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Teeth Spaces Closed with Orange County Porcelain Veneers

spaced teeth corrected with Orange County porcelain veneers

Below: Rudy didn’t like all the spacing around his teeth. He also wanted whiter teeth. He was relieved to learn that two years of braces with years after wearing retainers wasn’t his only option. Above: In just two weeks Dr. Huefner made Rudy eight Orange County porcelain veneers and gave him a terrific looking smile!

Rudy just got out of the military.  A single man in his late 20s, now going to school and working part time, Rudy wanted to look his best.  He knew that appearances are important, whether with the ladies or when looking for a better job.

The first thing Rudy asked when he came to Dr. Huefner’s office for his complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation is “Do I have to have braces to get rid of the spaces between my front teeth?”  He went on to tell us that over the years he has seen other dentists, and they all recommended he get braces.

spaced teeth before orange county porcelain veneers

Rudy’s spaced teeth problem was because the size of his teeth was too small in proportion to the size of his jaws. Orange County porcelain veneers made the teeth a little wider, closing the spaces.

Dr. Huefner explained to Rudy that in his opinion braces were not the best treatment to close his spaces.  “Why do you say that?”, Rudy asked Dr. Huefner.

“You are a fully grown man.  It will probably take the orthodontist two years to close all the spaces and then, after the braces come off he/she will tell you that you need to wear a retainer the rest of your life or else the spaces will come back,” Dr. Huefner explained to Rudy.  “Most adults don’t handle two years of braces very well, and by the time the braces come off they are burnt out and don’t wear their retainer.  Thus, their spaces start coming back and the two years of braces turns out to be very disappointing to them.”

Rudy was in luck, Dr. Huefner explained that adults like him with slight to moderate spacing between their teeth are oftentimes perfect candidates for Orange County porcelain veneers.  Not only could Dr. Huefner close Rudy’s spaces, but he can make Rudy’s teeth whiter and give them a better, more masculine shape.  Rudy was very relieved that he didn’t have to get braces, and ecstatic when he learned that Dr. Huefner could fix his tooth spacing problem with Orange County porcelain veneers in just a couple weeks time.

eight Orange County porcelain veneers shade BL2

The results for Rudy’s new smile was outstanding. Dr. Huefner not only closed the spaces with his Orange County porcelain veneers, but also gave Rudy’s “new teeth” a more masculine shape. Incidentally, Rudy chose a pretty white color for his new veneers, shade BL2.

Rudy preceded to have Dr. Huefner make him eight Orange County porcelain veneers, and his new smile came out incredible.  He felt like a new man.  “This looks great Doc,” Rudy told Dr. Huefner.  “I have always hated my teeth and the spacing, but now I love my new smile.  Thanks a million!”

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County Porcelain Veneers


Smile Maintenance with Porcelain Veneers

Good oral hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. To maintain the cosmetic character of your smile, including an appealing tooth shade, porcelain veneers can create:

  • Stainless, white teeth
  • Straight, appealing teeth
  • An even, symmetrical smile

As time passes, you may notice your natural teeth yellowing or darkening. You may also notice the edges of your teeth have begun to wear or even become noticeably shorter. You may have even chipped a tooth. As we grow older, our teeth often suffer cosmetically unless we maintain them and make some cosmetic improvements to them.

Porcelain veneers can address just about any cosmetic tooth issue. They can be used to whiten your teeth, and you can choose the color you want. They are highly stain-resistant, and will provide whiter teeth for many years.

Porcelain veneers can also be utilized to conceal fillings, tooth chips and cracks. If you have chipped a tooth, porcelain veneers provide a less invasive treatment option than dental crowns. Although, a crown may be necessary if the chip or crack is extensive.

Porcelain veneers are a versatile, effective way to maintain the cosmetic aspects of your smile in a minimally invasive, long-term way.

If you live in Orange County, California and would like to learn more about porcelain veneers, please contact Dr. Norman Huefner, General and Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule a consultation.

Life changing Irvine porcelain veneers for Danielle

irvine porcelain veneers

Below: Danielle was very displeased with her teeth, especially the ugly looking cap on her front tooth. She also wanted whiter teeth the weren’t crooked. Above: Dr. Huefner bleached her lower teeth, did some minor gum reshaping around several of her upper teeth to reduce some of the “gummyness”. He then replaced the ugly porcelain crown with a new all ceramic crown and placed nine porcelain veneers. The result Danielle was life changing.

Irvine Porcelain Veneers

Danielle, a thirty year old mother of two from Irvine, came to us very distraught about her teeth and smile.  A number of years ago she had fallen and chipped her right front tooth.  She told us that her dentist at the time “put a cap on it.”  However, she never liked the cap.  It didn’t match the rest of her teeth in color, and there was a dark black line were the gums were next to the tooth.  “I just hate smiling,” she said, “and I hate seeing my teeth in photos.  She went on to tell us how the tooth turned black and needed to have a root canal before the dentist would make the new crown for her.

We told Danielle that we were confidant that we could make her a new crown that would match her other teeth much better, and wouldn’t have any black line around the gums.  Danielle replied that was great, but even though the one front tooth was the thing she disliked the most about her teeth, she didn’t like her other teeth either.  They were all kind of yellow, she thought that she showed too much of her gums when she smiled and her teeth were crooked and out of proportion.  She told Dr. Huefner that she was desperate.  Was there anything he could do to completely redo her upper front teeth with cosmetic dentistry so that she could have confidence when she smiled?

After hearing Danielle’s expectation Dr. Huefner did a detailed analysis of her smile.  He measured her teeth and gums, looked carefully at her bite and how much of her teeth and gums showed when she smiled.  “I think today is your lucky day,” Dr. Huefner told Danielle.  “With some of the new techniques that cosmetic dentists are utilizing today I feel very confidant that we could do a smile makeover for you that would accomplish all of your goals.”

First, Dr. Huefner recommended that he do some laser reshaping of her gums.  That would reduce the amount of gums that she showed, and make the length of the teeth in much better proportion when she smiled.  Second, he recommended bleaching her lower teeth, which would enable him to use a much whiter color for her upper teeth.  But doing cosmetic dentistry on her upper front teeth was the key.  He would replace the one cap that she hated with an all ceramic cap.  On her other teeth he would place Irvine porcelain veneers.  At the end of treatment she would have white, straight teeth and a killer smile!

Dr. Huefner felt that Danielle’s “new teeth” would make a more attractive smile if they were a little longer. He planned on accomplishing this by doing some minor laser reshaping of her gums to remove the gummyness, and also making the new crown and porcelain veneers longer than her natural teeth were. This would give her a more normal overbite.

One of the things that Dr. Huefner stressed to Danielle was that he suggested making her “new teeth” a little longer, not only at the gum line with the dental laser, but also at the edges of the teeth.  Danielle had almost no overbite at all, and by lengthening the teeth slightly it would give her a much more normal smile.  Danielle was very hesitant about that idea. “What if I don’t like how long you make them.  Would you have to redo all the Irvine porcelain veneers and crown to make them shorter?”

Dr. Huefner assured Danielle that wouldn’t need to be done because he and Danielle would determine the length, shape and color of the teeth in the “trial smile” stage of her treatment.  “Huh?”, answered Danielle, “I don’t understand.”

Dr. Huefner explained that he would first make her temporary veneers and temporary crown based on a design he would create that he thought would make her smile look it’s very best.  She would be able to wear that “trail smile” for several days to evaluate it. “It’s kind of like taking a test drive,” Dr. Huefner told Danielle.  “You get to evaluate my smile design, the color, shape, position and length of all the teeth.  If there are any changes you want to make, we will do that for you either on the trial smile or by noting those changes to our ceramist who will be making your new Irvine porcelain veneers.”

Danielle started feeling much more comfortable about the entire treatment and process that Dr. Huefner was recommending.  She really liked the fact that many unknowns would be worked out BEFORE the actual Irvine porcelain veneers and porcelain crown were made!

A few weeks later Danielle returned to begin her treatment.  She started bleaching her lower teeth and Dr. Huefner reshaped some of her gums with the dental gum laser.  She was amazed on how easy both of those two procedures went.  Then Dr. Huefner removed the old porcelain crown that she hated and placed Danielle’s trial smile with the temporary crown and veneers.  She returned a few days later to discuss the smile design.  “I absolutely love the length of the teeth,” she told Dr. Huefner.  “There is only one thing I want changed…..I want the color to be a little whiter.”

Dr. Huefner and Danielle looked again at all the tooth color shades from the tooth shade guide.  Dr. Huefner advised Danielle not to choose BL1, the whitest tooth shade.  The reason is that Danielle’s upper lip goes up exposing all of her front teeth when she smiles.  This allows a lot of light to reach the teeth, and she may then feel that her teeth are way too bright.  Danielle understood his explanation, and chose a BL2 tooth shade, one of the most popular shade he uses according to Dr. Huefner.  “BL2 will look white enough for you without looking over the top, or too white,” he told Danielle.

BL2 shade porcelain veneers irvine

Danielle chose BL2 shade from the tooth shade guide for her new porcelain crown and porcelain veneers. This tooth color was the perfect choice for her. The new teeth were made slightly longer than her natural teeth were, which gave her a normal overbite and less gummy looking smile. The new porcelain crown and porcelain veneers also made her teeth straight and all the darkness that was seen on her original crown was eliminated. Danielle was the first to agree that her new smile was absolutely beautiful and life changing for her!

Two weeks later Danielle returned to try on the Irvine porcelain veneers and porcelain crown that Dr. Huefner’s ceramist, Dave Stohlman from LK Dental Studio, had made her.  Dr. Huefner said that she needed to preview them in three different lighting conditions: natural daylight, incandescent light and fluorescent light.  He wanted to make sure shed like the color of her teeth in all three lighting conditions.  She did that and approved the BL2 color.  Danielle loved her new Irvine porcelain veneers, especially the added length that Dr. Huefner had made them.  She gave Dr. Huefner her written permission accepting them for permanent placement.  Dr. Huefner then used his dental curing laser and bonded on Danielle’s new all ceramic crown and nine Irvine porcelain veneers.

Needless to say, Danielle was ecstatic with the results and her new smile.  Now she has a beautiful smile and all the confidence in the world when photos are taken of her.  Mission accomplished and one very happy lady!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Irvine cosmetic dentist, serving Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita


BL3 shade porcelain veneers for Heidi

BL3 porcelain veneert shade

After much discussion and thought, Heidi chose BL3 shade for her six porcelain veneers and two porcelain crowns

BL3 shade porcelain veneers

Heidi is a very sweet lady who had just turned sixty.  She has been a patient in Dr. Huefner’s dental practice in Laguna Niguel for twenty years.  Her teeth were healthy, but she a lot of “old dentistry” that over the years became more aged and unattractive.  Heidi is relatively conservative, and although neat and well groomed, isn’t someone who spends a lot of effort on her appearance trying to impress anyone.  She has a “natural smile” , but the natural way her teeth looked was starting to concern her.  She didn’t have that “fresh look” any more.  In the back of her mind she knew that one day she needed to redo much of her old, unsightly dentistry.  Finally one day something happened that she never would have predicted.  She was babysitting her granddaughter and seemingly out of nowhere, her granddaughter said “Grandma, how come your teeth are so dark and yucky?”

She knew that over the years she had taken the way her teeth looked for granted.  But if her granddaughter thought that, how many other people were thinking that same thing but were just too polite to mention it?  I love being a grandmother, Heidi thought to herself, I just don’t want to look old.  Heidi had her dental cleaning coming up in a few weeks.  She decided it was time to talk with Dr. Huefner about replacing her old dentistry and improving the way her teeth and smile look.

Heidi loved being a grandmother, but didn’t want to look old. When her granddaughter commented about how dark and dingy her teeth looked she realized it was time to upgrade her old dentistry and give herself a more more attractive smile.

At her appointment Dr. Huefner and Heidi discussed her dental problems.  She had a couple crowns, but they didn’t match the color of the rest of her teeth and the gums around the crown on her right front tooth had receded over the years showing the unsightly black line of the metal edge of the crown around her gums.  Also, she had chipped her left front tooth about twenty years ago, and the bonded filling had really discolored.  Dr. Huefner explained that if that was all she wanted corrected, he could certainly just redo the old dentistry on those two teeth alone.  However, was she just looking to correct those two problems or were there other things the she also wanted improved?  Heidi was a bit shy about answering Dr. Huefner’s question, as she certainly didn’t want for him to think she was vein.  She said, “If I decide to do cosmetic dentistry I think I’d really like to know what else could be done to give me a much nicer smile.  I’m not a beauty queen and I’m certainly not a young lady any longer, but it would sure be nice to have teeth that when I smile make me look a bit more attractive and a few years younger to boot.”

With that Dr. Huefner knew precisely the cosmetic dentistry that would best serve Heidi.  He recommended replacing two of Heidi’s old porcelain over metal crowns with all porcelain crowns, and then place porcelain veneers on six of Heidi’s other upper front teeth.  When she smiled the eight upper front teeth that she showed would all be straight and uniform, and certainly make her smile look ten to twenty years younger and definitely much more attractive!  After talking at length with Dr. Huefner, Heidi said that she needed to go home and discuss this with her husband George.  “This all sounds good to me Dr. Huefner, but this is a big decision and a big investment for me.  I usually don’t make decisions like this very quickly, but after speaking with George I’ll let you know,” she said.

A week later Heidi called very excited!  George knew this was something that was important to her, and he was very supportive of her getting the smile makeover that Heidi and Dr. Huefner had discussed.  But before beginning, Heidi wanted to discuss one more very important decision.  How white would Dr. Huefner make her teeth?

Dr. Huefner explained to Heidi that in his cosmetic dental practice in Laguna Niguel the patient chooses the color of the crowns or porcelain veneers.  He went on to tell her that he would certainly recommend the color of the new porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers he thinks will look best for Heidi, but the ultimate decision will be hers.  He showed Heidi the tooth shade guide, and held up several of the colors tabs next to her teeth.  Right away Heidi eliminated the sixteen colors in the natural color range and focused her decision to the four color tabs in the bleaching shade range, BL1, BL2, BL3 and BL4.

Dr. Huefner went on to explain more about what colors other patients had chosen and their reasons.  The most popular tooth shade by far for porcelain veneers and smile makeovers was BL2, the second from the whitest.  The second most popular was BL1, the whitest natural tooth color in common use by cosmetic dentists.  Knowing that Heidi is a pretty conservative when it comes to her appearance, Dr. Huefner and his assistant Kathy felt that BL1 would be “over the top” for Heidi.  Heidi appreciated hearing that.  “I’ve seen people with really white looking teeth when I see that it really looks fake to me,” she told them.  “I’m too old to look like that.  The color I choose has to look much more natural.”

BL3 porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns

BL3 shade porcelain veneers and crowns used by Dr. Huefner to give Heidi a much more youthful and attractive smile. Although Heidi’s old dentistry could have lasted years longer, it was time to replace the “old looking dentistry” and upgrade her smile.

After much discussion and thought, Heidi chose BL3 shade porcelain veneers from the bleaching shade guide.  It’s definitely whiter than most natural teeth, but not over the top.  Also, she though it would be much more age appropriate than BL2 or BL1.  Dr. Huefner and his assistant Kathy agreed with her decision, but saying that they also told her that they thought she would look great with shade BL2 porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.  However, since Heidi was only doing eight teeth, and actually showed ten teeth when she smiled, the BL3 shade would blend in less conspicuously with her other darker back crowns that she wasn’t going to redo.  The BL3 shade porcelain veneers porcelain crowns was an excellent choice for Heidi.

Heidi got her smile makeover with BL3 shade porcelain veneers in just a couple dental appointments over a three week period.  She loved the results, and has never again heard those dreaded words from her granddaughter about having such dark, dingy teeth!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel cosmetic dentist


Porcelain Veneers Helped Nancy Look Younger

Below: Nancy felt her worn, crooked and discolored teeth made her look older. She wanted a more youthful and attractive smile because her daughter’s wedding was coming up soon. Above: Dr. Huefner made Nancy ten porcelain veneers, all a much whiter in color and more youthful in shape.

Nancy from Mission Viejo, CA, wanted to look younger.  Her children were finally out of the house and her older daughter was going to get married in several months.  Wanting to look her best for he daughter’s wedding, Nancy started looking a lot closer at her own appearance.  The thing she disliked most was “hod old” she felt her teeth made her look!  She is fifty years old, but Nancy felt the appearance of her teeth and smile made her look twenty years older.  Nancy made up her mind to consult with Dr. Huefner for cosmetic dentistry.

At her consultation Nancy she told him about wanting to look younger. Dr. Huefner asked if there was anything “special” about why she finally decided to do something about the appearance of her teeth?  Nancy quickly told Dr. Huefner about the upcoming wedding and her embarrassment about how old she felt her teeth made her look.  “How can you make my teeth look younger,” Nancy asked Dr. Huefner.

Nancy’s teeth were worn, crooked and discolored. When she smiled in her daughter’s wedding photos, she didn’t want her daughter to be embarrassed. Nancy liked Dr. Huefner’s treatment recommendations to remake her smile with ten porcelain veneers.

After carefully evaluating Nancy’s teeth and smile, Dr. Huefner said that his suggestion is to place porcelain veneers on Nancy’s ten upper front teeth.  Nancy’s teeth were discolored and worn, but by making the porcelain veneers a lighter color and using a more normal unworn shape, Nancy would end up with a very attractive smile which would look much younger.  Nancy liked that idea!

Nancy went home and discussed things with her husband John.  He knew how important this was for Nancy, and was very supportive of her decision to have Dr. Huefner do a smile makeover for her with ten porcelain veneers.

Mission Viejo porcelain veneers

Nancy’s completed smile makeover with ten porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner. which is definitely more attractive and youthful then she had prior to Dr. Huefner’s cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Huefner began Nancy’s treatment two weeks later and Nancy’s entire treatment was completed three weeks later.  Her smile is ten times better looking than it was and much more attractive and youthful.  Now after getting her smile makeover Nancy has all the confidence to “smile big” for her daughter’s upcoming wedding!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County cosmetic dentist, serving Mission Viejo, Irvine and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA



Beautiful Smile and Perfect Teeth with Orange County Porcelain Veneers

Former Mrs. U.S.-Globe beauty pageant winner Jill Frick gets smile makeover by Dr. Huefner with Orange County porcelain veneers

The other day I had a conversation with former Orange County resident and Mrs. U.S. Globe beauty pageant winner, Jill Frick.  I had made Orange County porcelain veneers for her over ten years ago.  I was so pleased to see how beautiful her smile still was, and how beautiful the Orange County porcelain veneers I made her still were and how well they were still holding up.  Since then I’ve done smile makeovers with Orange County porcelain veneers for over a dozen beauty pageant winners, along with several models and actresses.  But Jill’s story is typical of someone who was beautiful to begin with, but after having Orange County porcelain veneers becomes even more beautiful and attractive.

Jill had composite bonding that over the years had been chipping away and discoloring. After discussing her goals with Dr. Huefner Jill decided it was time to upgrade her smile with a more permanent and better looking treatment, Orange County porcelain veneers.

It started out very simply, Jill had had plastic composite bonding on her front teeth that was done to overcome some of the cosmetic issues with older fillings and darkened teeth.  But plastic bonding, also called composite bonding, has certain limitations compared with the Orange County porcelain veneers that we use today.  Her plastic bonding wasn’t as strong and started chipping and discoloring.  It was at the point that she knew it was time for her to had her smile makeover redone, but this time with modern Orange County porcelain veneers instead of the composite bonding.

Before we started Jill made it very clear to me that this time she wanted her teeth to look much better than the composite veneers she already had.  She wanted her new teeth to be whiter, natural looking, and very elegant looking.  You see Jill had been a national spokesperson for the Women In Need Foundation’s abuse recovery program.  She was often on stage, speaking to groups about the program she was so dedicated to.  It was very obvious that Jill wanted me to give her my very best.  Without hesitation, I assured her that I would do just that!

This is the “trial smile” that Jill wore on her teeth after Dr. Huefner removed her old composite bonding. Dr. Huefner used these temporary composite veneers to determine Jill’s final smile design, specifically the shape, length, proportion and color of the final Orange County porcelain veneers that master ceramist Dave Stohlman would be making for her.

So, the first thing I did for Jill was bleach (whiten) her lower teeth and remove her old composite plastic bonding and place temporary veneers.  We call this phase of treatment “the trial smile”.  In one visit I custom made Jill ten plastic veneers of the color, length and shape of the Orange County porcelain veneers that I envisioned for her.  This was a very important step, a “test drive” so to speak, because if Jill liked the shape, length and color of her trial smile I would then duplicate that design in her final Orange County porcelain veneers.  The trial smile would serve as a template for them.  However, if Jill didn’t like the design, or wanted one or more elements changed, we would do that, or make note of the changes, before making the Orange County porcelain veneers.  I was very pleased that after wearing her trial smile Jill returned to my office a few days later loving the smile design I had done for her and gave me full written approval to move forward with the actual Orange County porcelain veneers following that design.  We did add a couple minor elements in the final design that wasn’t possible in the trial smile plastic temporary veneers.  We added natural incisal translucency to the tips or edges of her Orange County porcelain veneers, whitened the color slightly, and also added some very slight surface texture that imparts a real natualness to the Orange County porcelain veneers, especially when light is seen reflecting off of the surface.

I sent all of the very specific design information to Dave Stohlman, the master ceramist I use for most of my Orange County porcelain veneers.  It took Dave a couple weeks to complete Jills final Orange County porcelain veneers, but there was no rush.  Jill was very comfortable wearing the beautiful trial smile temporary veners, as after all, they looked almost perfect themselves.

Jill’s final smile design with Orange County porcelain veneers done by Dr. Huefner and master ceramist Dave Stohlman. Jill was extremely pleased with the final results, especially the color and shape of her new porcelain veneers. Many people would argue that Jill’s smile makeover gave her a perfect smile. You be the judge.

When we finally got the Orange County porcelain veneers back from Dave Stohlman, we had Jill return so that we could remove the trial smile temporary veneers, and try in the Orange County porcelain veneers for her approval.  Jill absolutely loved them!  We then bonded on the Orange County porcelain veneers utilizing our dental laser and a translucent bonding cement that gave her final Orange County porcelain veneers a very natural and life like look to them.

As a dentist who absolutely loves doing cosmetic dental treatment and all of the very specific minutia necessary to get a superlative result like with did for Jill with her Orange County porcelain veneers I could go on and on, describing countless aspects of all the details done for Jill.  And (laughing to myself), if you’ve gotten this far reading this post, you certainly know that I could do just that.  However, I will let the final photos of Jill’s Orange County porcelain veneers speak for our treatment more than any words could.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County cosmetic dentist, serving Newport Beach, Irvine and Laguna Niguel, CA


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