August 15, 2018

How much do porcelain veneers cost in Orange County, CA

Orange County Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers by Dr. Norman Huefner, Orange County, CA

Connie wrote, “How much do dental veneers cost in Orange County, CA?

Connie, this is probably one of the most frequent cosmetic dentistry questions I’m asked.  But before can answer it there are some things I need to know from you.  First, what type of veneers are you referring to?  Hand sculpted composite (plastic) veneers or porcelain veneers made by a lab?  If the former, are you needing a veneer on just one tooth, custom matching all the other teeth, or multiple teeth and choosing a color from the tooth color shade guide?  If porcelain veneers, are you referring to just one tooth and requiring that our ceramist from our lab custom match your adjacent teeth, or again are you wanting multiple teeth porcelain veneered and would we be able to choose the color from a standard tooth shade guide?

Another question pertaining to porcelain veneers is are you referring to no-preparation veneers like Lumineers, minimal preparation veneers, standard preparation veneers or moderate-plus preparation as would be necessary when there are large cavities or fillings or the teeth are significantly out of normal alignment?

Again, if referring to porcelain veneers, are you referring to feldspathic veneers or stronger and generally longer lasting veneers like pressed-ceramic Empress or EMax veneers?

Another question is what are your personal expectations?  Do you expect an absolute “ideal” result of “perfection” ?  Do you have a good foundation of teeth and gums to work with?  Is your mouth asymmetrical? How many teeth do you see when you smile? How difficult will your treatment be?  In addition to all the aforementioned questions how skilled is your dentist and in what city are you located also influences the fee? Are you wanting your treatment to be covered by insurance or is this elective cosmetic dentistry?

In addition to the actual porcelain material, the skill, expertise and artistic ability of the cosmetic dental lab which actually makes the porcelain veneers for the dentist greatly impacts the fee.  A cosmetic dental lab with considerable experience that specializes in cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers, will charge the cosmetic dentist more for their work than if he/she uses a general dentistry lab or a discount lab?

I’m sorry to ask you so many questions before answering yours, but the reality is all those things go into consideration when dental fees are determined for cosmetic dentistry.  The range of fees is considerable, and we’ve seen dentists in Orange County, CA, advertise veneers for as low as $600 while some of the “movie star cosmetic dentists” in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills charging as much as $2,000-3,000 per veneer.  Obviously not only are the fees considerably different, but I am absolutely sure that the results achieved will be different as well.  My point is that “a veneer” is not a veneer, apples are not oranges, and the two types of porcelain veneers will not be the same and neither will the fees be.  Like many other purchases you will make, cars, TVs, vacations, clothes, houses or electronics, porcelain veneers can be high end, in the middle or low end economy.  Some patients would be happy with a basic porcelain veneer that looks reasonably decent, while others want a result that not only looks great, natural and improves their appearance, but also is of the quality that will last them for many years to come.  I think you will agree by looking at our photos of porcelain veneers in our blog that we have made for our patients that our cosmetic dental practice strives to create beautiful, natural looking, strong and long lasting porcelain veneers.

Connie, the most important thing is that you get the results you want and that you’re given a fair fee based that will fit into your budget that is based on the time, effort, training, expertise, skill level and final results YOU EXPECT from your cosmetic dentist.  Yes, the amount of the fee is important but I suggest that you not make your decision as to the dentist on fee alone.  Many times affordability and payment plans offered by the dental office will enable patients on a budget to still get the best cosmetic dentistry to meet their goals.

BL1 BL3 tooth shade

Alicia didn't like the appearance of her porcelain veneers done by another dentist (lower photo). She wanted whiter teeth, smoother front surface, thinner teeth and a more "perfect" smile. We replaced her BL3 shade feldspathic veneers done by her previous dentist with BL1 shade Empress veneers (upper photo) done by master ceramist Dave Stohlman at LK Dental Studio. To Alicia's delight, we achieved her goals of a "perfect" smile.

In our cosmetic practice at least one third of all the cosmetic dentistry we do is REDOING work done by other dentists that have not achieved the results that their patient wanted or expected.  Many of these patients based their initial decision on fee alone and they were subsequently disappointed.  As a cosmetic dentist who has been in practice here in Orange County for over thirty years I can state categorically that doing dentistry right the first time is much easier than redoing another dentist’s work the second time around.  You would best served to have your dentistry satisfy your expectations THE FIRST TIME!  Choose your cosmetic dentist well.

Complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation

Connie, in order to do that I strongly suggest that you interview your cosmetic dentist, explain your goals and expectations, have him/her evaluate your smile and discuss with you the proposed treatment, answer many of the questions I’ve previously asked you, and give you an estimate of the fee for the cosmetic dentistry and/or porcelain veneers.  Get a couple opinions, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Since you are in Orange County we would be happy to offer you a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation.  At that appointment we will answer your questions, discuss what type of porcelain veneers, how many would be indicated and the costs to achieve your goals. This is really the best first step to determine if cosmetic dentistry and/or porcelain veneers are for you!

Good luck, and again, sorry to give you such a long-winded diatribe about how much porcelain veneers cost in Orange County to what at first would seem to warrant a one-word answer.

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