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Smile Makeovers and Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are often included in a smile makeover. The whole point of a smile makeover is to tailor cosmetic dentistry procedures to your desired outcome. Veneers are often used because they are versatile, simple and effective.

Porcelain veneers can be used for multiple purposes, including:

After your customized porcelain veneers are designed and created, they are applied in a minimally invasive procedure. The veneer is bonded to your tooth enamel, which may be gently roughened with a gentle stream of air and cleaning powder.  This gives a better tooth surface for the porcelain veneer cement to adhere to. Once the veneers are bonded and set, they may last for as long as 20 years, or possibly longer.

The numerous uses of porcelain veneers make them an ideal treatment to include in a smile makeover. If your gum shape also needs to be improved, your smile makeover may include veneers and another treatment such as gum recontouring or crown lengthening with our dental gum laser.

To make over your smile, Dr. Huefner will choose the right combination of dentistry procedures to create the look you want.

If you are interested in porcelain veneers or a smile makeover and live in Orange County, California, please contact Dr. Norman Huefner, General and Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule a consultation.

Worn old looking smile rejuvenated with porcelain veneers by DrHuefner

younger looking smile with porcelain veneers

Photo below: Roselyn’s teeth were very worn. She is only forty, but her teeth looked twice that age. Also, she wanted whiter teeth and for her teeth to be straight, with no gaps inbetween them.
Photo above: Dr. Huefner made ten porcelain veneers for Roselyn. He made her veneers longer than her worn teeth were, about the length they were when she was a teenager. Roselyn chose the color she wanted for her new teeth, a BL1 tooth shade, which is one of the whitest natural looking shades available for porcelain veneers and crowns. Also, Dr. Huefner made her teeth straight with the porcelain veneers. She was very happy to loose the crooked, old looking smile and loved the more attractive and youthful looking smile that Dr. Huefner made for her.

Roselyn, a very active and young-at-heart lady who just turned forty was feeling that her appearance was getting away from her.  “When I smile my teeth are so short and worn that I feel it makes me look really old,” she told Dr. Huefner.  Upon looking at Roselyn’s teeth it was quite obvious what she was referring to.  Her teeth were quite worn, something we might normally expect from someone twice her age.

“I see exactly what you are telling me,” Dr. Huefner told her.  “Yes, your teeth are extremely worn.  You know, if you keep this up you are going to wear your teeth down to little stubs.”  Dr. Huefner went on to ask Roselyn if there were any other things that concerned her?

“Well, the color of my teeth are really dark and discolored.  I’ve always wanted clean, white teeth.  Is that something that you can fix for me?” She asked Dr. Huefner.

Dr. Huefner answered Roselyn that before he started recommending any treatment he needed to know if there was anything else with her teeth that she wanted him to address?  Roselyn said, “One more thing.  My teeth are crooked and spaced.  I feel like maybe the best way for me to go is just pull ’em all out and give me dentures.”

Roselyn’s last statement really shocked Dr. Huefner!  “No Roselyn, we certainly don’t have to do that.  We can fix the three things that concern you with porcelain veneers, a very common cosmetic dental treatment that we do today.  It will make your teeth longer, and I can make them the same length they were for you when you were a teenager.  Also, we can make your veneers white and in fact, you can choose the color we make your teeth.  And lastly, we can make your teeth straight and even, as if your had braces. But we can do all this in just under a month’s time,” Dr. Huefner told Roselyn.

She was amazed.  She couldn’t believe that she could go from an old looking smile to a beautiful, younger looking smile with porcelain veneers and that her entire treatment could be done so quickly.  After discussing some other options and Dr. Huefner answering some more questions about porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry, Roselyn agreed to Dr. Huefner’s treatment recommendations.  And as Dr. Huefner had promised, Roselyn had her new, younger looking smile with porcelain veneers in less than a month’s time.

After her treatment was completed Dr. Huefner asked Roselyn how she felt about her new smile?  “I just love my new teeth, the veneers make me look so much younger than I looked before,” she told Dr. Huefner.

Dr. Norman Huefner, cosmetic dentist serving Orange County, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Making a Black Front Tooth Look Normal Again

black line around porcelain crown

After Peg’s tooth had abscessed and turned black her family dentist treated the infection with a root canal and tried to make the tooth look normal by placing a porcelain fused to metal crown over the underlying black tooth. It was a big improvement, but over the years Peg’s gums receded a little and she became increasingly dissatisfied with its appearance. She came to Dr. Huefner to see if he could improve upon the results.

Peg had a blow to her front tooth when she was in high school.  It hurt for a couple days and then turned into a black front tooth.  This was horrible and she was really embarrassed!  Peg was really upset with the way it looked.  Her mother took Peg to the family dentist and he told her that it had abscessed, and that she needed to have a root canal to to stop the infection and prevent her from losing the tooth, and then she would need a porcelain crown to strengthen the tooth, hide the black front tooth and make it look the same color of her other teeth.  She had the treatment her family dentist had recommended and was very relieved with the improvement.

However, over the next ten years she became less and less satisfied with way the crown didn’t exactly match the color of her other teeth.  Then her gums started receding around the crown and there was a black line around the gums and she could see part of the root below the crown and it was very dark.  Finally she decided she couldn’t like with the way it looked any more and came in to see Dr. Huefner to get his opinion as to whether there was any other treatment that would make the ugly crowned tooth look like the rest of her teeth?

When Dr. Huefner looked at her crown he could see her concerns.  When the old crown was done years ago dentists often used a type of crown called porcelain fused to metal.  A gold crown was made to fit the remaining tooth, and then porcelain covered over the outside of the gold crown.  This type of crown is still popular today, especially for back teeth.  However, due to the nature of having a metal understructure, the light doesn’t go through the porcelain-metal crown in the same way it does natural teeth, and thus oftentimes these types of crowns look a bit artificial because of their opacity.  In addition, after Peg’s infection, the root had turned black.  In order to make a new crown for Peg Dr. Huefner would have to change the black color of the underlying black tooth to a normal tooth color, and then use an all ceramic rather than porcelain fused to metal crown.

“Wow, I didn’t think it would be that complicated,” Peg told Dr. Huefner.  “But if that is what you have to do to make my front teeth look good again, I’m ready to have you redo my front crown.”

Black front tooth

After Dr. Huefner removed Peg’s crown he could see the challenge. In order to use a natural looking all-porcelain crown (with no metal understructure) Dr. Huefner would have to use a special technique to turn the black tooth into a more normal colored tooth. He did this using tooth colored composite resin filling material.

The first thing Dr. Huefner had to do was take off the old porcelain fused to metal crown.  It actually came off pretty easy in about five minutes.  And when the crown was off Dr. Huefner could see the challenge he was really up to with the black front tooth!  The technique Dr. Huefner used was one he had learned while training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies some fifteen years ago.  He had to drill away the black part of the underlying tooth and the replace the black with a normal colored tooth filling material.  After than was done Dr. Huefner prepared the tooth for an all porcelain crown, one that would not have any underlying metal this time!

Of special concern was that Peg had unique pigmentation and more than normal translucency in her natural teeth.  Therefore Dr. Huefner needed to instruct the laboratory on how to duplicate those colors so that Peg’s new all porcelain crown would match her other teeth as closely as possible.

Black front tooth corrected with all-porcelain crown

The final results of Peg’s new all-porcelain crown was outstanding. No more metal in the crown, no more black tooth, no more black line around the gums. Her tooth looked natural again and matched her other teeth. Peg was very pleased with the results Dr. Huefner achieved for her.

The results came out great.  Peg was ecstatic!  Finally no more black front tooth and she could smile again with confidence.

Dr. Norman Huefner,  Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist

Porcelain Veneers Overhaul Mary’s Smile – AMAZING RESULTS

Laguna Niguel porcelain veneers

Mary’s smile makeover with eight new porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. She chose a BL2 tooth shade and asked Dr. Huefner to make her new veneers a little longer than her natural teeth were. Not only was her smile stunning, but it looked so real and natural that it looked like “real teeth”, not cosmetic dentistry.

Mary had two porcelain veneers placed on her lateral incisors several years ago.  Mary said, “They are thick and gray.  They don’t look like real teeth.  What I want is my smile to show brighter, whiter teeth, and I want them to be real looking and straight.  Can you do this for me with porcelain veneers?”

Mary’s discolored, crooked, short teeth before Dr. Huefner made her eight new porcelain veneers.

Having seen several other cosmetic dentists before coming to see us, and doing some research, it was pleasing to treat Mary because she knew exactly what kind of cosmetic dental treatment she wanted to have done, porcelain veneers.  She knew to make all the teeth straight and the same color (white and bright) that at least eight upper teeth would need to get porcelain veneers because she showed eight teeth when she smiled.  So, since we knew the treatment and how many teeth needed to get porcelain veneers the next decisions to make was exactly what color did Mary want her new porcelain veneers to be, and how long to make them.  She looked carefully at the color of her teeth, which were pretty discolored, and chose the BL2 tooth shade from the tooth shade guide for her new veneers.  With regard to the length of her teeth, Mary said she wanted a “bigger smile” and thought that her teeth were a little to small.  Thus we chose to make her new porcelain veneers a little longer in length.

Orange County porcelain veneers for Mary

Above: Mary’s new smile with eight porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. Below: Mary’s teeth before cosmetic dental treatment. Note how discolored and crooked her teeth were. Also that her lateral incisors, which had previous porcelain veneers by her old dentist, didn’t match and were very thick and natural looking. The end result is that Mary was very pleased, getting the truly beautiful smile that she had always wanted.

Mary’s porcelain veneer treatment went smoothly and she got her new smile makeover completed within three weeks.

Dr. Norman Huefner,  Orange County Cosmetic Dentist in Laguna Niguel, CA

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