August 15, 2018

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Veneers vs. Crowns

When people think about fixing their smile and correcting imperfections, they don’t always necessarily know what their best option is. The decision of whether porcelain veneers or crowns are the better fit depends on what condition your teeth are in and what you are trying to correct. At Sensational Smiles, our highly experienced Orange County dentist can help you better understand what your most beneficial option may be. Call us at 949-495-6322 for a consultation.

Both veneers and crowns are porcelain restorations, with the biggest difference laying in the amount of tooth surface that is covered by each. When a tooth requires more protection because it is badly broken down, or has extensive fillings and weak cusps, a crown would be more beneficial as it encases the entire tooth.

Though veneers do provide a level of protection, crowns are better suited to strengthen and protect a damaged tooth due to their full coverage. Veneers cover the front and the sides of the tooth. They are most often used for cosmetic purposes and are aesthetically more pleasing than crowns. They are typically used to correct alignment, color, shape, and contour of the teeth.

If you would like to fix your smile, your best option is to meet with a qualified cosmetic dentist so your teeth can be better assessed. If you reside in the Orange County region and are looking to improve your smile, contact us at 949-495-6322 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Norman Huefner today!

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