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The Benefits of Empress Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most dramatic and effective ways of transforming your smile. Veneers are thin shells of high-quality dental ceramic that are placed over your existing teeth to mask common smile flaws. Crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, misshapen teeth, permanently stained teeth, and other problems can all be addressed through porcelain veneers.

At Huefner Sensational Smiles, we use Empress porcelain veneers to provide our patients with the best possible results. Empress veneers are the result of many years of research in cosmetic dentistry. Using cutting-edge pressed ceramic technology, Empress veneers are up to three times more durable than other types of porcelain veneers, helping them last longer and provide better functional support.

Empress veneers are quickly becoming the top choice for most of our patients who are interested in porcelain veneers. Each veneer is custom-crafted to match your surrounding teeth, and designed provide superior aesthetic results. Empress veneers come in over 20 different shades of white, allowing you to enjoy a completely seamless and natural-looking smile.

If you live in or around Orange County, California, please contact Huefner Sensational Smiles today or call (949) 495-6322 to schedule an initial consultation. We serve patients in Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and surrounding areas of Orange County.

Laguna Niguel Cosmetic Dentist and Porcelain Veneers for Cynthia’s Dark Crooked Teeth

porcelain veneers shade BL2

Lower Photo: Cynthia had crooked discolored teeth. Upper Photo: Cynthia’s beautiful smile with ten porcelain veneers shade BL2 by Dr. Huefner.

Cynthia had slightly crooked teeth, but they were also discolored and worn somewhat.  She came to see Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner because she wanted, finally, to get a great smile with beautiful teeth.  Dr. Huefner asked her how long this had bothered her.  Cynthia answered, “Since I was in high school.”  After examining Cynthia’s teeth, Dr. Huefner told her that she had been taking very good care of her teeth.  She had no cavities or gum problems whatsoever.  One solution was to have orthodontics, and Cynthia’s crooked teeth weren’t too bad and could probably be straightened with Invisalign orthodontics in less than a year’s time.  After that she could bleach her teeth, but would have to wear a retainer for years to come.   The second way was for Dr. Huefner to place porcelain veneers.  She could choose how many teeth she wanted to look perfect and the actual color that the veneers were made.  The porcelain veneer treatment could be completed in just a couple weeks.

It didn’t take long for Cynthia to decide on which treatment she would do.  “I really love the idea of porcelain veneers because I’ve already tried teeth bleaching, but it didn’t whiten my teeth nearly enough.  Also, I don’t have time in my life to do orthodontics.  I travel a lot for business, and now that I’ve finally decided on getting my smile fixed, I want it done as soon as possible,” Cynthia told Dr. Huefner.

After looking at her teeth very closely, Cynthia noticed that she shows ten to twelve teeth when she smiles.  “I want my teeth whiter, and know if I don’t do porcelain veneers on at least ten teeth that I show so much that it would look odd if I did less than that,” Cynthia said.  So, she asked Dr. Huefner to make her ten porcelain veneers, and then chose shade BL2 shade.  Dr. Huefner told her that the BL2 was whiter than most people’s teeth, and would be whiter than her lower teeth, but since she didn’t show so much of her lower teeth he didn’t think it would hardly be noticeable.

Cynthia’s porcelain veneers were completed in less than three weeks time and she got a beautiful smile as a result.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist,

Congenitally missing teeth treated with very esthetic EMax all-porcelain bridges

all porcelain EMax bridges and two EMax porcelain veneers

Photo above: Teri was congenitally missing both of her upper lateral incisor teeth. For years she had two bonded bridges and six porcelain veneers, but she didn’t like many things about them, especially the color, shape and thickness of the teeth. Photo below: Dr. Huefner replaced her old dentistry with two all-porcelain EMax bridges and two EMax porcelain veneers. Teri got to choose the color, and chose the BL2 shade from the tooth shade guide.

Teri was congenitally missing teeth, both of her upper lateral incisors.  Embarrassed to walk around with two front teeth missing, her parents took her to the family dentist who placed two bonded bridges and six porcelain veneers.   Now having no missing teeth showing Teri was relatively happy with her appearance during high school and early twenties.  But when she graduated from college and entered the work force, she started rethinking how she felt about her two bridges.  She realized they just didn’t look as good as she hoped that they would be.  She liked her old dentist and thought he did the best that he could for her, but couldn’t help but feel that in this day and age, cosmetic dentistry probably offers new technology that could give her a much more attractive looking smile.  It was time for Teri to see a cosmetic dentist to discuss her alternatives.

After hearing Teri’s story, Dr. Huefner asked her specifically what didn’t she like about her old dentistry?  Teri said she wanted whiter teeth, that the bridges were too thick, that there was brown staining between each of her teeth and the edges of her teeth were shorter on her left side compared with her right side.

EMax all porcelain bridges

Upper photo: Notice how Teri’s right central and lateral incisors are shorter that the teeth on her left. Ideally the teeth should be symmetrical, the same length and the edges of the incisors follow the curve of Teri’s lower lip when she smiles. Lower photo: By Dr. Huefner making Teri’s bridges the proper length she had a much more attractive and natural looking smile.

Dr. Huefner was happy to tell Teri that there was an alternative available today that he thought would give her a much more attractive smile.  Rather than do bonded bridges for two teeth replacements, and then porcelain veneers for six teeth, or porcelain fused to metal bridges, Dr. Huefner advised using a new type of all-ceramic bridges called EMax along with two porcelain veneers also fabricated out of the EMax material on her bicuspid (side) teeth.  By doing this she wouldn’t have that unattractive staining line between each of her teethand they wouldn’t be bulky and thick like her present dentistry was.  Also, Dr. Huefner would make the edges of the teeth even and symmetrical in length and follow the curve of her lower lip in a natural way.  But one thing that really excited Teri, Dr. Huefner said that she could actually choose the color of her new dentistry, so she could get the white colored teeth that she had always wanted.  She chose shade BL2 from the Dr. Huefner’s tooth shade guide.

Teri was excited to hear Dr. Huefner’s recommendations and began her treatment almost immediately.  Her entire treatment, EMax bridges and veneers went smoothly and just as Dr. Huefner had planned.  Teri’s new smile makeover with two all porcelain EMax bridges and two EMax porcelain veneers was completed in just under a month’s time.  As you can see from the photos, Teri got a terrific result and her new smile looks much more attractive by using a better design and all porcelain EMax material rather than traditional porcelain fused to metal bridges that dentists have been using for the past three quarters of a century.

For patients not able or willing to have dental implants to treat their congenitally missing teeth, EMax all porcelain bridges should be given much considerations based on its many advantages and superior esthetics.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist serving Orange County and surrounding cities of Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Irvine and Newport Beach

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