr. Huefner took these portraits of Laynie and her beautiful new smile.

Laynie, a beautiful young lady, had just graduated from college.  She was very concerned about the appearance of her teeth and just about to start a new career, this was the time for her to finally do something about it.  When she came to see Dr. Huefner for her cosmetic dentistry consultation, Laynie and Dr. Huefner discussed her teeth and smile in detail and Laynie narrowed it down to correcting four things:

  • Laynie didn't like either the way her teeth or gums looked.  She came to Dr. Huefner to discuss all her options with cosmetic dentistry.

    Laynie didn’t like either the way her teeth or gums looked. She came to Dr. Huefner to discuss all her options with cosmetic dentistry.

    she wanted whiter color teeth

  • her teeth looked short, and she wanted longer teeth
  • she had gingivitis, thus her gums were red and swollen
  • her left central incisor tooth was much darker than all the rest

Dr. Huefner recommended a plan of treatment that would solve all the problems that Laynie wanted corrected.  First, she would see Dr. Huefner’s dental hygienist and have her teeth cleaned and her gums treated.  By doing that and improving her oral hygiene, the redness of her gums would disappear and instead have a healthy, pink color.

irvine porcelain veneers and laser gum reshaping with dental gum laser

By treating her gingivitis and then doing some minor gum reshaping with the dental gum laser Laynie got healthy looking pink gums and teeth that weren’t too short. By bleaching Laynie’s lower teeth and then placing porcelain veneers on eight of her upper teeth. Laynie got the beautiful smile with white, even teeth that she wanted.

Second, since Laynie wanted longer teeth Dr. Huefner would do some minor laser gum reshaping with his dental gum laser.  This would eliminate some of the “gummy smile” that she had and give her more normal length front teeth.

Third, Laynie would have her lower teeth bleached.

Finally, Dr. Huefner would place porcelain veneers on eight of Laynie’s upper front teeth.  By doing the last two things Laynie would have the whiter, more attractive teeth that she wanted and they would all be the same color.  There were no major problems with Laynie’s lower teeth, so the bleaching the lower teeth by themselves would suffice to overcome the problem she had with yellow lower teeth.

BL2 shade porcelain veneers

Laynie’s smile makeover looked terrific! A beautiful, healthy and natural looking smile for a stunning young lady. Laynie’s total treatment time took just about a month.

Laynie accepted Dr. Huefner’s treatment plan and her treatment went as planned.  It took just over a month’s time to accomplish all treatment and the result of Laynie’s Irvine porcelain veneers treatment was amazing.  An absolutely beautiful smile for a very attractive young lady was achieved!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentist, Irvine Porcelain Veneers

Teeth too Small? Reshape Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

If your teeth look overly small, you may feel frustrated or self-conscious about your smile. Thankfully, today’s cosmetic dentistry can completely transform the appearance of small and misshapen teeth in just a few office visits. During an initial consultation, Dr. Huefner can determine which cosmetic dentistry procedure(s) would best meet your needs.

For some patients, the problem is not that their teeth are actually small – it’s that excessive gum tissue is hanging too low over the front surface of their teeth, causing the teeth to appear small. If this is the case, Dr. Huefner can re-shape your gumline using gum recontouring or crown lengthening. Otherwise, porcelain veneers are the best solution for changing the shape of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers are custom-designed to fit your unique smile, and carefully crafted to ensure they create a seamless, natural-looking smile line. There are many different aesthetic profiles you can choose from: see our LVI Smile Catalog for an overview of the most common smile designs that can be achieved with porcelain veneers.

Dr. Normal Huefner has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Orange County since 1980. As an LVI-trained dentist with multiple honors, awards, and extensive training, you can trust Dr. Huefner to help you reveal a beautiful smile you can be proud of.

If you have further questions about fixing small teeth, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule your initial consultation at our Laguna Niguel office. We serve patients throughout Orange County, California.

Gummy Smile with Unattractive Teeth Get Revitalized

gummy smile and porcelain veneer treatment

Lower photo: Lindsey didn’t like her gummy smile and hated the cap on her front tooth that didn’t match her other teeth. She also wanted her teeth to be straight, even and them all to be the same whiter, brighter color. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner did some minor laser gum reshaping to level the gums around her four front teeth. He replaced her “ugly cap” with a new, natural looking all porcelain cap. Then he placed seven porcelain veneers. Her new smile was the difference between night and day!

Lindsey is in her late 20s and is an assistant manager in retail sales.  She was wise enough to realize that customers and fellow employees judge other people and oftentimes make buying decisions or promotion decisions based on ones appearance.  Lindsey knew that her teeth and smile weren’t helping her in that regard at all.  In fact, she felt that her smile might actually be hindering her.  Ever since she was a youngster she didn’t like her teeth and smile, but in college she was playing volleyball and tripped, fell to the floor on her face, and broke her front tooth.  Her dentist put a cap on the broken tooth, but it didn’t match her other teeth at all, and since then Lindsey had actually hated her teeth.

She came to Dr. Huefner to get his opinion as to what solutions he had to give her a great looking smile.  She told him that there were four things she wanted fixed: 1)her gummy smile 2)the awful looking cap on her front tooth 3) her crooked teeth and 4) her discolored and mottled (white spots) teeth.

gummy smile that could be treated with lip drop procedure

It is pretty obvious why Lindsey didn’t like her smile. An ambitious young lady in her late 20s, Lindsey was concerned that the unattractive appearance of her teeth and smile would affect her success in dealing with customers and also future promotions. She came to Dr. Huefner for smile enhancement procedures with cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Huefner told Lindsey that regarding the four things that she wanted fixed there was both good news and bad news.  “First, give me the bad news,” Lindsey told Dr. Huefner. He answered Lindsey that the bad news was that her gummy smile would be relatively difficult and complicated to correct.  She would need to have orthodontics along with jaw surgery.  That would be very expensive and could take a few years to correct.  Another approach would be to have a relatively newer type of lip surgery, called a lip drop procedure, that would enable her upper lip to drop down lower over her gums and not show as much of Lindsey’s gums.

After understanding a bit more how complicated her gummy smile treatment with orthodontics and jaw surgery would be, Lindsey said she would not be willing to undergo that particular treatment.  However, she said that she might consider the lip drop surgery sometime in the future.  It would just depend on how involved the surgery would be and how much it would cost.  Dr. Huefner told Lindsey that he didn’t do the lip drop procedure, but when she was ready to consider it he would refer her to a surgeon who did do the procedure.

Then Dr. Huefner told Lindsey the good news!  Correcting the other three things that she mentioned would be relatively easy and quick to do by replacing the crown she hated with a new all porcelain crown, and then placing porcelain veneers on seven other teeth.  Her teeth would be straight and even and all match in color, and she could even choose the color she wanted!  Lindsey told Dr. Huefner that she had to confess, she has always wanted whiter teeth, so if she could also have whiter teeth, that sounded really great to her.  He told her that he absolutely could give her white teeth, and that he did recommend doing that.

laser gum reshaping and porcelain veneer treatment

Although Lindsey didn’t elect to treat her high lip line and gummy smile, she had a smile makeover by Dr. Huefner with minor laser gum reshaping, one all porcelain crown and seven porcelain veneers. The before and after photos show an amazing smile transformation that changed Lindsey’s life!

Dr. Huefner went on to explain that her that he could do some minor reshaping of her gums around her front four teeth with the dental gum laser.  That would take away a little bit of her gummy smile, but more importantly, it would make the lengths of the four front teeth at the gum line the same.

Lindsey was eager to start her cosmetic dental treatment, which she did do.  Dr. Huefner used his dental gum laser and reshaped her gums around her front four teeth, as he had promised her.  He replaced her ugly front cap with a new all porcelain cap, and at the same time placed the porcelain veneers on her other seven teeth.  Most importantly, the end result of Lindsey’s new smile was an amazing transformation.  It was like night and day, compared to her teeth and smile before treatment.

Afterwards, Dr. Huefner asked her if she was ready for a consult for the lip drop procedure.  She said that she felt that her teeth looked so good now that she didn’t think her gummy smile was nearly as bad as she had thought before.  Thus, she said she would hold off on that unless she changed her mind.

Dr. Norman Huefner,
Orange County Cosmetic Dentist serving Irvine, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel

Laser Frenectomy by Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner

lingual laser frenectomy

Top photo: The heavy lingual frenum runs from the tip of Cassidy's tongue (black arrow) to the gums right behind her lower front teeth (red arrow). This heavy band of fiber and muscle tissue restricted her tonge movements and could potentially effect her speech. Over time it would pull the gums away from her teeth, causing advanced premature recession and possibly causing one or two teeth to be lost. Middle photo: Immediately after the frenectomy. Note there is no bleeding and the frenum has been removed between the black and red arrows. Bottom photo: Complete healing as shown two weeks after the dental laser frenectomy. Only a small band of lingual frenum remains which is close to the normal size found in most individuals. Happily Cassidy can now stick her tongue out <grin>.

Cassidy from Orange County is a beautiful 13 year old girl with great teeth and no teeth problems.  However she did have a tongue problem.  Cassidy had a overly large lingual frenum, a band of fiber and muscle tissue that attaches from the underside of her tongue to right behind her lower front teeth.  Most people have lingual frenums, but most people have frenums that are much smaller and don’t cause any problems.  But Cassidy’s lingual frenum wasn’t small, and it was causing two problems. First, it restricted her movement of her tongue.  That is where the dental name “tongue tied” came from.  In certain individuals with overly large frenums speech is impaired to some extent.  The other problem is that over the years the tongue, being the very strong muscle that it is, keeps pulling on the overly taught lingual frenum, which is attached to the gums on the inside of the lower front teeth.  Over time this strong muscle movement can pull the gums away from the tooth creating a gum problem which then leads to accelerated gum recession and potential to completely lose one or more of the lower front teeth.

Frenum problems are not restricted to the area connecting the tongue to the back of the lower front teeth, called a lingual frenum.  They are also frequent problems running as a taught fiber band from the upper lip to the space between the upper front two teeth.  This is called a labial frenum and is the common cause of a space between the upper two front teeth.  Frenums can also be found around the upper or lower side teeth, but are not as problematic there.

Laser frenectomy

As a dentist very concerned about preventing such problems with proactive dentistry I discussed Cassidy’s problem with her father who immediately wanted to know how his daughter’s large, tight lingual frenum problem could be corrected. Back in the 1970s when I was first trained in removing labial and lingual frenums, a procedure called a frenectomy, we would just numb up the gum area with local anesthetic (Novocain) and surgically cut out the muscle fiber band with a scalpel.  But over the past decade with the introduction of the dental gum laser, many dentists like me (and oral surgeons and periodontists) are finding that a laser frenectomy can be done more precisely, has less bleeding and also heals up much faster.  It can be used to treat both large labial frenums and large lingual frenums. When the laser fiber touches the frenum fiber during the laser frenectomy procedure it almost seems to “melts” the frenum away.  Cassidy’s dad was pleased that were using the dental gum laser and could treat the reduction of Cassidy’s lingual frenum so precisely and non invasively with newer dental technology.

Cassidy was excited about having the laser frenectomy procedure.  Although she didn’t have any noticeable speech problem with her overly large and tight lingual frenum, she did have obvious restriction on her ability to move her tongue.  And her father was very concerned about preventing the most certain lingual gum recession and associated problems.  Happily, the first thing she “showed off” to her father after we did her laser frenectomy was that she could stick our her tongue!

Dr. Norm Huefner, Laguna Niguel, Orange County cosmetic dentist


Gummy Smile and uneven gums easily corrected with dental gum laser

gummy smile treatment with laser

Top photo: Brandi's gums covered over half of her lower front teeth making them appear as little stubs or baby teeth. Second photo: Immediately after laser gum reshaping which removed unnecessary excess gums and exposed the tooth to its normal length. Note the slight roughness of the gum tissue immediately after the laser treatment. Third photo: One week after laser treatment. The gums are smooth again and 95% healed. Bottom photo: Three weeks after laser treatment. Gums totally healed and Brandi's teeth and gums now look very normal.

Brandi from Laguna Niguel had a gummy smile.  She actually had excess gums that covered over much of her lower front teeth making them appear half the size that they actually were.  Her teeth almost looked like they were baby teeth!  She was very unhappy with the appearance of her tiny teeth and gummy smile and came to Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner to discuss her treatment options.  She didn’t know if she needed to have surgery, dental crowns or veneers or if anything could even be done to improve her smile.

Why some people have a gummy smile?

There are several different reasons why people will have an overly gummy smile, but the most common is that there is simply an excess of gums tissue (i.e. thicker than normal) covering over much of one or more teeth.  The great news that if it is only an excess gums problem, and most often this excess is not useful or necessary, then some of the excess gum tissue can be reduced with a very simple and noninvasive dental procedure called laser gum recontouring or laser gum reshaping.

Laser gum reshaping

In Brandi’s case, she was an excellent candidate for laser gum reshaping to remove that excess gum tissue that was hiding half of her lower front teeth.  In the top photo you can see how much excess gums tissue she had and how small her lower teeth appeared.  When we explained to Brandi that this could be easily corrected with the dental gum laser she was excited and anxious to have Dr. Huefner do the laser treatment.  Dr. Huefner gave Brandi a short acting local anesthetic that would numb her gums for approximately 15-20 minutes.  This short acting local anesthetic would give Dr. Huefner enough time to complete the laser reshaping without causing Brandi any pain or discomfort.

Brandi wanted to know whether there would be a lot of bleeding of her gums during the procedure and if she would be getting stitches.  Happily the answer was no to both of these questions.  The laser actually stops the gums from bleeding and the dental laser procedure never requires stitches in the gums!

In the second photo you can see Brandi’s teeth and gums immediately after the laser gum reshaping.  The dental gum laser temporarily leaves the surface of the gums a little rough.  It is usually just a couple days until the gum surface heals and becomes smooth again, as shown in the third photo one week after the laser gum procedure when it was almost completely healed.  Two weeks later Brandi came back into our office another dental procedure and we took a final photo of the completely healed gums (bottom photo).  Brandi was delighted with the results.  She no longer had a huge excess of gum tissue or short little stub teeth that looked like baby teeth!

Sadly, laser gum reshaping is one of the most under prescribed cosmetic dental procedures.  I can only speculate why.  Most likely because very few dentists actually have been trained and certified using the dental gum laser or have been trained in advanced cosmetic dentistry and smile design.  With the cost of dental gum lasers coming down, more training programs being offered in cosmetic dentistry and more cosmetic awareness of dental consumers, I anticipate this procedure becoming offered and utilized much more to patients who have gummy smiles and can benefit from laser gum reshaping.

As a footnote, there are occasions where excess gums are not the problem and instead is actually an excess of bone around the roots of the teeth.  In those cases laser gum reshaping may only give a slight to moderate improvement.  If a patient requires more than be accomplished with the dental gum laser then a different procedure called dental crown lengthening can be done by a periodontist (dental gum specialist).  However, dental crown lengthening is a minor surgical procedure and considerably more involved than the much less invasive laser gum reshaping.  To determine which of these procedures would best correct the gummy smile problem a cosmetic dentist or periodontist will take some measurements around the gums, which can be done in a matter of just a few minutes.  Usually x-rays are also required.  In our cosmetic dental practice, over 90% of the time laser gum reshaping has been the procedure we have recommended, not the surgical dental crown lengthening.

Complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation

For patients who have a gummy smile, or just uneven gums, and are interested in learning if they are a candidate for laser gum reshaping we offer a no charge initial cosmetic dentistry consultation.  Call Pam or Sue at our office if you wish to schedule this appointment with us.  949-4956322

Dr. Norman Huefner
Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist


Orange County Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Huefner Fixes Bugs Bunny Teeth with Dental Veneers

A professional dancer, Dana thought her Bugs Bunny teeth and gummy smile were hindering her professional career.

Dancer doesn’t like her Bugs Bunny teeth

Dana came to us with a special problem.  She is professional dancer and very conscious about her appearance.  She puts in hundreds of hours of practicing, has a great stage presence and gives great performances but her appearance on stage was diminished by her lackluster smile.  Her goal was to be the best that she could be and it was time for her to make her smile the best that it could be too.  She had already had consultations from a couple of dentists but didn’t have the confidence in either of them to proceed with their treatment recommendations.  She had heard from others that Dr. Huefner was a very reputable Orange County Cosmetic Dentist so came to see us for another opinion.

dental veneers oranger county and laser gum reshaping

Lower photo: Dana, a professional dancer, didn't like her crooked Bugs Bunny teeth and gummy smile. Upper photo: After lower teeth whitening, laser gum reshaping and eight dental veneers Dana had a beautiful, soft, feminine, well balanced smile with white teeth to enhance her dance career.

Before making any recommendations Dr. Huefner always wants to know the patient’s goals.  What is it that they are striving for?  What don’t they like about the way their teeth and smile currently look?  If Dr. Huefner could give her precisely the teeth and smile that she wanted, what would that look like?  Dana has studied her teeth very carefully and was quick to list the things about her teeth and smile that she didn’t like:

  • “My front two teeth stick out, I feel like I have Bugs Bunny teeth”
  • her teeth were too short
  • too crooked
  • too yellow
  • she showed too much of her gums

What she wanted was a bright, white smile that had beautiful straight teeth and less of a gummy smile.  When she was smiling on stage she wanted her teeth to enhance her image rather than detracting from it.

orange county dental veneers and gummy smile correction

Dana chose the color of her new dental veneers, shade BL2 from the tooth shade guide. Her smile makeover with laser gum reshaping and eight dental veneers by Dr. Huefner eliminated her Bugs Bunny smile and gave Dana much more confidence on stage.

Dana was delighted that Dr. Huefner felt her situation was relatively straight forward to accomplish her goals.  He recommended starting by doing tooth bleaching on her lower teeth and doing a relatively easy and uncomplicated cosmetic procedure called laser gum reshaping to make her gums even and reduce her gummy smile.  Then Dr. Huefner recommended placing eight dental veneers.  He would make her dental veneers whiter, which would make her smile look much better on stage. Dr. Huefner agreed with Dana about the Bugs Bunny look and that her teeth were a little short and crooked, and the dental veneers would correct that as well.  One of Dr. Huefner’s biggest goals was to make her very tiny lateral incisors (the teeth next to the two front teeth) a little bigger, as they appeared very tiny and disproportionate to the rest of her teeth.

After carefully listening to Dr. Huefner Dana really appreciated the well thought out course of treatment.  She was thrilled that her entire smile makeover would be completed in less than a month’s time, so she started her treatment right away.  Her teeth bleaching and laser gum recontouring with the dental gum laser went very smooth.

Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner creates beautiful smile for Dana

During the course of treatment Dr. Huefner and Dana had many discussions about the color of her new dental veneers.  Since she really wanted great stage presence Dana chose a more white tooth color shade for her new dental veneers, BL2 from the tooth shade guide.  Although slightly lengthening her teeth with the dental veneers, Dr. Huefner made the dental veneers that were going to be placed on the six smaller teeth a little larger and longer, so they would be better proportioned to her front two central incisors and eliminate that Bugs Bunny look that she hated.  He also gave her a softer and more feminine smile design from the tooth shape catalog.

Dana’s smile makeover with dental veneers was completed on time and a great result achieved.  Afterwards, when asked what she liked best Dana said, “I just feel much more confidant when I smile on stage now.  I don’t know why I was so hesitant to have the treatment because it really went much easier than I ever thought.”

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentist

Patrick Gets Irvine Dental Veneers for Perfect Looking Front Teeth

Irvine dental veneers for perfect looking front teeth

four dental veneers Irvine to fix chipped discolored teeth

Lower photos: Patrick had chipped discolored teeth and had very high expectations for a perfect smile. Upper photos: We bleached his teeth to make them whiter, evened the gums on his two front teeth with the dental gums laser to make them symmetrical and then made Patrick four dental veneers. Patrick was extremely pleased with how perfect his front teeth looked.

Patrick, a patient who comes to us from Irvine was very discouraged.  He had chipped his front two teeth and his teeth had stained and darkened over the years.  “I used to have such a great smile, why is this happening to me and what can I do about it?” asked Patrick.  Knowing more about him helped us make our recommendations.  Patrick was a perfectionist.  Everything in his life had to be done a certain way and that way was usually the best way possible.

chipped front teeth before treating with either composite or porcelain veneers

Patrick had high expectations of a "perfect smile". His teeth were discolored and his front four teeth were chipped and slightly crooked. Many questions needed to be addressed before choosing the best treatment for him.

Answering Patrick’s question, Dr. Huefner explained that there were two things going on, the chipped teeth and the color.  The question of color had to be addressed first and fortunately was easy to fix.  His teeth had just aged and along with years of coffee (he definitely did not smoke), they darkened somewhat over the years.   We explained to Patrick that we could just whiten his teeth with teeth bleaching, which would whiten and brighten his smile a couple shades lighter.  Or if he really wanted white teeth, and to choose and control the desired color he could have dental veneers on the eight or ten upper teeth that he shows when he smiles.

Irvine dental veneers for front teeth

By combining three treatment modalities, teeth whitening, laser gum reshaping and dental veneers, Dr. Huefner created the perfect, natural looking smile that Patrick demanded.

“I want my teeth whiter and cleaner,” said Patrick, “but I certainly don’t want Chiclet white teeth.  They have to look very natural.”  So we suggested that Patrick first start by whitening his teeth with teeth bleaching and after seeing the results we could discuss what solutions we have to correct his chipped front teeth.  Patrick agreed with this, we started him on a home bleaching regimen and he returned a couple weeks later happier that his teeth were whiter, but anxious to discuss his chipped front teeth problem.

Composite or porcelain veneers

“How do you like your teeth now?” we asked Patrick.  He told us he was very satisfied with the color and all his other teeth, but just wanted his front teeth to looks as perfect as the rest of his teeth.  We offered Patrick two solutions to his chipped front tooth problem.  The first was just to do composite bonding onto the edges of his two front teeth, but that would still leave the other two front teeth a little crooked.  There were challenges with composite bonding directly onto the edges of his teeth, they oftentimes don’t last a long time and sometimes the color won’t match exactly.  The second treatment option was to do dental veneers on all four of his upper front teeth.  That would give Dr. Huefner and the most control over making Patrick’s teeth strong, long lasting and looking perfect.

Cost dental veneers

Patrick thought about it for a few minutes, but said he really wanted to know the cost of the dental veneers.   We explained that dental veneers actually cost several times more than composite bonding because it made out of porcelain rather that plastic, it requires two visits rather than one and it actually made by an extremely skilled ceramist in a dental lab.  That made sense to Patrick and he came to a quick decision.  If Dr. Huefner felt that dental veneers would give him the best results and hopefully perfect looking teeth, then he would have dental veneers done.

However Dr. Huefner mentioned one more thing.  The gums on Patrick’s front two teeth were not shaped the same.  If he wanted both teeth to appear the same shape and length then Dr. Huefner should reshape the gums around his two front teeth with the dental gum laser.  Then when he got his dental veneers he would have two perfectly symmetrical front teeth!  Patrick looked carefully at his uneven gums and agreed to Dr. Huefner evening out his gums with the dental gum laser.

Patrick proceeded with the laser gum recontouring and four dental veneers by Dr. Huefner.  The laser gum reshaping went very smooth.  He had a little discomfort the first 24 hours, but didn’t need to take any analgesics for pain, nor did he have to miss any work.  Also his four dental veneers were done in a period of just two weeks.  Patrick got the perfect looking teeth and smile that he always wanted.  Dr. Huefner had the dental veneers made with a masculine shape from the tooth shape library and slight natural texture to match his adjacent teeth.  The results was exceptional; no Chiclet looking dental veneers for Patrick.  Most importantly, the natural look really pleased him!  Look closely at the photos of Irvine dental veneers for Patrick and see if you agree?

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentist

Beauty Queen Gets Dental Veneers by Orange County Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Huefner

beauty pageant queen with dental veneers orange county

Dr. Huefner shown on stage with Dolores at the Mrs. Globe 2004 pageant after Dr. Huefner enhanced Dolores' smile with dental veneers.

Dolores Couceiro from Madrid, Spain, was the reigning Mrs. Spain and won the Mrs. Globe 2002 beauty pageant.  She is one of our favorite patients, as not only is Dolores beautiful but she came all the way from Spain to Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner to have him redo her smile with dental veneers.

As can be seen by the photo of her smile before her cosmetic dental veneers, Dolores had an OK smile, especially by European standards.  However now representing the Mrs. Globe Pageant Dolores needed an outstanding smile.  Her teeth were a bit crooked and definitely discolored.  She said that her goal was to have straight white even teeth.  Dr. Huefner noted that her gums were a little uneven and asked Dolores if she wanted him to even out her gums as well?  She said that she hadn’t noticed that, but now looking at her gums she wanted him to do whatever he could to give her the best smile possible.  Thus Dr. Huefner utilized the dental gum laser and reshaped Dolores’ gums to make them even.

dental veneers orange county for beauty pageant queen by dr. huefner

Dolores Couceior was the reigning Mrs. Globe and came to Dr. Huefner's Orange County cosmetic dental practice to have him make her porcelain veneers.


orange county porcelain veneers shade BL1 and "enhanced" smile design

Lower photo: Dolores had uneven gums, crooked and discolored teeth. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner reshaped Dolores' uneven gums with the dental gum laser to make them even and all the same length. Then he placed ten porcelain veneers utilizing BL1 shade porcelain and the "enhanced" smile design from the LVI smile catalog.

Dr. Huefner then made ten dental veneers for her upper front teeth.  Dolores wanted a whiter smile.  She originally had A3 shade teeth and Dr. Huefner made her new teeth shade BL1 from the tooth shade guide, which is significantly whiter.  He also utilized an “enhanced” smile design from the LVI smile catalog of smile designs.

porcelain veneers orange county for beauty pageant winner

Dolores is a stunning lady and her new dental veneers by Dr. Huefner gave her a stunning smile. Notice how the edges of her upper front teeth follow the curve of her lower teeth when she smiles. This was specifically done when Dr. Huefner designed the length of each of her teeth.

Dolores’ teeth were a bit worn and slightly shorter than they were when she was younger, so one of the things that were very important for Dr. Huefner to do was make her dental veneers slightly longer than her natural teeth were.  The goal was that when Dolores smiled that the edges of her upper teeth with dental veneers would follow closely the curve of her lower lip.  Cosmetic dentists call that “following the smile line.”

orange county dental veneers by dr huefner

Whether indoors or outdoors with natural lighting, Dolores' porcelain veneers gave her a natural, beautiful looking smile.

Another thing that Dr. Huefner incorporated into Dolores’ smile design was making building out her side (bicuspid) teeth to give her a fuller smile.  Many people mistakenly think that the only way to make a person’s dental arch wider is with orthodontics (braces), but cosmetic dentists do this all the time by making dental veneers slightly thicker on teeth that lean.    The end result are not only straight teeth, but the dental arch is wider and the teeth are in proportion and balanced with each other.  Lips and gums are also most definitely taken into consideration when designing the size, shape, thickness and length of the dental veneers.

The end result for this beauty queen from Madrid, Spain, who came Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner  was an amazing new smile created with ten dental veneers.  Her teeth and gums were straight and even, and she got the beautiful white smile that she always wanted.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentist




Gummy smile fixed with non-invasive laser gum reshaping – Orange County Cosmetic Dentist

laser gum reshaping

Top photo: Paul didn't like his gummy smile, which also made his teeth appear too short. Middle photo: Immediately after laser gum reshaping which removed the excess gum tissue around Paul's upper front teeth. Bottom photo: One week after laser gum reshaping Paul's gums had completely healed. He showed less gum tissue when he smiled and his front teeth didn't look as short. Paul also wanted his teeth to be whiter, so the next step for him to do was teeth bleaching.

Paul from Lake Forest, CA, is a sales rep.  He’s a friendly, outgoing guy who is pretty darn successful because he takes great care of all his clients.  He is very confidant in his ability, but there was something that bothered him about his appearance – he showed too much of his gums when he smiled!  Oftentimes this also creates an esthetic dental problem, because if there are too much gum tissue covering the teeth then it can make normal length teeth look too short as well.

After being bothered about the “too much gum showing” issue for several years Paul finally came into our office to ask if anything could be done?  Before answering Paul we needed to make sure there weren’t any other issues that he was concerned about?

We asked him if the spacing between his teeth bothered him.  Also did he like the color and shape of his teeth?  “No, Doc,” Paul answered, “I’m OK with all that.  I don’t need perfect teeth, just hate how much of my gums I show when I smile.  I wouldn’t mind my teeth being a little whiter, but I’m not interested in any kind of major cosmetic dentistry.

So for Paul the solution was very simple.  We could reshape a little of his excess gum tissue with the dental gum laser, which would result in showing less gums and also make his teeth appear more normal in size.  We would do that first, and then if he wanted them whiter we could bleach his teeth the following week.

Paul asked, “Is the laser stuff surgery?”

“No Paul”, Dr. Huefner answered.  “Laser gum reshaping is a very minor non-invasive procedure that only needs a little local anesthetic and heals up in less than a weeks time.  You might feel like taking an Advil or Tylenol that night, and you should stay away from any foods that are acidic or spicy for a few days, but it should go fine and in a week your gums will be healthy, pink and normal looking.”

Paul wanted to know how long the procedure took and if he could do it right then?  Dr. Huefner answered that it would take less than a half hour and he could get started right away if he wanted.

Paul said, “Yep, let’s do it!”

We gave Paul a little local anesthetic around his gums and did the laser gum reshaping as we had planned.  He came back the following week, everything had healed up very nicely and was ready to start the teeth whitening procedure.

The end result was this gentleman from Lake Forest had a much improved, less gummy smile and all it took was one dental office visit!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about Paul’s gum reshaping with the dental gum laser.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita and Lake Forest, CA.

Porcelain Veneers Fullerton Change Unhealthy, Unattractive Teeth and Gums into Beautiful Smile Before Erica Goes to Graduate School

porcelain veneers fullerton

Erica before and after treating her gingivitis, laser gum reshaping and eight porcelain veneers to cover over her unattractive discolored teeth.

Erica didn’t like her discolored teeth and gummy smile

Erica from Fullerton didn’t like her smile.  “My teeth are discolored and I show way too much gums,” she told us at her cosmetic dentistry consultation.  “I’m going to graduate school and I would really like to have pretty teeth and a less gummy smile before I get there.”

First, we discussed Erica’s teeth.  She didn’t like the color of her teeth and that was very understandable.  She fell on her two front teeth in middle school and ended up getting a cap on her left central incisor, which didn’t match the color of any of her teeth.  The trauma of the fall caused both of her central incisors to get infected, so they both turned dark and she ended up getting two root canals.  The rest of her teeth were yellow and moderately discolored.  She was very clear about her goals, telling us “I want whiter teeth and I want them all the same color.” Our recommendations for Erica to give her great looking white teeth was to place porcelain veneers on her upper eight teeth.  That way all of the upper teeth would not only be the same color, but the color she chooses.

Gingivitis and laser gum reshaping treatment

gingivitis and discolored teeth

Erica has a "high lip line" and when she smiles she shows a lot of her teeth and way too much of her gums. Her red, swollen gums caused by gingivitis made her gummy smile even more pronounced. She wanted a great looking smile with white teeth and to show less of her gums.

Then we looked at Erica’s gums, which had two problems.  First, is that she had gingivitis, and so her gums looked very red and inflamed. Second, she had what we commonly call “a high lip line”, meaning when she smiled her upper lip raised up, exposing all of her upper teeth and also a lot of gums.  The first of the two gum problems was easy to fix.  We would clean her teeth, remove all the tartar and plaque and teach her how to properly clean her teeth on a daily basis.  With very little effort at all we expected that her red, inflamed gums would turn to a healthy pink color in a weeks time.  Regarding the second gum issue, showing too much gums when she smiled, Erica could benefit from a simple dental procedure called “laser gum reshaping“.  She had some excess gums overlapping her teeth, but by removing a little of that with the dental laser she would show less gums and more teeth!

Erica was quick to understand her problems and the solutions that we recommended.  “The only problem is,” Erica said to us, “all this had to be done in the next month before I leave Fullerton and go to school out of state!”

laguna niguel dental hygienist

Catherine is Dr. Huefner's dental hygienist.

She was very happy to hear our response, “Yes, all of your cosmetic dentistry can be completed within the next month provided we get started right away.”

We started by Erica seeing Catherine, our dental hygienist.  Since Erica hadn’t had her teeth cleaned in several years it took two appointments with Catherine to get her cleaned and caught up.  But, as we had predicted, within a week Erica no longer had gingivitis and her gums weren’t red any more, but instead pink and very healthy looking.

Then we did some minor laser gum reshaping to reduce the amount of gum tissue Erica showed when she smiled.  This averaged 1-1.5mm per tooth, so she showed a little longer looking teeth and a little less gums.

Porcelain Veneers completed Erica’s smile makeover

Finally, we placed eight porcelain veneers on Erica’s upper teeth.

orange county porcelain veneers

Erica's entire treatment was completed in less than a months time. First, her gingivitis was treated and a little of her excess gum tissue removed with the dental gum laser. Then eight porcelain veneers were placed.

The end result was Erica had beautiful teeth and a gorgeous smile in less than a months time and she went away to graduate school with the smile she always wanted to have!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about Erica’s porcelain veneer treatment and/or laser gum reshaping

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers. Serving the surrounding cities of San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita and Fullerton
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