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San Diego cosmetic dentist helps Donna look younger and more attractive

Lower photos: Donna felt her teeth were crooked and yellow and desperately wanted a whiter, more youthful and attractive smile. Upper photos: Dr. Huefner did a smile makeover for Donna with all-ceramic non-metal porcelain crowns, giving her white, straight teeth.

Donna is an attractive professional lady in her 40s, married and the mother of two and lives in San Diego.  In her profession she knows that her appearance is important and has always worked hard to look her best.  Fifteen years ago she went to a San Diego cosmetic dentist because she chipped her front teeth.  Her dentist saw that she also had large discolored fillings in her teeth and recommended that he put porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns on her front four teeth.  She followed his advice and the metal based porcelain crowns were placed.  Since then she has been very aware of her teeth, especially her own.  She started realizing that although her teeth were healthy, they just didn’t look very attractive.  Something needed to be done to give Donna a better looking smile.

She came to Dr. Huefner, San Diego cosmetic dentist as he was recommended to her by one of her colleagues.  She wanted Dr. Huefner’s recommendations on what could be done with modern techniques in cosmetic dentistry to give her a younger looking and more attractive teeth and smile?  Before rushing to make any recommendations Dr. Huefner asked Donna what younger and more attractive looking teeth look like?  She answered:

  • Teeth are white, not yellow like mine
  • Teeth are straight, not crooked like mine
  • Gums are even and there isn’t a darkness around the teeth in the gums
  • Teeth look “real”, not fake like my caps

Lower photo: Donna's old crowns were yellow, lifeless and unattractive. Also they produced dark lines around Donna's gums. Upper photo: Donna got the beautiful straight, white teeth she wanted. Also her gums returned to normal and there were no black lines around her gums with the all-ceramic non-metal crowns.

In Donna’s case it was easy to see what she was talking about.  Her dentist probably only looked at her four front teeth, not her entire smile, when he made his recommendations.  She had some very yellow and crooked side teeth, but he didn’t address them at all.  Since he was only doing crowns on four teeth, he matched the color of her other teeth.  Also, he used a more generic type of crown, porcelain on the outside and metal (usually some type of gold) on the inside called porcelain fused to metal crowns.  Although these types of crowns are very functional they frequently have problems matching the esthetics of natural teeth.  The gold underneath the porcelain doesn’t allow natural light to partially transmit through the teeth like natural teeth do.  That is why most teeth with porcelain fused to metal crowns look flat, lifeless and unnatural.  Also many of these types of crowns have a dark line at or under the gums so the gums end up looking unnatural as well.

The answer to solve all of the problems Donna expressed to Dr. Huefner was for him to remove the four old porcelain fused to metal caps and replace them with all-ceramic non-metal porcelain crowns.  Also, to do four additional crowns on the visible cuspids and bicuspids that were so yellow colored and crooked.  This would enable Donna and Dr. Huefner to choose a tooth color that was much whiter and not yellow like her previous dentist has utilized.  The end result would be straight, white, “real looking” teeth and natural looking gums.

Donna liked Dr. Huefner’s approach, especially since he felt extremely confidant that he would be able to achieve all of her goals and give her  younger and more attractive looking teeth and smile.  She scheduled her first appointment for two weeks later and her entire smile makeover with non-metal all-ceramic crowns was completed just two and a half weeks after that.  The end result was just what Dr. Huefner had promised and Donna’s new smile looked gorgeous.  San Diego cosmetic dentistry comes through for Donna!

Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County and San Diego cosmetic dentist

Orange County Porcelain Crowns by Dr. Huefner

Photo below: Elise had short, worn, chipped front teeth and wanted a nicer looking smile. Clearly, she didn't want "old looking teeth." Photo above: Elise had Dr. Huefner place four Orange County porcelain crowns on her front four teeth.

Elise is a very attractive lady in her late 60s and she always has taken great care of herself.  She exercises, dresses well, watches her diet, stays very active, does most things that we all know keeps us healthy, looking younger and our best.  But one thing slipped by over the years, her teeth chipped and wore down to the point that they were not only showing her age but her teeth actually made her look older than she was.  One day Elise saw her teeth up close in a photo and she was devastated!  It was time to see Irvine cosmetic dentist Dr. Huefner to “get her teeth and smile into shape!”

Elise knew that her short, worn teeth made her look older. It was time for her to finally do something about it.

When Dr. Huefner saw Elise smile it was pretty obvious that her teeth had chipped off and worn so much that the best thing he could do for her would be to restore her four front teeth to the shape and length that they originally were years before.  Dr. Huefner explained to Elise that the length of normal front teeth (central incisors) are between 10.5mm and 11.5mm and they are more or less rectangular in shape with slightly rounded corners.  In Elise’s case her central incisors had worn down to 9.0mm and that made her teeth look short and square, giving her teeth a much older appearance than the rest of her.

After discussing the length and shape of her teeth, Elise appreciated how Dr. Huefner would lengthen and reshape her four front teeth by placing four Orange County porcelain crowns.  Oftentimes Dr. Huefner prefers to do porcelain veneers rather than porcelain crowns, but in Elise’s case not only were the edges of her teeth really worn down, but also the backs of the teeth.  This meant that porcelain crowns would be a better treatment for her than porcelain veneers.

After Dr. Huefner placed four Orange County porcelain crowns Elise had a much more attractive smile. Dr. Huefner lengthened her four front teeth to the size they originally were when she was years younger. He also changed the shape of the teeth, giving them rounded corners which impart a younger more feminine appearance to them. Since Elise only wanted Dr. Huefner to put crowns on the front four teeth he matched the color of her other teeth. If she had wanted whiter teeth than Dr. Huefner would have need to treat at least eight teeth.

Then Dr. Huefner had an important question that Elise needed to be address, did she want whiter teeth, which would mean putting Orange County porcelain crowns on at least eight of her upper teeth, or did she just want Dr. Huefner to just do four Orange County porcelain crowns and match them to the color of her other teeth.  Elise said that her goal was not to try look decades younger, just “a little younger” with a more attractive smile, and that she was really “OK” with the color of her other teeth.  After a little more discussion Elise made her final decision to just do four new porcelain crowns.

After having a good understanding of the procedure and feeling comfortable with Dr. Huefner’s recommendation to do four Orange County porcelain crowns, Elise had Dr. Huefner begin her cosmetic dental treatment.  The first visit he prepared the four teeth, took dental impressions, measured the shade of Elise’s other teeth and placed four temporary crowns.  Two weeks later she returned to get her Orange County porcelain crowns.  Dr. Huefner gently removed her temporary crowns, allowing Elise to preview how they would look and give her consent, and then Dr. Huefner permanently bonded the four porcelain crowns into place with the dental curing laser.

Elise got a great result with her four Orange County porcelain crowns!  It really improved her smile and accomplished her goals of a better looking smile and younger appearing front teeth.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel and Irvine cosmetic dentist, Orange County, CA


Aliso Viejo Porcelain Veneers used to redo unsatisfactory looking veneers

Redoing four porcelain veneers

Lower photo: Susan had two sets of porcelain veneers on her upper four front teeth. She was dissatisfied with two sets that her family dentist made for her and had the dentist remove them. Upper photo: Dr. Huefner made Susan four Aliso Viejo porcelain veneers. Carefully taken into consideration was the color, length, shape, surface texture and translucency. An absolutely beautiful and natural looking result was achieved.

Susan from Aliso Viejo was unhappy with her front teeth and told her family dentist about it at her routine checkup.  He advised doing four Aliso Viejo porcelain veneers for her, which she agreed to.  After her dentist placed them she realized that they didn’t match her other teeth, and he agreed with her and offered to replace them for her.  However after placing porcelain veneers for her a second time the new ones still didn’t match her other teeth.  Unfortunately, this led to an argument between Susan and her dentist and she left the dental office without any porcelain veneers at all.

She came to our cosmetic dentistry practice pretty discouraged.  “I shouldn’t have let him talk me into them the first place,” Susan told us.  “I knew he was a family dentist, and had always taken good care of me and my family.  And when he told me that he could do porcelain veneers for me I trusted he knew what he was doing.  I was just so disappointed with the results both times that I just didn’t trust that he would ever make them look right.  The color was off both times and they were way too thick.”

“They need not only to match, but they can’t be too thick and have to look real,” she exclaimed to Dr. Huefner.  He assured Susan that he could match her other teeth and give her a great looking smile.

Dr. Huefner explained to Susan that for her Aliso Viejo porcelain veneers to look right that he would have to take into careful consideration many things.  Of course matching the color of her other teeth was one of the things at the top of the list, but he would also need to make the four front teeth the right length for her face.  The shape was important too, as he explained the many choices they would have to consider in the tooth shapes library.  The translucency and surface texture were also details that would lend itself to the new Aliso Viejo porcelain veneers looking natural or artificial.

Susan started to understand the challenges and difficulty making natural looking porcelain veneers and that probably her family dentist or his ceramist just didn’t take all those things into consideration.  Dr. Huefner and Susan worked through all of the design elements and her new Aliso Viejo porcelain veneers were completed two weeks later.  Just as Dr. Huefner had said, Susan got to see her new Aliso Viejo porcelain veneers on her teeth to give him her written permission, and then  Dr. Huefner permanently bonded them onto her teeth with the dental bonding laser.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo cosmetic dentist, Orange County, CA

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