October 23, 2017

Straightening crooked teeth in two weeks without braces

straightening teeth without braces

Lower photo: Jennie had two crooked lower teeth and wasn't willing to undergo months of braces and years of retainer wearing. Top photo: Dr. Huefner straightened Jennie's two crooked teeth in just two weeks time utilizing two porcelain veneers.

Jennie lives and works in Newport Beach Orange County.  She had braces as a youngster, but after three decades two of her lower front teeth had become very crooked.  She remembered that her orthodontist told her she would have to wear her retainer for years, but like many others Jennie quit wearing her retainer after a year.

Fed up with her crooked lower teeth, Jennie went to a local Newport Beach orthodontist, hoping that a new retainer would straighten her crooked teeth.  But the orthodontist told her that she would need to go through braces again.  That did it!  Jennie said that at her age that she would never considering going through braces again.  She remembered that wearing braces was uncomfortable and oftentimes hurt.  Also she was just too self conscious to wear braces as an adult.  Clearly for her it was time to “check out” other alternatives to straightening crooked teeth.

Like so many people nowadays, Jennie went right to her computer to research options other than braces for straightening crooked teeth.  Her computer search led her to several articles that Dr. Huefner, a Newport Beach Orange County cosmetic dentist had written about straightening crooked teeth with cosmetic dentistry instead of braces (also called “instant orthodontics”), oftentimes in as little as two weeks time, with no need for any retainer afterwards.  That concept of straightening crooked teeth without braces really appealed to Jennie, so she called for an appointment for a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Huefner.

After hearing Jennie’s story and what she wanted to accomplish, Dr. Huefner examined her teeth.  Yes, Jennie was an absolutely great candidate for cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers to straighten her crooked lower teeth.  But before recommending how many teeth that he would suggest placing porcelain veneers on, Dr. Huefner needed to know if Jennie was just wanting the two crooked teeth straightened, or was she also concerned about the color, shape or position of any of her other teeth?

“No, I’m completely happy with all of my other teeth, I just want the two crooked teeth straightened!” Jennie told Dr. Huefner.  With that Dr. Huefner recommended that he place two porcelain veneers just on just those two crooked teeth.  “How many appointments and how long will it take?” Jennie then asked Dr. Huefner.

“Two one hour appointments two weeks apart, that all,” Dr. Huefner answered Jennie.  With that Jennie was very happy with all that she had heard.  Dr. Huefner said he could straighten her crooked teeth without braces and it would all be done within two weeks.  She scheduled her first appointment for the following day, and Jennie had straight, beautiful teeth two weeks later just as Dr. Huefner had promised.

The end results?  Jennie was ecstatic!  Her teeth were straight, she avoided braces and a retainer, and her entire treatment was completed in two appointments over two weeks.  How great is this today for adult patients not willing to undergo months to years of braces.  Yes, new concepts in cosmetic dentistry enable straightening crooked teeth in two weeks without braces.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Orange County cosmetic dentist


  1. I am a middle aged women who took the plunge to straighten two upper crooked teeth in front of my mouth as I was assured after six months my teeth would definately be straight but apart from a slight improvement the only movement has been that the braces have made my top teeth protrude forward like Bugs Bunny!!!
    I am very unhappy as I paid a lot of money for my tranparent braces that should have straightened my two teeth! instead I now have to be embarraced when I talk to my clients!Please help as I have my daughters wedding coming up in February and I am afraid that if I leave the braces on any longer I will not even be able to attend the wedding as my teeth may be pushed further forward and still not rectify the two crooked teeth!

    I would really like to know how I can straighten my two teeth without the braces and welcome your advice as I am at my witts end!

    • Cosmetic dentists straighten teeth with porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns all the time. Look at my blog under the heading “instant orthodontics”. I’d be happy to see you for a consultation to discuss your situation and offer treatment alternatives to orthodontics, but this would have to be done in person.
      Dr. Norm Huefner

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