July 17, 2018

Black Lines Eliminated Around Old Crowns and Bridges Replaced with New Porcelain Cosmetic Dentistry for Victoria from Mission Viejo

porcelain fused to metal bridge with black lines replaced with IPS e.max non-metal bridge

Below, Victoria hated her old bridgework. The teeth were yellow and she really objected to the black line around the gum line of the bridge. Top, Victoria smile makeover consisted of an all-ceramic (non-metal) bridge and one crown and several porcelain veneers.

In high school Victoria from Mission Viejo was a very competitive soccer player.  One day an opponent took a cheap shot and knocked her from the side, causing her to crash her teeth into the head of another player. Unfortunately, it knocked one of her front teeth out! Devastated, Victoria’s parents had their family dentist place a porcelain on metal bridge.  It solved the problem of showing that she had a missing tooth, but it still left Victoria with front teeth and a smile that had a lot to be desired.  Most notably was the black line around her gums caused by the metal used in the bridge.

Ten years past and after graduating from college and getting her first real job Victoria was ready to replace her old dentistry and “get a nice smile”. When Victoria came in for her cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Huefner she was very clear about what she wanted done.  “My front teeth got ruined when I was a young, first by knocking out my front tooth while playing soccer, and second, by the ugly dentistry.  My teeth and bridge are way too yellow, I want white teeth.  Most of all, I can’t stand that black line around my old bridge.  Can you fix my teeth so that I don’t have a black line this time?”

Victoria is fortunate that in this day and age cosmetic dentistry now has the solutions she needed.  Techniques and materials have vastly improved over what she had done just a decade earlier.

yellow teeth and bridgework

Victoria's yellow teeth and yellow bridge gave her a very drab looking smile. An attractive lady, Victoria wanted a nice smile with white teeth.

After attentively listening to Victoria and her concerns, and after doing a careful dental examination, a treatment plan was customized to meet her needs:

  • Bleach her lower teeth with home teeth whitening
  • Replace her old porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge and crown with an all-porcelain bridge (without any underlying metal that might show) and crown.
  • Place several porcelain veneers on Victoria’s other upper front teeth

A point worth noting, when Victoria had her original bridge done 15 years earlier porcelain-fused-to-metal was the treatment of choice.  Her dentist was using the usual and customary technique and materials for her bridge at that time.  But the state of the art of cosmetic dentistry has vastly changed since then.  The evolution of cosmetic dentistry led to the development of several materials that didn’t require a dark metal substructure under the porcelain.  One of the most popular alternative to the typical porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge over the past ten years was zirconia (a white metal) with porcelain fused over it.  Most recently the state of the art material that has captivated most of the cosmetic dentists and their patients is called IPS e.max®.

all-ceramic bridge and porcelain veneers mission viejo

After her smile makeover with new all-ceramic bridgework and porcelain veneers Victoria had beautiful looking teeth and wasn't embarrassed to smile any longer!

Victoria’s treatment went smooth and her entire smile makeover with an all-ceramic e.max bridge and porcelain veneers was completed in just three weeks time.  As clearly shown in the photos, she got the incredibly beautiful smile that she always wanted and a bridge that looked as if she had never lost a tooth!  Best of all, no black metal line around the gums on this bridge because it was made entirely of tooth colored porcelain.

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