June 20, 2018

Peg Teeth and Misshaped Incisors Transformed Into Sensational Smile with Porcelain Veneers

peggy's beautiful new smile with empress porcelain veneers

Peggy's beautiful new smile with eight empress porcelain veneers by Dr. Huefner

Peggy, a mother of two in her 40s from Mission Viejo, had been coming to our practice since she was a teenager.  As a youngster she had braces, but still was never happy with the way her smile looked.  The problem was her front four teeth were malformed and the shape didn’t look like normal teeth.  She was ready to go back to her professional job, but felt that now was the time that she finally do something to get the smile she had always wanted.  Peggy had talked to Dr. Huefner for the past ten years about having him place porcelain veneers for her and now she was ready to proceed with cosmetic dentistry.

Before creating porcelain veneers for Peggy, Dr. Huefner took photos of her teeth and smile.  Using those photos Peggy and he sat down together, evaluated her teeth and discussed what type of smile she wanted from her porcelain veneer treatment.  Doctor asked her to tell him everything she saw in her smile that she didn’t like, and how she wanted those things changed.  First, Peggy said she definitely wanted whiter teeth.  But they had to “look real”, definitely not super white fake looking veneers that she had seen on some people. Next, she wanted normally shaped teeth.

eight empress porcelain veneers placed to correct peg teeth

The eight porcelain veneers placed by Dr. Huefner accomplished the many things Peggy had for her new smile.

peg laterals and malformed incisors before porcelain veneers

Peggy didn't like the appearance of her abnormally shaped incisors. The lateral incisors were peg shaped and the central incisors didn't have the normal round-rectangular shape.

Her peg lateral incisors needed to be larger, normal size.  And her central incisors needed to have normal shapes too.  She thought her canine teeth were too pointed and too “fang-like”.  Could those be softened a little?  Another thing was that her front six teeth seemed too

pronounced compared to the side teeth, which leaned in.  Could those side teeth be brought out to give her a fuller, well balanced smile? It was obvious to Dr. Huefner that Peggy had been giving much thought to her smile for a long time and now knowing what she wanted he could design her teeth and smile.

Dr.Huefner designed and placed eight porcelain veneers for Peggy, and the entire treatment was completed in just three office visits over a three week period.  Empress porcelain was used, as it is one of the strongest dental porcelains used for porcelain veneers, and also because it allowed a whiter color and at the same time had very natural translucency.

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