October 23, 2017

Fixing Black Lines Around Crowns and Gums With Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. Huefner

black lines around crowns and gums

Lower photo: Melinda hated the black lines and dark gums around the crowns on her two front teeth. She wanted that fixed, but also whiter, better proportioned teeth and a less "gummy smile". Upper photo: Dr. Huefner did a smile makeover for Melinda with two new all-porcelain crowns and eight porcelain veneers. No more black lines around crowns and gums and a less gummy smile after some minor laser gum reshaping.

Melinda is a health care professional and practices in a prestigious medical office located in Rancho Santa Margarita.  When she was young she was in an auto accident and broke her two front teeth.  Of course she was devastated by the trauma she received in the accident, which quickly healed.  But unfortunately she had to have root canals, metal posts to reinforce the weakened teeth and crowns on both upper front teeth.  What really devastated Melinda was that after her dentistry was done it looked like her front two teeth stuck out too far.  The two crowns were also too thick, didn’t match the color of her other teeth, but what bothered her most of all was the darkness of her gums around the two crowns – the dreaded black lines around crowns and gums.  This most often occurs when teeth have had root canals and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

Melinda thought her front two caps were too big, giving her an unnatural smile. She wanted the black lines gone, definitely whiter teeth that were better proportioned and a less gummy smile.

Fixing Dreaded Black Lines Around Crowns and Gums

So Melinda came to see Dr. Huefner to discuss cosmetic dentistry to give her back her beautiful smile.  Her main concern was “fixing black lines around crowns and gums”.  Dr. Huefner assured Melinda that this could be accomplished by utilizing a two-step approach.  First, he would gently take off the two crowns and he expected that the tooth under the crowns would be black.  Dr. Huefner would remove the metal post, which darkened the tooth, replace it with a tooth colored post.  Also he would disguise the darkened tooth by placing a layer of tooth colored composite over it. Then, the second step was to place all-porcelain crowns in place of the two porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.  The metal under her old crowns also kept light from entering the tooth and gums, darkening the gums around the crowns.  Also, many porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have a very light band of metal showing.  Both of these things contributed to the problem.  Since we wanted to fix the black lines around crowns and gums the all-porcelain crowns would then allow light to enter into the underlying tooth, which would also lighten the gums around the new crowns.  Melinda was very happy that Dr. Huefner felt confidant that he could solver her problem by fixing black lines around crowns and gums.

fixing black lines around crowns and gums

The end result of Melinda's smile makeover with two new all-porcelain crowns and eight porcelain veneers was a sensational smile, much better than the teeth and smile she had prior to her accident!

Now that Dr. Huefner and Melinda knew that her main problem could be corrected Dr. Huefner questioned Melinda, as he had to be sure that just fixing the two front teeth was all that she wanted corrected.  He explained to her that if he corrects just the two front teeth, then he will need to match the color of her other teeth.  However if there was anything else that she wanted him to correct that she needed to tell him.  “Well, I really want all my teeth whiter,” she told Dr. Huefner.  “And, the two teeth next to my front two teeth are a bit small and the right one has more gums around it.  Matter of fact, I don’t like that I show so much of my gums.  Can you do anything to correct that?”

Orange county dental veneers

It was obvious now that Melinda wasn’t just wanting her two front teeth fixed, but rather she was wanting a smile makeover.  After carefully examining Melinda’s teeth and smile Dr. Huefner recommended the following:

  • fixing the black lines around crowns and gums as already recommended by placing new tooth colored posts, masking the discolored underlying teeth and placing two all-ceramic crowns
  • gum recontouring with the dental gum laser which would remove some of Melinda’s excess gums tissue, making her teeth look a little longer and reduce some of her gummy smile
  • porcelain veneers on eight of Melinda’s other upper teeth that show when she smiles.  This would enable Dr. Huefner to control the color of her teeth so that they will all be the whiter color that she wants.  It will also allow Dr. Huefner to make her small teeth a little larger, as she requested, but also make all her teeth straight and in better proportion.

Now faced with two different treatment options Melinda had to do some serious thinking about what she really wanted Dr. Huefner to do for her.  Should he just work on fixing black lines around crowns and gums or create a beautiful new smile for her?  Only fix the two front teeth or the ten teeth that she showed when she talks and smiles?

Melinda said that her appearance, he smile is very important to her.  She is single and in her profession it is very important that she look her best.  Thus, Melinda chose the smile makeover over just fixing black lines around crowns and gums.

Dr. Norman Huefner, Rancho Santa Margarita cosmetic dentist and Orange County dental veneers

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